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Twitter. Demographics. Facebook. Clients. Social Media Statistics: Welcome to Social Media Statistics. A big home for all facts and figures around social media - because I'm fed up of trawling around for them and I'm also sure that I'm not the only one who gets asked 'how many users does Facebook have?

Social Media Statistics: Welcome to Social Media Statistics

' every hour of every day. It's not the snazziest name for a project ever. Oh well. I'm hoping that this wiki will not only include usage stats, but also behaviour and attitude stats. It's a bit of a skeleton at the moment, with v few of my stats having stated sources, but be patient - and help where you can! Please add in any juicy stats as you come across them, and do cite your references and link to them where possible.

It's not just about the stats, we also need to measure the effect of these numbers - for all this, head over to MeasurementCamp. Thanks Helen Lawrence x p.s. blog stats are excluded from this site, otherwise it'll just become a huge mess of lies. 10 Stunning (And Useful) Stats About Twitter. UPDATE: Follow me at @rohitbhargava if you liked this post!

10 Stunning (And Useful) Stats About Twitter

Last month a social media analytics provider named Sysomos released a comprehensive report on Twitter usage. The problem with most analysis on Twitter, though, is that it is limited by the minimal amount of data that Twitter collects. So, to fill the gaps, most reports do things like guessing gender based on real names or pulling data from keywords in people's biographic information. This often yields some questionable results - and the Sysomos report is not immune to this (for example, they find that 65% of Twitter users are under the age of 25, but base this on only the 0.7% of users who actually disclose their age).

Looking past these small points, the report does share some fairly interesting observations and stats as well if you dig a bit deeper. 21% (One Fifth) of Twitter accounts are empty placeholders. Twitter is being led by the social media geeks. - Quantcast Audience Profile. Is 22 Tweets-Per-Day the Optimum? Ever wonder how often you should be tweeting ?

Is 22 Tweets-Per-Day the Optimum?

How much is too much, and why do some people seem to do nothing all day but sit around posting to Twitter? One of the great things about tools like Twitter Grader is that they allow you to do all sorts of interesting data analysis. Our database includes stats on more than 1.6 million Twitter users . The average tweets per day (TPD) I measured was 4.422 and the average number of followers for users in the database was 103.39 . Below is a graph of the distribution of those 1.6 million Twitter users' average number of tweets per day. What is more interesting than that is what happens when we the graph average number of followers of users at various TPD levels. There are a small but siginificant number of users who tweet more than 150 times per day on average, but when added to the above graph they only continue the downward trend to the right.