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Amazon Kindle Publishing Easy Review-$9700 Bonus & 80% Discount

12 september 2016

Amazon Kindle Publishing Easy Review-$9700 Bonus & 80% Discount

Amazon Kindle Publishing Made Easy: Solve the Problem to Publish Your Own  Work

Amazon Kindle Publishing Made Easy:

In this day and age, everyone knows that eBooks are the most popular way to read printed media. Many eBooks have been written about ‘How To’ subjects, but there is no accounting for quality, and they may range from mediocre to excellent. Now eBooks have finally come into their own, allowing you to cash in BIG TIME.

When eBooks were introduced near the turn of the century they began a revolution in the way that authors publish. Even authors who have been successful with traditional publishers, such as Stephen King, have made use of the eBook market.

Why were authors attracted to eBooks? Because there were many advantages.

There was no need for soliciting agents and publishers. There was no need for printing vast numbers of printed books, or finding a warehouse to store those books. There were no fees associated with packing and shipping.The customer could also avoid a trip to the store, and instead select a book they see online and start reading it in moments.

But there were some problems.

Customers either had to read the book on the computer, which could strain the eyes, or print the book out themselves, which was time-consuming and difficult for an entire novel.

Fast forward to today and those barriers no longer exist.

The world’s largest online retailer and online bookstore,, brought about the eBook revolution with their book-size Kindle reader. The Kindle brings benefits to both the customer and the author.

The customer benefits from the convenience of being able to curl up and read their eBook anywhere, no longer being forced to read at a computer or print out hundreds of pages.

And the author benefits even more:

  • The convenience that a Kindle customer experiences will leave them more likely to purchase eBooks in the future (one of the many reasons why eBook sales overtook Amazon’s conventional book sales in June 2010).
  • The convenience of the Kindle format means that all book types are in high demand, from the ‘How To’ guides to traditional fiction.
  • customer base of millions that can be reached instantly, something which authors could only dream of a little more than 20 years ago.

But there is yet another important advantage for an aspiring eBook author— there is no need to jump through hoops to sell your novel internationally.

With the ever-rising costs of book printing and distribution, traditional publishers have increasingly played it safe and opted for strategies of mostly publishing books from either established authors or people who already possess name recognition with the public. The famous name on the cover of a novel— often ghost-written— would ensure a profitable level of sales.

Hence the difficulty that unknown authors have had trying to get published by one of the traditional publishing houses; however, over the past few years, the tables have begun to turn.

Now it is the traditional publishers’ turns to eat crow.

Amanda Hocking is the author I mentioned earlier, and now she is worth over $2,000,000. She wasted a lot of time trying to gain the notice of traditional publishers, and now they are regretting not taking her serious then.

Between April 2010 and March 2011, Amanda made TWO MILLION DOLLARS in eBook sales via By early 2011 she was selling an average of NINE THOUSAND Books a day.

There is more good news. Amazon pays up to 70% royalties compared to the rather miserly royalties paid by traditional publishers. Even if she had enjoyed the same level of success with a traditional publisher, Amanda would not have seen as much of the money!

Additionally, publishing as an eBook on Kindle offers the following additional benefits:

  • Near-immediate publication coupled with incredibly low publishing costs, all on a system so simple a child could use it.
  • A variety of apps allowing your book to be viewed on virtually any device.
  • Amazon’s seamless distribution system.
  • Amazon’s website itself, which is an extraordinary marketing platform for authors.
  • Amazon’s well-deserved reputation as a trusted brand, along with the prestige of being associated with Amazon.

It won’t take long for you to familiarize yourself with Amazon’s publishing arm. What would you do with two million dollars amassed in one year?

…or even a million?

…or even ‘just’ $500,000?

Now imagine being able to kiss your financial worries goodbye. You won’t ever have to wince when you fill your car up at the pump or open the bill from the utility company.

Imagine being able to buy the car of your dreams. A Hummer? A Porsche? Or perhaps you’d prefer the sheer luxury of an S Class Mercedes-Benz? Whatever you choose, you’ll be guaranteed to turn heads as you drive by.

But now you can stop imagining.

Because I have the full inside scoop on how you can get the most out of publishing your very own book on Amazon Kindle.

Amazon Kindle Publishing Easy is the step-by-step blueprint showing exactly how Amanda Hocking— and many others— have been able to build their super-profitable self-publishing businesses under the safety of Amazon's umbrella. Now you too can now claim your share of this digital gold rush!

This tell-all guide includes everything you need to get your book written (or even how to outsource your writing) and start selling it on Amazon as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Why wait? You want to make serious money with your book, so why not take the steps to get there faster?

So, whether you are:

Dreaming of becoming a successful author, but are unfamiliar with the intricacies of the publishing world and the actual mechanics of bringing your masterpiece to market. . .


You have great ideas and business acumen, but you need to know how to hire a writer to create it for you. . .

You will find everything you need in Amazon Kindle Publishing Easy!

And here's just a tiny sample of the never before seen insider secrets that await you inside this revolutionary new program...

This guide starts off with the inspiring story of Amanda Hocking and her $2,000,000 book sales achieved without the aid of a conventional publisher.


Amazon Kindle Publishing Made Easy's Key Features:

Module 1 - Exploring the Kindle Goldmine

  • What Kindle publishing means (and how it has blown away the barrier traditional publishing used to place in front of prospective authors).
  • What subjects are suitable to Kindle publishing. You will be jumping for joy when you read this!
  • The three types of Kindle publishing, with enough detail to help you find one that suits you).
  • The seven key advantages of Kindle eBook publishing vs. ‘old fashioned’ publishing.
  • How to publish your eBook on the Kindle marketplace, using one of the nine accepted file types. It’s simple and easy!
  • The three publishing tools Kindle puts at your disposal, making Kindle publishing as easy as A-B-C.
  • The four word processing applications you can write your book in (chances are you have at least one or two installed on your computer already).

Module 2 - Surefire strategies for creating your Kindle bestseller

  • How to create content that grabs your reader’s attention and compels them to read every word.
  • The art of title creation. This is where the rubber hits the road, because the title can make the difference between bestseller and a failure.
  • Seven proven techniques for creating compelling titles.
  • Six title generation ideas these will really get your creative juices flowing!
  • Eight methods to help you decide what content will sell the best.
  • Five must-have online resources to see what’s selling best (and what’s more, they are all free).The five secrets of writing great Kindle eBooks. Every one of these will move you closer to your goal of a bestselling Kindle author!
  • How to follow in the success of the rich and famous and hire ghostwriters

Module 3 - Creating a compelling book cover

This module gives you the inside track on making your Kindle eBook cover stand out from all the rest.

  • Top ten tips for getting ‘see it and buy it’ cover design.
  • The vital aspects of formatting your eBook in order to make your content reader-friendly.
  • Six surefire tips to make your opening pages and headings appear professional.
  • Four disastrous, amateur publishing errors to avoid.
  • Seven ways to edit your book like an insider, including a simple and highly effective tip that will help you finish your book in record time.

Module 4 - Making publishing your book a snap

  • The three key steps before your book is ‘live’ (vital inside intel on what goes on behind the scenes before your book is released for sale).
  • Six simple steps to uploading your book to the Kindle system – this ‘paint by numbers’ list makes it a complete no-brainer!
  • The three ways to upload your content to Kindle (and the fourth way you should definitely avoid).
  • ‘Selling’ your book with a compelling description (and what NOT to include).
  • Making sure your file converts right first time.
  • The simple way to convert your images to the optimum Kindle format.
  • How to increase your sales by offering a printed version of your book.
  • How to compress image files (this will avoid any problems later).
  • Creating a great author profile because it helps to sell more books.
  • Seven technical secrets to a sparkling Kindle cover.
  • Vital tips on the key matter of copyright.
  • The ISBN should you buy one or not?
  • Pen names and how to use them.
  • The heads up on Kindle’s ‘Author Central’.

Module 5 - Marketing your Kindle book

Once you’ve discovered how easy it is to publish your book on Kindle, it’s time to take advantage of Amazon’s awesome marketing potential to get your eBook onto the bestsellers list…

  • Seven smart ways to promote your Kindle book.
  • More clever, little known ways to light a fire under your book sales.

Module 6 - Making it all worth while

The reason for publishing your book via Kindle is to make money. So here is a whole module devoted to that noble goal…

  • The art of pricing your book for maximum sales and maximum profit.
  • The three vital considerations to take when pricing your eBook.
  • How to monitor feedback and take full advantage of almost instant sales data.

Module 7 - How to multiply your Kindle income

  • How to capitalize on your newfound Kindle knowledge and experience to skyrocket your income by creating multiple bestsellers to generate income.
  • What most successful Kindle authors do and how you should be emulating them.
  • How to measure and maintain your Kindle success.

Module 8 - Super-charging your Kindle production

Congratulations! You are now an established Kindle author. Now you need to keep up the momentum and build on your current success. So this final chapter provides you with the tools to do this.

  • How to control your growing Kindle empire (a simple checklist makes it a remarkably simple exercise).
  • Ways to increase your production.
  • How to ensure consistent and professional quality-control for your products.

… and much, MUCH more …

Amazon Kindle Publishing Easy gives you the complete system for becoming a bestselling Kindle author. Once these secrets are yours, you will be astonished at how fast the process of becoming an international author is. I want to help you, my fellow writers, benefit from this brand new program, so I’m going to extra mile by over-delivering with these insider secrets…

Exclusive Bonuses Of Amazon Kindle Publishing Made Easy:

Fast Action Bonus #1: Worksheet


Keeping track of your Kindle project, particularly at the start, is ten times easier with this valuable extra.

Because this worksheet integrates seamlessly with the Amazon Kindle Publishing Easy guide, all you have to do is check off each step as you do it, making this a priceless aid.
This is a powerful way of keeping track of your growing Kindle empire as easy as A-B-C.

Fast Action Bonus #2: Checklist


As you’ve already seen with Amanda Hocking’s story, there’s BIG money to be made as an eBook author using Kindle. So checking every last detail of your project is the key to saving time, looking professional, and maximizing your profits.

This checklist is essential if you want to ensure that nothing is missing.

It meshes with your Amazon Kindle Publishing Easy guide, so keeping track of everything has never been simpler.

You won’t harbor any doubts about your ability to become a top Kindle author once you see the whole process set out as simple as A-B-C.

I’m rightly proud of this method devised to help smooth the way and turn you into one of Kindle’s most successful authors.

Fast Action Bonus #3: Processmap

Like a commander viewing the battlefield, this process map is the perfect way to oversee every aspect of your project at a glance.

Fortune 500 executives, among other top business executives, are taught to take ‘helicopter views’ of their business. This literally lets them see the BIG PICTURE. And now you can use the same valuable technique with your very own process map. It’s the perfect way to take an overview of every tiny aspect of your project.

The secret to high revenue on Kindle is to publish multiple titles (67% of top earning Kindle authors have three or more books on sale), so always having an accurate overall view is critically important.

Final verdict - Your Turn!

Make the right decision now. That's when you'll look back on this day as the one when your financial life finally took a turn for the better and you discovered how easy it was to become a highly paid Kindle author, with all the marketing power of Amazon behind you.. So I'm really looking forward to revealing how these secrets can truly change your life for the better. - Amazon Kindle Publishing Easy!!!

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