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Raising the Brow « It didn’t look like a spectacular NBA play.

Raising the Brow «

Most people just saw a power forward making a typical eight-footer off the glass. But for two men in the arena, it was the most noteworthy shot of the night. Jahlil Okafor: Chicago’s Next, Best Basketball Player In The Country. When Jahlil Okafor was nine years old his mother was diagnosed with bronchitis.

Jahlil Okafor: Chicago’s Next, Best Basketball Player In The Country

One of her lungs collapsed two weeks later, and she died. A service was held in the gym of the elementary school in Moffett, Okla., where Okafor lived with his mother. At the memorial, Okafor, wearing a bright blue shirt, stood and recited from memory a poem he wrote. My mother is very special, very helpful.She cares, she shares.I miss her and I will always be with her.She had a smile that shined more than the sun.I’m happy to be her son. 8 Ways to Maximize Every Practice. They say, ‘you play the way you practice.’

8 Ways to Maximize Every Practice

Assuming that’s true, and I have full confidence it is, then coaches and players alike should do everything in their power to maximize every practice. 8 Things PLAYERS should do to maximize every practice: 1) Be well fueled, well hydrated, well rested, and take care of your body. How Urban Meyer Took the Buckeyes to School. Basketball Coach Weekly. Most post defenders don’t run the court well in transition.

Basketball Coach Weekly

If your offensive posts understand this and exploit it, then easy baskets are sure to come WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PASSING DRILLWhen post players run the length of the floor on offense, they are rewarded. Drive this point home through repetition and having posts used to sprinting on offense. This drill also works on outlet passing for posts, as well as ball control from the point guard. How a 5'5" Basketball Player Trained Himself to Dunk. You Can Count on Me « The biggest play of Kyle Lowry’s life was doomed from the start.

You Can Count on Me «

He had led the Toronto Raptors into the closing seconds of Game 7 against the Brooklyn Nets in the first round of last season’s Eastern Conference playoffs. Lowry approached a moment that nearly every player covets. Toronto trailed by a point, with the ball and a shade over six seconds remaining. There was no doubt where Greivis Vasquez would look to throw the inbounds pass. The NBA’s Bigs Problem « As we fly toward the Halloween deadline for players entering their fourth season to sign contract extensions, two guys are especially intriguing: Kenneth Faried and Tristan Thompson.

The NBA’s Bigs Problem «

The NBA market is always evolving, and sometimes it’s hard to separate real trends from random noise. Free agency is a business, but it’s a nontraditional one with weird anticompetitive restraints, and sometimes it appears more like 30 schizoid teams acting in unconnected ways. The restrictive collective bargaining agreement and uncertainty over how fast the cap will jump, and how high, have added layers of confusion. Some trends have emerged over the last three summers. The price of shooting at all positions has gone up. Kyle Korver: An Offense Unto Himself « As the second round of the 2003 draft puttered along, the Nets watched as teams ahead of them plucked every player in which New Jersey had interest.

Kyle Korver: An Offense Unto Himself «

The team, fresh off an Atlantic Division win and an appearance in the NBA Finals, was so low on cash, it considered selling the pick to finance its summer league team. With none of their preferred choices on the board, the Nets brass selected Creighton forward Kyle Korver with the 51st pick — and immediately sold his draft rights to the Sixers for $125,000. That covered summer league. With the leftover cash, the Nets bought a new copy machine. New Jersey thus became the first in a long line of teams that have underestimated Korver and live with regret as he continues to improve well into his thirties.

Was Michael Jordan really cut from his high school team? Michael Jordan (File Photo) It's the "story" of legend, even if the story was always a fictional tale.

Was Michael Jordan really cut from his high school team?

Michael Jordan, regarded for over a decade to be the best basketball player ever, was supposedly "cut" from his high school basketball team during his sophomore year. Jordan has brought it up endlessly, writers like Bob Greene and David Halberstam trumpeted the tale, and the idea that the Best Player Ever could not be included amongst the 10-best players in tiny Laney High School in Wilmington, N.C., back in 1979 tends to boggle the mind. It should boggle the mind, because it isn't true. Not just that he wasn't amongst the 10 best, Jordan clearly was, but because MJ was never really "cut. " 5 Ideas to Develop Relentless Competitors. Jeff Janssen, Janssen Sports Leadership Center Tired of dealing with too many wimpy, soft, and entitled athletes who don't know what it means to compete?

5 Ideas to Develop Relentless Competitors

UConn men's basketball coach Jim Calhoun once lamented after a frustrating loss, "I was embarrassed by the way we played, by the way we didn't compete. Some recent studies pertaining to basketball development. NBA What do the Heat mean to LeBron? How much is trust worth?

NBA What do the Heat mean to LeBron?

How does LeBron James properly assign it a value? James works with a coach who butts heads with him and doesn't care at all -- at all -- when James dislikes him or is mad at him. James also works with a coach who listens to him when the season is on the brink, makes a move James has requested and then lets James have all the credit for it afterward. What's that worth? Before he became the premier postseason performer of his - 01.09.12. The roar could mean only one thing: Tom Brady was no longer their quarterback. On the afternoon of Sept. 12, 1998, the 111,012 fans at Michigan Stadium did not know what you know now. Even his closest friends dared not imagine that Brady, a skinny, slow, fourth-year junior, was destined for an NFL career that would include three Super Bowl victories and two MVP awards.

Michigan fans just knew that their team was trailing Donovan McNabb and Syracuse in the second quarter 17--0, and that Brady was heading to the bench, replaced by freshman Drew Henson. In the stands Brady's sisters, Maureen, Julie and Nancy, cried, more in anger than sadness. In the huddle Henson was uncomfortable. The Washington School of Witchcraft and Wizardry « The Wizards are probably done, but the euphoria over their spirited playoff mini run is justified. Before two weeks ago, the Wiz had won just one playoff series since 1981-82. Think about how incompetent a franchise must be to poop out such a run in a league where half the teams make the postseason. Even Donald Sterling is kind of impressed. They botched picks high in the draft. They empowered the wrong executives. The Manimal Evolves « Kenneth Faried has always tried to focus on the good qualities the term “energy guy” denotes, but as he entered his third NBA season, he increasingly found the descriptor a limiting backhanded compliment.

“They all used to say, ‘All he is, is an energy guy,’” Faried says. “That I was a guy who was gonna run and jump, and that I could only get you nine or 10 points, max.” Faried wanted to bust that stereotype. Drill - FastModel Sports. What You Can Control. "What do you think coaches are looking for when they are looking to recruit players? " You hear coaches speaking to kids at camps throughout the summer ask that question often. And the kids almost always come up with the answers they think the coach wants to hear - grades, attitude, hard work, being a good teammate.

I always chuckle, because while those things are important, we aren't telling kids the truth. The first question almost always asked of a coach when he gets back from watching a kid play is "How good is he? " Pat Summitt on the Point Guard Position. Great stuff on leadership and the point guard position from Pat Summitt in her book "Sum It Up. " She is talking about when she decided to make Michelle Marciniak - a talented player who was a bit of a wildcard - her starting point guard.

What Michelle didn't yet know was that there is a vast difference between playing and leading. Suffocating Them. Marcus Smart returns to Oklahoma State. Scramble Drills. The Big O had plenty of game, and plenty of chips on his shoulder. Basketball Skill Development from Billy Donovan. NBA Pre-Draft Tour: Victor Oladipo Workout. The Official Website of George Raveling. How did Brett Comer Play-Make FGCU to the Sweet 16? Fast Break Drill: 3-on-2 Full Court Drill. Steve Schmidt's Practice Drills 2-Pack - Basketball. The Coaches Insider - Basketball. Simple routine could help athletes avoid choking under pressure. - Blogs: High School Insider» Blog Archive » Shooting Touch conducts a workout in the Greater Boston area.


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