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Business Card Design Starter Kit: Showcase, Tutorials, Templates. Advertisement Professionals in any field should always keep business cards on them because you never know when you’ll meet a potential client, partner or like-minded person.

Business Card Design Starter Kit: Showcase, Tutorials, Templates

Despite their small size, business cards are one of the most powerful and handiest marketing tools. Not only do they create a link between you and your new contact, they’re also a quick way to give a great first impression. Business cards promote your skills and achievements and serve as a little container for big ideas. Don’t underestimate the process of designing business cards; a well-made card does not just share your contact details: it generates further sharing and buzz.

This post targets a diverse audience. Showcase Of Original And Memorable Business Cards Letterpress Cards Letterpress printing has actually been the only form of printing text and images since it was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century. Montage 14 Dallas Graham of Montage Creative15 has a simple and strong business card. Tutorials. Sant'anna Inamoto - Trade Marketing. Scratch That Remix Itch With Art Lebedev's Plastinkus DJ Cards. The Art Lebedev shop, which brought us the beautifully designed but economically forbidding Optimus Maximus keyboard, is now moving into the toy business with a portable DJ scratch pad the size of a credit card.

Scratch That Remix Itch With Art Lebedev's Plastinkus DJ Cards

They call it the Plastinkus, and it’s supposed to produce true music sounds. From a quick look, it appears to include a tiny, hair-thin turntable but there’s no word of inputs, outputs, EQ knobs, or a volume fader. But hey, if you can get any notes to work on a slice of plastic, it’s probably worth the $5 it costs. It’s available in 40 different colors. If the Lebedev folks haven’t thought of it already, maybe they could figure out a way to include a song on the card, then make it moddable and easy to transfer. Encore: So if you have an itch to scratch records, Lebedev’s gonna get rich with a batch of toys — oh, there goes his vocal cords.