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Elonis v. United States and the Nuances of Threats on Facebook. On Monday morning, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts got some attention for quoting Eminem during oral arguments in a case, Elonis v.

Elonis v. United States and the Nuances of Threats on Facebook

United States, about the limits of free speech. The issue Roberts wanted to understand—when does communication cross the line into being an illegal threat? —is central to the case, which involves an aspiring rapper who used violent language on Facebook in reference to his wife, an elementary school, and an F.B.I. agent, among others. First, Roberts cited some lyrics from the Eminem song “’97 Bonnie and Clyde,” in which the narrator asks his young daughter to help him tie a rope around a rock and her mother’s foot, then help push her into a lake. (He calls the daughter Hai-Hai; Eminem’s daughter with his ex-wife, Kim, is named Hailie.) The Eminem lyrics that Roberts quoted weren’t far off from words Anthony Elonis began writing on Facebook four years ago. Elonis, who was twenty-seven years old at the time, was having a bad year. The Surprisingly Mainstream History Of The Internet's Favorite Anti-Semitic Image - BuzzFeed News.

A Victim Of Revenge Porn Released Her Own Nude Photos To "Take Back Consent" - BuzzFeed News. This Is the Unofficial Brothel of CES. When new women arrive to work at Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel about 65 miles west of Las Vegas, they have to be taught a lot of new techniques.

This Is the Unofficial Brothel of CES

Social media is one of the most important of them. During this week’s sprawling International CES gadget show, which ends tomorrow and draws more than 150,000 people each year to the Las Vegas Convention Center, the sharing-savvy brothel sees some of its busiest nights. Sheri’s Ranch calls itself “the unofficial brothel of CES” — and says that business is up about 70 percent this week. Brothel matron Dena, who uses humorously bawdy social media to attract CES attendees, also trains the ranch’s rotating roster of 75 to 100 on-site sex workers to create online personas and unique voices, which Dena says makes the women feel more empowered, and helps skirt the legal ban against advertising their services. “We started tweeting hardcore about two years ago,” she said. Elonis v. United States and the Nuances of Threats on Facebook.

Elonis v. United States and the Nuances of Threats on Facebook. Evan Rachel Wood Slams Censorship: “Women Don’t Have To Be Fucked And Say Thank You” In the upcoming indie flick Charlie Countryman, Shia LaBeouf sits next to a man who dies on a plane, and then falls in love with his Romanian daughter, played by Evan Rachel Wood.

Evan Rachel Wood Slams Censorship: “Women Don’t Have To Be Fucked And Say Thank You”

The 26-year-old actress has watched the latest cut of the film, and was unhappy about a ruling by the Motion Picture Association Of America that forced the director, Fredrik Bond, to ditch a scene in which Wood recieves oral sex in order to secure an R-Rating. Alleged subway 'Peeping Mike' appeals before Massachusetts SJC. BOSTON — The lawyer for an Andover man argued before the state Supreme Judicial Court yesterday that women “can not expect privacy” in a subway from people like her client who is accused of using his cellphone camera to snap “up-skirt” pictures of female passengers.

Alleged subway 'Peeping Mike' appeals before Massachusetts SJC

“If a clothed person reveals a body part whether it was intentional or unintentional, he or she can not expect privacy,” Attorney Michelle Menken told the seven justices on behalf of her client, Michael Robertson, 31. Robertson was arrested in August 2010 for allegedly trying to take photos up women’s dresses on Boston’s Green Line subway. Robertson’s trial in Boston Municipal Court has been stayed pending the appeal before the state’s highest court. He was not in the courtroom yesterday for the arguments. Menken maintains that the laws regarding taking unwanted pictures of women are outdated and actually protected under the First Amendment. The Syrian Dictator’s Instagram, by the Numbers. Pornography in Public Causes Some to Gasp, Others to Shrug. Drew Kelly for The New York Times A patron at the San Francisco Public Library. The library does not censor the online content available to the public. The library has been stung by complaints about the content, including explicit pornography, that some people watch in front of others.

To address the issue, the library over the last six weeks has installed 18 computer monitors with plastic hoods so that only the person using the computer can see what is on the screen. “It’s for their privacy, and for ours,” said Michelle Jeffers, the library spokeswoman. It is an issue playing out not just at libraries, but in cafes and gyms, on airplanes, trains and highways, and just about any other place where the explosion of computers, tablets and smartphones has given rise to a growing source of dispute: public displays of mature content. The subject can put personal media on a collision course with personal morality.

She said a woman then came up to her and said, “Be quiet, nobody cares.”

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