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Sbt Reference Manual — Getting Started with sbt. Sbt uses a small number of concepts to support flexible and powerful build definitions.

sbt Reference Manual — Getting Started with sbt

There are not that many concepts, but sbt is not exactly like other build systems and there are details you will stumble on if you haven’t read the documentation. The Getting Started Guide covers the concepts you need to know to create and maintain an sbt build definition. It is highly recommended to read the Getting Started Guide! If you are in a huge hurry, the most important conceptual background can be found in .sbt build definition, scopes, and more kinds of setting. Spring. Spring.


Dev web tools. Integrer MAC OS X Lion dans un domaine Windows. Il est possible de faire coohabiter des Mac avec un domaine Windows.

Integrer MAC OS X Lion dans un domaine Windows

D'ailleur, je dois l'avouer, c'est très intuitif malgrès que depuis Lion les menus sont moins accéssible. Pour ce faire, il faut se rendre dans les "Préférences Système. Git with Eclipse (EGit) Git version control with Eclipse (EGit) - Tutorial Copyright © 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Lars Vogel Git with Eclipse (EGit) This tutorial describes the usage of EGit; an Eclipse plug-in to use the distributed version control system Git.

Git with Eclipse (EGit)

This tutorial is based on Eclipse 4.3 (Kepler). 1. Note. Oracle. Character Set Migration. Character Set Migration using CSSCAN and CSALTER. This article presents a simple example of migrating the default character set of a database using the CSSCAN and CSALTER character set scanner utilities provided by Oracle.

Character Set Migration using CSSCAN and CSALTER

The basic steps involved in character set conversion are listed below. Backup CLUSTER_DATABASE=FALSE (*RAC Only*) SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE STARTUP CSSCAN SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE STARTUP RESTRICT CSALTER CLUSTER_DATABASE=TRUE (*RAC Only*) SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE STARTUP Performing a backup before starting the character set conversion is very important. If the conversion fails part way through, you must restore from a backup before re-attempting the conversion. With the backup complete, the instance must be restarted. Migrating to AL32UTF8 on 10gR2 for BANNER. Updated: is now live on.

Migrating to AL32UTF8 on 10gR2 for BANNER

SQL Tuning Advisor. Purpose This tutorial shows you how to use the SQL Tuning Advisor feature in Oracle SQL Developer 3.0. Time to Complete Approximately 20 minutes. Overview The SQL Tuning Advisor analyzes high-volume SQL statements and offers tuning recommendations. Oracle Database can automatically tune SQL statements by identifying problematic SQL statements and implementing tuning recommendations using the SQL Tuning Advisor. How to create iOS device home screen icons for websites — Apple News, Tips and Reviews. Apple Push Notification Services Tutorial: Part 1/2. Learn how to add Push Notifications into your iPhone app!

Apple Push Notification Services Tutorial: Part 1/2

Update 4/12/2013: Fully updated for iOS 6 (original post by Matthijs Hollemans, update by Ali Hafizji). In iOS, apps can’t do a lot in the background. Apps are only allowed to do limited set of activities so battery life is conserved. But what if something interesting happens and you wish to let the user know about this, even if they’re not currently using your app? For example, maybe the user received a new tweet, their favorite team won the game, or their dinner is ready. Luckily, Apple has provided a solution to this. And when an event of interest occurs, the server-side component can send the app a push notification! Display a short text messagePlay a brief soundSet a number in a badge on the app’s icon. Apple Push Notification Services Tutorial: Part 2/2. Create a simple chat app with Apple Push Notification Services!

Apple Push Notification Services Tutorial: Part 2/2

UDID ≠ UUID ! iPhone : problème de positionnement absolu. Voilà que je me bute à un problème : réussir à attacher à la fenêtre de Safari un menu de navigation rappelant une application iPhone.

iPhone : problème de positionnement absolu

Rien de plus facile avec la propriété CSS position:fixed; n’est-ce pas? Adobe Shadow : bêta 3 et nouvelles fonctions. Adobe sort une troisième version bêta de Shadow, un outil pour les designers et développeurs web [1.0R3 - 11,1 Mo] qui veulent vérifier le rendu d'un site sur des tablettes et téléphones iOS ou Android, tout en passant en revue le code depuis leur Mac ou PC sur Chrome.

Adobe Shadow : bêta 3 et nouvelles fonctions

Full Screen Web Apps. One of the first problems encountered when building a mobile web app from scratch is the amount of space consumed by the browser's address bar.

Full Screen Web Apps

This tutorial will demonstrate how to reclaim the screen real estate otherwise lost to the address bar while accounting for orientation changes, content height problems, and internal document links. Subsequent Changes to Techniques & Software Certain aspects of applications or techniques used in this tutorial have changed since it was originally published. SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark. This is SunSpider, a JavaScript benchmark. This benchmark tests the core JavaScript language only, not the DOM or other browser APIs. It is designed to compare different versions of the same browser, and different browsers to each other.

Unlike many widely available JavaScript benchmarks, this test is: Real World This test mostly avoids microbenchmarks, and tries to focus on the kinds of actual problems developers solve with JavaScript today, and the problems they may want to tackle in the future as the language gets faster. iPad webapp printing. PDF Library for iOS (iPad, iPhone) Detecting iPhone's App Mode (Full Screen Mode) For Web Applications. Determine if site is open as web app or through regular safari on ipad. Loading… How do I ensure that my web content uses all of the available screen space on iPhone? Safari on iPhone OS automatically scales web content to look great on iPhone and iPod touch. However, if your webpage does not specify an explicit width and has a measured width of less than 980 pixels, set the width property of the viewport meta tag to the measured width of your page. For instance, if your webpage is 720 pixels wide you would specify the setting shown in Listing 1 Listing 1 Specifying a width for the viewport If you are creating an iPhone web application, then the using the device-width constant for the width property is recommended, as shown in Listing 2.

iPad Web App Development. Web Dev. Sass - Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets. Déployer une application PHP/MySQL dans le cloud avec Amazon EC2 - Première partie. Cet article est le premier d'une série de 3 articles dans lesquels nous allons voir comment prendre une application PHP/MySQL classique, et la mettre "dans le cloud". Derrière cette expression très "hype" se cache en fait un service d'hébergement permettant de déployer l'application facilement, et surtout de la dimensionner facilement en rajoutant ou retirant des serveurs à la volée. Mais avant de migrer une application vers le cloud "parce que c'est à la mode", voyons quelles sont les raisons qui pourraient pousser à vouloir effectuer cette migration.

Joomla vs. Drupal. 1. Introduction. CMS Technology Web Usage Statistics. Création de sites Internet, Joomla et Drupal, lequel choisir ? ReportViewerAction. PK74488; 7.0: WS_ANT script invocation may fail on 64bit platforms. The search is over. Updated Java 6 EOL date (Henrik on Java) Mylyn 2.0 Tutorial, Part 1. Also see Part 2: Automated Context Management by Mik Kersten, Mylyn Project lead; CEO, Tasktop Technologies While software systems, frameworks, and tools can keep growing indefinitely, a developer's ability to process information has a practical upper limit. Most integrated development environments (IDEs) try to address this limit with structured views, editors, and advanced search facilities. Such mechanisms make it easier to navigate large systems, but they're often insufficient to help you manage the enormous volume of information that must be processed to complete a typical programming task.

As a result, structured views become overloaded -- the Eclipse Package Explorer, for example, can often show thousands of source files when you navigate even a small enterprise application -- and you can waste a tremendous amount of time scrolling, navigating, and keeping track of this information. Mylyn 2.0 Tutorial, Part 2. By Mik Kersten, Mylyn Project lead; CEO, Tasktop Technologies In the first half of this article, I explained how Mylyn's task management facilities make it easy to focus on tasks relevant to a given day or week. Once tasks become an integrated part of your Eclipse experience, you'll likely notice that many of your repetitive actions center on the context of the tasks you are working on. Multitasking is such a prevalent part of knowledge work today that it's often necessary to create and recreate the context of what's relevant to the task at hand.

Your task's context is all of the files, search results, and other relevant information you need to refer to while working on the task. For example, when programming, you might want to see only the Java. PK74488; 7.0: WS_ANT script invocation may fail on 64bit platforms. Welcome to the site for people who are passionate on Java technology.