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Tricks. Ex-Google News, Bing Engineers Set Out To Build ‘Newspaper Of The Future’ Delivering news digitally in a personalized manner is a nut many a startup – as well as many established Internet companies and publishers – are desperately trying to crack.

Ex-Google News, Bing Engineers Set Out To Build ‘Newspaper Of The Future’

A newly-founded Palo Alto startup called Hawthorne Labs is one of them. Today, the company released their first application, dubbed APOLLO, for the iPad (iTunes link – screenshots and video below). Their lofty ambition is to become the number one daily destination of top personalized news content from around the Web, build a genuine Newspaper of the Future™, and thus “deliver the final blow to the newspaper industry”. Apollo is quite similar to Pandora in that it uses an algorithm (using factors such as time spent on articles, sources favorited, articles liked/not-liked as well as social elements like Twitter and Facebook mentions and similar peoples’ tastes etc.) to help users discover the best content for them in a variety of categories (Top News, Business, Tech, Sports and so on). 039;s Essential iPad Apps.

10 iPad Games Worth Paying For. The iPad may be the device of the rich, but no matter what your socioeconomic status, it's never fun to shell out for an app and end up disappointed in your purchase.

10 iPad Games Worth Paying For

Considering that the iPhone's strong gaming heritage has carried over to Apple's tablet device, the danger of picking up a sub-par paid title is arguably high. With iPad app counterparts running significantly higher in cost than their tinier mobile cousins, it's more useful than ever to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. We went hands-on with a number of popular paid titles in the Games category of the App Store to cull the following list for you, which represents some of the best that the still-early days of iPad gaming has to offer. Still, there are sure to be great paid iPad games we've missed in this list, so please do share your favorites in the comments. 1. If you've played any version of Sid Meier's award-winning Civilization franchise, you'll be instantly familiar with the iPad app. Get it: N.O.V.A. 3. 4. Penultimate. 25 Powerful iPad Applications for Creative Professionals.

The iPad is well laid with touch-screen bliss, with that said, it provides us with enough real estate to make mockups, administrate, and develop a bit at home or on the go.

25 Powerful iPad Applications for Creative Professionals

Furthermore, we summed up 25 must-haves for designers and developers alike. Evernote Evernote lets you save text, web pages, and audio for later viewing. A great way to save your brainstormed ideas, websites, or the audio of what your client told you. Evernote’s interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate through, providing you functionality at your fingertips. Adobe Ideas Adobe Ideas is what you ideally need for sketching designs and mockups in your office or on the go. iMockups iMockups is a must application for whipping up quick mockups in minutes. Brushes. Mac & iPhone Interface Design Blog by Mike Rundle — Flyosity.