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Leadership Qualities

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Biden, Alone in a Crowd. Biden, Alone in a Crowd. Matt Miller Online. Mr. Miller Doesn’t Go to Washington - Matt Miller - POLITICO Magazine. It’s a blazing hot Memorial Day weekend in Hermosa Beach, seven miles south of LAX, and the holiday festival has drawn thousands of people.

Mr. Miller Doesn’t Go to Washington - Matt Miller - POLITICO Magazine

It’s the kind of crowd a candidate craves in the closing days of a campaign. There are hands to shake, and the veteran pols have all told me the same thing: Every hand you shake is a likely vote. With nine days until the primary—and our new poll showing me just three points behind my most prominent Democratic rival—I’m trying to touch as many voters as I can. Flip-flopping: In politics, a mind can be a terrible thing to change. The candidate’s position was clear and direct: “I have no purpose to interfere with the institution of slavery,” he said.

Flip-flopping: In politics, a mind can be a terrible thing to change

How Gary Hart’s Downfall Forever Changed American Politics. Photo.

How Gary Hart’s Downfall Forever Changed American Politics

Gary Hart, the Elusive Front-Runner. Photo This article appeared in print on May 3, 1987, and is revisited in Matt Bai’s cover story in the September 21, 2014, issue of the magazine.

Gary Hart, the Elusive Front-Runner

“Please,” said the frustrated politician on the other side of the Formica breakfast table in a New Hampshire hotel, “keep your mind open to the possibility that I’m not weird.” In Race for Boston Mayor, Former Addicts Back Candidate With a Past. Many people in recovery stay anonymous and protect the anonymity of others, and A.A. itself does not get involved in politics.

In Race for Boston Mayor, Former Addicts Back Candidate With a Past

Obama, ‘Leadership,’ and Magical Thinking. Okay, there is a ... uh... tooth fairy and he does reward ... uh... good children.

Obama, ‘Leadership,’ and Magical Thinking

So please stop crying now. During the presidential campaign, there was a basic divide in horse race analysis. Rob Portman and the politics of narcissism. Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Remember when Sarah Palin was running for vice president on a platform of tax cuts and reduced spending?

Rob Portman and the politics of narcissism

But there was one form of domestic social spending she liked to champion? Spending on disabled children? Because she had a disabled child personally? Yet somehow her personal experience with disability didn't lead her to any conclusions about the millions of mothers simply struggling to raise children in conditions of general poorness. Joseph Nye, Jr. for Democracy Journal: Picking a President. Issue #10, Fall 2008 The nature of leadership has changed profoundly in this global era.

Joseph Nye, Jr. for Democracy Journal: Picking a President

Business knows it. The military knows it. America needs its next president to know it, too. GOP candidates and Obama: Standards for presidential leadership. British Prime Minister Winston S.

GOP candidates and Obama: Standards for presidential leadership

Churchill (left), US President Franklin D. Roosevelt (center), and Soviet leader Josef Stalin (right) at the Yalta conference, where they made final plans for the defeat of Germany in February 1945. Churchill organized his sleep to get more work hours out of a day. (National Archives/Reuters/File) Leadership: The myth of the maverick. It's that time again: stump speeches and town-hall meetings, policy debates, and primaries about to kick off.

Leadership: The myth of the maverick

Skip to next paragraph Subscribe Today to the Monitor Click Here for your FREE 30 DAYS ofThe Christian Science MonitorWeekly Digital Edition It's presidential election time – which means Americans are, yet again, in the season of mavericks. It has become a ritual of American elections for politicians to pretend as if they're anything but politicians, and polls suggest voters like them better when they believe that.

Former State Senator Jeff Smith Facing 20 Years in Prison, Maybe More. ​A little over a month ago, Jeff Smith was still considered a rising star in Missouri Democratic politics. Now his political career is more than likely over. Smith admitted in federal court today that he tried to cover up his involvement in a federal elections violation not once -- but twice. Smith told U.S. District Judge Carol Jackson that in the course of his 2004 race for Congress, he authorized Steve Brown to raise money for a mailer targeting his opponent, Russ Carnahan. Smith also said his campaign staff provided voting records to the political action committee putting together the mailer.

Smith told Judge Jackson that when he was first contacted in 2004 by the Federal Election Commission's investigators about the matter, he denied any involvement -- and signed a false affidavit stating he had no knowledge of the election violation. Jeff Smith's Resignation Letter. Note:Below is the unedited letter Jeff Smith sent out to supporters following his guilty pleas Tuesday to two charges of obstructing a federal investigation. ​ Dear Friend, Today, with great sadness and regret, I am resigning from the Missouri Senate. During my 2004 Congressional race, I became aware of an independent effort to produce two mailers to benefit my campaign.

Federal campaign finance law prohibits specific coordination between a campaign and anyone preparing an independent expenditure. When the independent operator requested funding, I authorized a close friend to raise money for the effort, and my press secretary provided public information about my opponent's voting record. Voters Say Republican Candidates’ Personalities Matter.