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We are the professional nail care products supplier based in USA and offices in Asia and Europe. We have various nail products and many years of experience in producing and selling our nail products. We are looking to help you and your business. For More Information Visit:-

Buy Online Shades Nail lacquer Summer Collection 2018. US Tel: 1-888-680-1874 US Dollars ($) My Account Track my order(s) Sign in | Register Forgot your password?

Buy Online Shades Nail lacquer Summer Collection 2018

Shopping cart Cart is empty View cart Checkout No data found Close Home / Buy Online NLL12 Nail Lacquer. OPI Gel Color Peru Collection Set Of 16 With Display. OPI Duo Nail Envy Set - COLOR ME STRONG SRGA5. OPI Nail Lacquer - Turquoise Aesthetics - Color Paints collection. OPI Nail Lacquer - Pen & Pink - Color Paints collection. OPI Grandma Kissed a Gaucho ISLP35 INFINITE SHINE PERU Collection. Buy Small Salon Nail Dust Collector Fan Online. Long Lasting Nail Polishes Available In The Market. 9 TOOLS YOU NEED TO BRING OUT YOUR INNER NAIL ARTIST. How To Choose The best Acrylic Nail Kits For Your Nails. Nail care is an essential part of the daily care regime for many girls.

How To Choose The best Acrylic Nail Kits For Your Nails

Although, different people have different priorities and some might take better care of their legs and others might like to take care of their face, there are hardly any woman who does not take care of her nails. 7 Different Types Of Nail Polish Colours. Reasons For Buying A UV Nail Dryer. It is very important to take care of health and hygiene of every part of body and hands are the most important part of the entire body.

Reasons For Buying A UV Nail Dryer

People invest in a lot of things for keeping their hands clean, hygienic and stylish. For women, getting their nails filed and manicures is an important part of the overall hand care regime. With advancement in technology, multiple types of nail enhancement techniques have been devised and using gelish UV lamps is a major tool for the same. A Brief History Of Nail Art. Top 8 Best Nail Polish Colors For A French Manicure. In the era of modernization and technology you will find a number of multiple types and shades of nail paint.

Top 8 Best Nail Polish Colors For A French Manicure

But the same becomes a bit difficult when you are searching for that particular nail color that you can pull off with your french manicures. In order to ease this a bit for you, here are few nail paint shades you can try in case you are looking for that perfect nail paint shade for an opi french manicure. Creamy Puff by CND Shellac When it comes to opi french manicure the choice of colour must be of something in the middle. The cream puff by CND shellac is absolute fit for the opi french manicures as they are middle color, neither too bright nor too dull. Heaven Sent by Gelish The formal name of heaven sent is snow bunny and is a sheer white shade which looks absolutely amazing on manicures. Only Natural by Kiara Sky Negligee by CND Shellac This shade from CND shellac is a bit out of the regular and a bit of different shade than the regular ones.

Use DIY Gel Nails at home. Popular Nail Polish Colors That Are Trending In 2018. Buy Pumi Bar A Ultimate Anti-bacterial Solution. 7 Types Of Nail Art Brushes. New Beauty Tools That Completely Change Your Beauty Routine. With the increase in technological advancements, there have been a number of inventions in the area of beauty and grooming as well.

New Beauty Tools That Completely Change Your Beauty Routine

You can find a new grooming and beauty equipment in the market after every while, but very few are able to make a difference and leave an impact over the users. Some of these type of beauty and grooming equipment for women have been described and mentioned in the below sections. 360 Hair dryer Although, hair dryers have been used in the beauty industry since the beginning of time but this hair grooming equipment is the next step towards hair drying. This is a rather efficient type of hair dryer that surrounds and covers each strand of your hair from all the sides i.e. 360 degree.

Hair straightening Brush Straight hair has been the favourite hairstyle for most of the women over years. 7 Types Of Nail Art Kolinsky Brushes. Nail art kolinsky brushes are the most used and classic types of nail art brushes and they are used predominantly for the purpose of making beautiful acrylic designs on the nails.

7 Types Of Nail Art Kolinsky Brushes

Using these below mentioned 7 kolinsky brushes is the best option if you are looking for some nail art brushes for decorating your nails with nail art. Dotter As the name suggests, this type of kolinsky brush is used for making or adding dots within the nail art pattern. Benefits of UV gel nail paints. What are UV gel nail paints?

Benefits of UV gel nail paints

One of the best alternatives to nail paints is UV gel nail paints. These paints such as ibd nail polish have much durability of more than two to three weeks (and no chipping) upon proper application. In the recent years, UV gel nail paints have earned a lot of popularity among women. These are the first preferences first when it comes to manicure tips that last long considering the time constraints that clearly bothers all of us. The UV gel nail polishes change from semi-liquid to solid state after they undergo a curing process. Get your hands on Vinylux nail polish. Vinylux Nail Paints: Answer To Your Weekly Fashion Perfection Are you a fan of nail paints?

Get your hands on Vinylux nail polish

If a closet full of nail paints brings an instant smile on your face, then you are at the right place. There are so many brands out in the market which promise moons and stars on your nails, with the best quality nail paints, but how to be assured of all these claims? Funky Ideas For Amazing Nail Art. Importance Of Cuticle Oil. 7 Common Nail Polish Mistakes To Avoid. Best Nude Nail Paint Shades For Every Skin Tone. Buy Acrylic Liquid And Powder For The Best Nails. Upkeeping the nails with the ongoing trend is an essential part of the regime of a woman.

Buy Acrylic Liquid And Powder For The Best Nails

Many visit beauty salons to get their nails done while others believe in doing the same on their own. One latest trend related to nails is that of the acrylics, which are available in the form of both powder as well as liquid. If you’ve got no idea about the same, then this is the right space for you as this blog is all about acrylic nail powders and nail liquids. Buy Gelish Dip System French Kit. Buy Gel Polish and Lacquer Little Miss Nutcracker Collection. Buy Orly Power Packed Breathable Treatment. Nail Problem Product - Gel-Nails. Buy Gel French Xtreme Blush Ibd Hard Gel LED/UV Builder. Ibd Hard Gel LED/UV Builder Gel French Xtreme Blush 56g net wt 2 oZ Get the strength of acrylics with the clear look of gels.

Buy Gel French Xtreme Blush Ibd Hard Gel LED/UV Builder

Builder Gel wears naturally on nails and is ideal for tip overlays and sculpting. They are odor-free, have a permanent high gloss shine and are available in the gentle, cool cure formula. Cure time: 4 minutes. How To DIY Your French Manicure! Trend of nail painting has been in vogue since long and the women and the girls try all the trendy tricks on their nails. The added advantage of French manicure is that generally pale or nude shades are used and the tips are painted in square or crescent shape with white nail polish. Buy UV LED Lamp for Nails. Everyone loves the look and feel of a brand new manicure, and gel nails add to that glamour and glitz.

If you’re a manicure professional or a do-it-yourselfer, we have an easy and convenient option for achieving stunning gel nails: a personal UV lamp for nails and high-quality gel nail polish. At, we can help you achieve salon-style nails by providing you with an LED light for nails—one that you can use at home or in your own salon to apply perfect gel nails. We offer a range of UV LED nail lamps that you can use to set your gel polish in no time.

Each of our UV lamps is made of quality materials and priced competitively, and we stock products from reputable brands like OPI or LeChat. Click on each lamp to learn more about how each works. All You Need To Know Before Getting A Gel Manicure. There have been many time, you have tried lot more nail manicure with different types of nail polishes. But, have you tried gen manicure yet? If not, then, this article will help you to know more about gel manicure. It is equally important to know anything before applying and same goes with gel nails. The uv gel nails are the fake nails that is placed over your natural ones. They can be used for two purposes to cover your natural nails or to give a beautiful extension. Below stated facts are the detailed exaggeration about gel Manicure. Tips To Create Acrylic Nails At Home. Women love to visit salon to pamper their looks and go for various beauty treatments.

Women have weakness for beauty treatments and been pampered at salon is a heavenly feeling, consequently they have to pay a hefty price for the treatments and for some, it is not viable in the long run. When they are in tight budget, they avoid visits to salon but her inner conscience provokes her. There are options creating acrylic nails at home with Acrylic nail kits and acrylic nail powder.

It would prove to be a boon if you grasp the techniques well to style your nails at home or can offer help to family and friends. Initially, you have to be cautious while trying for first few times but once you learn the techniques, you can flaunt your nail art as per your preference and occasion. Buy 190Pcs Lechat Perfect Match Full Color Palette. How to fix your lifting gel nail polish.

Gel polish is liked for its long-lasting quality. You can have long gaps between nail polish decorations. The problem is when this gel polish starts lifting. We know that each new beauty invention comes with its own set of problems. This is quite frustrating. But there are ways to overcome this problem. Why You Should Groom Your Nails Regularly. Buy OPI Powder Perfection Dipping System Bubble Bath.

Different Funky Nail Arts To Glamorize Your Nails. Easy Steps To Use UV Gel Nail Polish. Terrible Mistakes that can Ruin your Nails. Buy Combo Mani Pedi Moisturizer & Nail Envy Strengthener. Comprehensive Guide to Acrylic Nail Design. Nowadays, acrylic nail designs are quite a rage. They are cool and sound fun and exciting to flaunt. And which girl doesn’t want to decorate their nails with the latest trends. But take a moment before you rush off with your girlfriends to the nearest salon.

You surely wouldn’t want to end up with fragile and ruined nails, right! So, take a little time to go through some essential things you should know about these acrylic nail designs. When it comes to awesome acrylic nail designs, it’s not only about the beautiful colors you will choose but a lot more. Buy GiGi Waxing Kit by Angela. GiGI Deluxe Double Wax Warmer. CND Shellac Superior Service System. OPI Rich Girls & Po-Boys DPN61 Powder Perfection Dipping System. Everything You Need To Know About Vinylux Nail Polish.

5 Nude Shades People Are Raving About. Two things are certain: First, girls love gel nail polish. And second, there is no doubt about it. Nail polishes have been in existence since a long time and our generation has seen various makeovers. Matte Nail Paints- Latest. It might take a couple of minutes for all of you to digest the fact that matte nail polishes, that we thought just came into vogue were first seen in 2009. Yes, you read it right! Matte nails were presented in 2009 for the very first time and were observed in New York Fashion Week for years. But it took a crazy hype lately and gave all the nail artist something new and edgy to experiment. Matte nail polish is a fingernail or toenail paint that is NOT SHINY.

Turning Funky Ideas Into Amazing Nail Art. Things To Consider When Buying A Nail Lamp. Difference Between Gel, Shellac and Acrylic Nails. Beautifully painted nails are the new trend in the girls’s fashion. Every girl nowadays prefers beautiful nails by taking regular manicures. After Manicure there is something more that is a new technique for having gorgeous nails that is the nail extensions. But there are some questions that strikes into everyone’s head-What are these all about? What is the difference among them? Try Some Latest Collection of Gel Nail Polish Colors. ships everywhere in the world. ships everywhere in the world. To find out the cost of shipping to your place, simply place the items you want into the shopping cart, and prior to making payment, our website will automatically calculate the cost of shipping for you. How To Get Yourself Beach Ready. How To Get Yourself Beach Ready Planning for a beach vacation anytime soon? Salon Like Gel Nails At Home With DIY Gel Nail Kit.

OPI NEW Professional STUDIO LED LIGHT LAMP. UV LED Lamp for Nails. Green Shades Of Nail Polish. Shine in Style With The New Range of OPI Infinite Collection. 3 Awesome Gel Nail Products To Take Better Care Of Your Nails. 6 Easy Tips To Strengthen Your Nails. 7 Trendy OPI Color Paints To Try This Spring. Find the Best Polish for Your Skin Tone. Latest Trend For Nails Soak Off Gel Nail Polish. How To Choose The Right Waxing Kit. Buy OPI Axxium Clear Overlay Gel. Creative Nail Design LIQUID & POWDER BRUSHES. Buy CND Brisa Pure White Sculpting Gel.

Color Paints Collection By OPI. Buy Gelish Hard Gel Online. BUY OPI GelColor LIMITED EDITION. Gift Your Girl A Gelish UV Lamp This New Year. 3 Reasons That You MUST have A Gel Nail Kit At Home. Gel-Nails Products that you MUST have. Buy Socks For UV Protection. What Is So Cool About Essie Gel Nail Polish. CND VINYLUX: A Stunning Addition To Shellac Nail Colors. Benefits Of Using Shellac Nail Polish. Gel Nail Polish or Traditional Nail Enamel? Uv nail gel. 7 Most Reliable Nail Color For Every Occasion. Four Top Benefits Of Shellac Manicure. All You Need To Know About UV Nail Gel - James jones - Blog. Top Gel Nail Brands To Let Your Nails Look Stunning. CND shellac nail polish:A dream come true for all manicure lovers. 4 Steps To Apply Gel Nail Colors Like A Pro At Home. Three Best Techniques For Beautiful Nail Polishing And Gel Lifting. An Easy Guide To The ‘Not So French’ French Manicure. Long Beautiful Nails. The Latest ‘In’ Fashion, Nail Piercing: All You Need To Know. The Hacks to Get that Long Beautiful Nails.

5 Essential Tips to Maintain Your Fingernails. Three Best Techniques For Beautiful Nail Polishing And Gel Lifting. Three Best Techniques For Beautiful Nail Polishing And Gel Lifting. Three Best Techniques For Beautiful Nail Polishing And Gel Lifting. Three Best Techniques For Beautiful Nail Polishing And Gel Lifting.