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Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld cheered and jeered for ‘feminist’ fashion statement. On Tuesday 30 September 2014 the unthinkable happened: feminism entered the realm of high fashion.

Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld cheered and jeered for ‘feminist’ fashion statement

Gigi Hadid Karl Lagerfeld On Chanel Feminist Protest. BEING part of Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel catwalk "protest" may have seemed like fun to onlookers, but one of the models involved - Gigi Hadid - said it wasn't as easy as it looked.

Gigi Hadid Karl Lagerfeld On Chanel Feminist Protest

"Honestly it was such a surreal experience, it felt kind of out-of-body," Hadid said. "The crew said, 'Yes, it's a fake protest, but you need to go into this realising that you're on the world stage. Everyone talks about the Chanel show, everyone is going to see it and we're really setting a protest for you guys - for what Karl sees in all of the amazing women that he works with.' That really inspired me… Everyone was kind of shy and didn't want to go out there yelling and screaming.

Caroline Nokes MP: I'm not a 'fat apologist'. I want to help underweight girls. No-makeup selfies raise £8m for Cancer Research UK in six days. Women posting bare-faced selfies online have helped a leading cancer charity raise more than £8m in six days – despite thousands of pounds being donated to Unicef by mistake.

No-makeup selfies raise £8m for Cancer Research UK in six days

The craze has seen soaring numbers of women posting pictures of themselves wearing no makeup on social media sites and nominating their friends to do the same. Cancer Research UK, which did not start the campaign, said the #nomakeupselfie trend had resulted in an unprecedented increase in donations. But it has emerged that some people intending to donate to the charity sent their cash to Unicef in error, while others mistakenly inquired about adopting a polar bear with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Cancer Research UK and Unicef use the same text number for donations but those texting the keyword DONATE rather than BEAT found their money sent to the UN agency. Step Into a Near Future with Away from Reality. Why gawk at Big Ben, take a stroll in Kensington Gardens, or ride the underground if you can get more from a screen?

Step Into a Near Future with Away from Reality

With VR headsets set to roll out to markets in the next few months, the gaming experience is on the verge of a revolution. What more, the way we experience our surroundings is also transforming, and new technologies mark a period of increasing social isolation. In Away from Reality, two artists and a photographer comment on the changing nature of our society by envisioning a future London where the virtual eclipses reality.

Stop using the ‘Woman of the Year’ award to put down Caitlyn. Video reveals how sexist ads urged women to start shaving their armpits in 1915. Women began shaving their armpits after Harper's Bazaar touted sleeveless dresses in the spring of 1915 Deodorant and shaving companies then began releasing ads with women sexily showing off their bare underarms in magazinesToday, some feminist women are embracing armpit hair again, growing out their underarm hair or dying it bright colors By Emily James For Published: 21:34 GMT, 16 November 2015 | Updated: 23:13 GMT, 16 November 2015 Today, female body hair is mostly considered a no-no in American culture, with women shaving, waxing, and even using laser removal to make sure their skin is completely smooth.

Video reveals how sexist ads urged women to start shaving their armpits in 1915

But of course, things weren't always this way. An eye-opening new video is showing exactly what caused women at the turn of the 20th century to begin shaving their armpits, and why the bare underarm trend persisted for the next 100 years. Find out why women started shaving their armpits? Home - HeForShe. Are drag queens doing enough for feminism?

Drag queens often get a bad rep when it comes to being "good" feminists, with accusations that misogyny is rife within the gay male and drag communities.

Are drag queens doing enough for feminism?

Words like “fishy” describe a queen who can pass as a biological woman, while gay culture is often critiqued for fetishizing masculinity above all else. Then you’ve got those who argue drag is just a parody of femininity, mocking women, both characteristics and the aesthetic; the butt of a joke made by men, in an arena that women often feel uninvited. Some argue that drag has nothing to do with the lived female experience. #equalpayday: How to earn as much as a man.

Equal Pay Day: Monday 9th November.

#equalpayday: How to earn as much as a man

Remember this date. If you’re a woman, then from today until the very end of the year, you may as well be working for free. Yes, that’s unfortunately correct. Every single day you go into work, you’re essentially not getting paid for your efforts thanks to the 14.2 per cent pay gap which exists between female and male earnings in the UK. Could this be the first trans actress to snatch an Oscar? Fake ad agency sells female empowerment to brands. Dove started it.

Fake ad agency sells female empowerment to brands

Soft piano music floating through the minimalist warehouse space as a woman sits down across from a sketch artist. “Tell me about your hair,” he says, as she starts to describe different parts of her body – depreciatingly, of course – while he sketches the ugly version of her she described. Then other people describe her and he makes a beautiful, more realistic sketch using that information. Sun Page 3 girl advert banned for being 'sexist and objectifiying women' The Sun said Page 3 'celebrities' had been connected with Dream Team promotional activity for about six years, and that they “did not use seductive, glamorous or inappropriate images in their promotional emails or on their website.”

Sun Page 3 girl advert banned for being 'sexist and objectifiying women'

The newspaper also explained that both male and female 'celebrities' were 'chairpersons' of the Dream Team game, so was not sexist. But the ASA’s disagreed. Its ruling read: “In the context of the ad, we considered that to offer a date with a woman as a reward for success in the game was demeaning to women and objectified those offered as prizes.” Vogue features its first transgender model ever, Andreja Pejic. American Vogue has made history by featuring for the first time ever a transgender model in the glossy pages of its May issue.

Vogue features its first transgender model ever, Andreja Pejic

Andreja Pejic was shot by legendary fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier for a feature entitled “The New World”, which takes a wider issue into “Trans America” and the gender fluidity currently dominating the runways. “If at the beginning of my career in the modelling industry or half way through it or even this time last year you told me that I would end up having a 4 page feature in American Vogue I would have probably told you 'oh I dunno about that… So you can only imagine what I'm feeling right now,” wrote the 23-year-old transgender model on an Instagram post to announce her breakthrough appearance on the magazine.

While you wouldn’t expect to see this sort of thing in Vogue, this is just another example of how fashion is breaking all the norms and embracing diversity even further. Transgender Model Andreja Pejic on Gender Fluidity. With gender fluidity dominating the runways and inspiring political debate, Alice Gregory meets the model Andreja Pejic and asks, have we reached a transgender turning point? One Saturday afternoon in February, finally inside and away from the clamor of New York Fashion Week, Andreja Pejic sinks into a velvet settee in the hushed lobby of the Bowery Hotel. Three nearby tourists turn their heads, openly staring at the platinum-haired model—as if the sight of a girl so laughably beautiful was why they’d come to the city in the first place.

Why the tampon tax matters to homeless women. If you can’t pull together enough money for some food for that evening, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to afford tampons or sanitary products. If you don’t have a roof over your head, it’s even less likely you’ll be equipped when the month comes around again. Periods are an inconvenience for women. For homeless women, they’re a nightmare. Trans prisoner is being moved to a women’s prison. “There’s nothing male about her, nobody would know the difference,” her mother, Jackie Brooklyn, told the Bath Chronicle.

“She looks like a woman. I just feel the men are going to go after her.” Tara Hudson, a transgender woman, was sentenced to spend time in an all-male prison because she is still not “legally” seen as female. Prison authorities had claimed that to actually register her as a woman – which she clearly is and has been living as female for six years – they would require a Gender Recognition Certificate: a formal and costly document that serves as “proof” of a person's gender transition. This is how to make the tampon tax look ridiculous. Amber Rose says she’s a former slut shamer. Amber Rose has made a lot of headlines recently, mostly for her determination to liberate women and offer sexual freedom via her Walk Of No Shame project. Women free bleed outside parliament to protest tampon tax. Women are lucky. Artist creates a feminist version of the Pirelli calendar. The feminists leading an ethical fashion revolution. These days, it seems every company has worked out that they can use feminism as a marketing tool – there’s even a fake ad agency dedicated to it.

But while businesses might shout from the rooftops about their ‘empowering’ products for ‘real’ women, they forget to actually focus on genuine issues like like ethical manufacturing or advertising that doesn’t alienate or isolate its audience. Sexual harassment on public transport is a problem we must solve. Sex offences on trains and stations reach record level. The number of recorded sexual offences on trains and at stations has risen 25% to a record level, British Transport Police (BTP) figures suggest. BTP recorded 1,399 sexual offences in 2014-15 in England, Scotland and Wales - up 282 on the previous year. Recorded violent crimes also increased - up 8% to 9,149 - but overall crime fell for the 11th year in a row. The force said the rise in sex crime figures was mainly due to a campaign to encourage reporting of these offences. Project Guardian launched in 2013 with the aim of reducing sexual assault and unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport in London, after a survey suggested that 90% of such attacks went unreported.

Emma Watson’s UN gender equality campaign invites men too. Emma Watson launched the HeForShe campaign at the UN last week and extended a “formal invitation” to men to participate in the conversation about gender equality. “Gender equality is your issue too,” said the actor and UN Women goodwill ambassador. Women rejoice! Finally, a strapless bra that stays put - and it was inspired by GECKO FEET. Harman wants Labour to create extra deputy leader post for women. Rousey shows not every female champion needs to be a feminist icon. What Jennifer Lawrence reveals about women, equal pay.

This artist has found a new way to #freethenipple. 'Tampon tax' paid around the world. Caitlyn Jenner - News, views, gossip, pictures, video.