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Packdefnotes. Pack Line Defense - The Complete Guide. How Do You Measure Hustle in the NBA? There’s a Stat for That « In basketball, defense will always play Robin to offense’s Batman.

How Do You Measure Hustle in the NBA? There’s a Stat for That «

Yes, defense wins championships. It’s just that, well, when you think of a loved one, do you think of their face or their spinal column? Offense is the charismatic, sexy, brand-selling face of the game. What does it mean to 'blue' a pick and roll? One of the most important defensive concepts is also known as one of the core colors of the rainbow.

What does it mean to 'blue' a pick and roll?

We explain the concept of "blueing" a pick and roll, using one of the league's best defensive teams as an example. Most kids grow up learning the full spectrum of colors from their first package of Crayola crayons. Or, perhaps, some kids get a jump on their personal color wheel through primary science class and the full spectrum on a rainbow. Why You Should NOT Step Slide On Defense. Dwight Effect A New Ensemble of Interior Defense Analytics for the NBA.pdf.

The Little Things: Danny Green’s Secret Superpower « There are lots of role players who are in the league because they are really good at one discrete thing.

The Little Things: Danny Green’s Secret Superpower «

Many of them are spot-up shooters — Steve Kerr and Steve Novak types. Kendrick Perkins sets wonderful screens in between traveling and dropping the ball. Reggie Evans destroys the offensive glass, which he should, since he’s a great rebounder and nobody guards him. But most of those little things manifest themselves dozens of times in each game. Even a spot-up guy who jacks only three or four shots can influence every possession by bending the defense an extra step toward him. Danny Green is more than a role player some nights, including in San Antonio’s ridiculous Game 3 win, when he shot 7-of-8 and attacked off the dribble more than usual. We Went There: Thoughts From Miami « The Pacers are at risk of becoming one of those teams people remember as a character in another team’s story — the underdog full of aspiration that tests a champion, pushes it to be legendary, and fades into a victim’s role on that other team’s highlight reel.

We Went There: Thoughts From Miami «

The Pacers are young, but they appear to have reached their ceiling as the only Eastern Conference team able to mount a consistent year-to-year challenge to Miami’s greatness. The Heat destroyed Indiana over Memorial Day weekend, dominating on both ends of the floor, and they now stand one win away from their fourth consecutive trip to the Finals — a feat no team has accomplished since the 1980s Celtics. If the Heat take that step, it will be tempting to paint the Spurs or Thunder as their long-term rivals. But this whole time it has really been Indiana. The Pacers have been the foil in many of the shifts that have defined Miami’s evolution, and they even forced some of those changes through their own grit, size, and smarts. The system developed by Dick Bennett two decades ago has - 03.12.12.

How well did the Pack-Line D work on that St.

The system developed by Dick Bennett two decades ago has - 03.12.12

Patrick's Day? The Bears did not get a field goal until almost midway through the half. Kidd was held to 12 points on 4-of-17 shooting. The Facts and Fiction of the Bobcats’ Rising Defense « The disparity between the Eastern and Western conferences is so embarrassingly large that you must take it into account when evaluating a team’s ranking in any leaguewide stat.

The Facts and Fiction of the Bobcats’ Rising Defense «

Eastern Conference teams will end having played 52 of their 82 games against their stinky conference brethren, meaning they will have faced a much less difficult schedule than a Western Conference playing the inverse slate of opponents. An East team that ranks eighth in points allowed per possession probably hasn’t been as stingy as a West team that ranks 11th. Schedule strength can skew things more at this stage, since teams have only played about 20 games.

And so we come to perhaps the most surprising number of this young season: The Bobcats, a punch line for so long, rank third overall in points allowed per possession. An inside look into VCU's unmatched Havoc defense - College Basketball - Luke Winn. A five-part primer on the best press in the land ...

An inside look into VCU's unmatched Havoc defense - College Basketball - Luke Winn

I. Easier Said Than Broken When I was in Richmond reporting the VCU story that appears in Sports Illustrated, the Rams were hosting their first-ever Atlantic 10 game, against Dayton. It wasn't a guaranteed showcase for Havoc, VCU's press-after-every-make (and dead ball) defense, because Flyers' senior point guard Kevin Dillard seemed like a dude who could deal with pressure. He was coming off a 27-point, 10 assist, two-turnover showing against UAB. And Dillard believed in his ability to handle Havoc. That quote was buried in the 11th and 12th paragraphs of the story, and it didn't earn any additional attention, inspiring a grand total of zero posts in the blogosphere. The Rams were encouraged to enlighten Dillard to the fact that Havoc is not your typical, only mildly annoying press. Dayton committed a season-high 26 turnovers that night, and Dillard had a season-high seven of them against just one assist.

The X's & O's of Basketball.

The X's & O's of Basketball

V=ai2X2vFqWMg The Rams teamed up with former Navy SEAL John McGuire and SEAL Team Physical Training. Instructor McGuire led the Rams through strength, conditioning, and team building exercises. VCU undergoes surprise SEAL trainingPosted on: September 14, 2011 10:54 amEdited on: September 14, 2011 11:12 am. Basketball Defense: 6-on-4 Shell Drill. Based on Tom Izzo’s method on teaching basketball defense, this drill forces players to work as a cohesive unit to stop dribble penetration and subsequent passes WHY USE THIS DEFENSIVE BASKETBALL DRILLPlaying great defense comes down to footwork, hustle, communication, rotations and stopping the ball.

Basketball Defense: 6-on-4 Shell Drill

This drill, which is a staple in what Tom Izzo does defensively at Michigan State, covers it all. VCU Havoc Defense. By VCU Assistant Coach Will Wade I’m extremely excited to bring to you the vaunted VCU Havoc Defense brought to by VCU assistant coach Will Wade (Editors Note: Coach Wade was hired on May 13th to become the new head coach at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga).

VCU Havoc Defense

VCU is coming off their 3rd straight 27+ win season and is just two years removed from their final four run in 2011. VCU has become notorious for their signature havoc defense known for its aggressive attacking nature that forced an NCAA best 20 turnovers a game last season. Coach Wade has provided us with some of great information about the VCU havoc defense. Enjoy! Double Fist Havoc Press Defense.

Double Fist Havoc Press Defense By: Zach Keene Philosophy of the Double Fist Havoc Press Defense: “Pressure, Pressure, Pressure”We want to keep pressure on the opponent on both offense and defense. VCU HAVOC PRESS DEFENSE NOTES. The following come from notes listening to VCU Assistant Coach Mike Rhoades at both A Step Up AssistantCoaching Symposium and Coaching U Live. Also, make sure you scroll to the bottom and click on the link with a great article on the VCU Havoc press defense from SI.

VCU Defense — all about pressure 1. Must be unselfish — on both ends 2. VCU Basketball Plays and Drills. The Delicate Balance of an NBA Defense « The interplay between math and team personnel is part of what makes basketball interesting. Math can give you answers that are correct in absolute terms, but the construction of a team plays a role in dictating whether a specific roster can execute those mathematically optimal plans. Math is winning out on offense in the NBA. Three-pointers and shots at the rim are good, and midrange shots are bad.

Coach K's Defensive Approach. Defending Middle Pick and Rolls. In this article I am going to talk about the different techniques to defend the middle pick & roll. In my opinion, a middle pick & roll is anything set from the free-throw line extended and above. I also believe there are two different types of middle pick & rolls: Flat and Angled. (See Images Below) Additionally, each type of pick & roll can be guarded differently depending on personnel and game plan. Flat Pick & Roll: “Weak” Last summer I learned a term/concept from Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers, “Weak”. This is how you will see his bigs and many others in the NBA “Weak” a flat pick & roll. In my experience, there are five ways to effectively guard an angled middle pick & roll: Level, Jam, Show, Blitz, and Switching. 1. Double Fist Havoc Press Defense. Double Fist Havoc Press Defense.

VCU Basketball Plays and Drills. VCU Havoc Defense. The Portland Trail Blazers' refurbished roster. This is NBA team-building as a game of Twister: take a mediocre team and make it great without becoming bad enough to land at the top of the draft or clogging your long-term cap sheet with overpaid veterans. The Rockets and Pacers have pulled it off to varying degrees, and the Blazers are in the thick of it now — with a roster competitive enough to satisfy the “never rebuild” edict of Paul Allen, the team’s über-rich owner, but also one with an asset-rich young core and potential max-level cap room in the summer of 2015. That is when LaMarcus Aldridge will become an unrestricted free agent, and Portland’s brain trust has worked hard to put a bunch of potential paths in play ahead of that next defining moment in the tortured history of this beloved franchise. “Paul Allen has never wanted to rebuild,” says Neil Olshey, Portland’s GM. “He does not want to take three steps backward in order to take four steps forward.

So we decided we were just going to have one foot in, and one foot out.” The LARRY SANDERS! Show: What the Bucks Big Man Must Do to Justify His New Contract. John Hammond and Larry Drew, the Bucks’ GM and new head coach, sat together watching practice at Team USA’s training camp in Las Vegas last month lamenting a little thing in LARRY SANDERS!’ How The Spurs Are Defending LeBron James. A Story of Refinement: How the Spurs' Elevated Playmaking Triumphed in Game 1. If there’s a possession that neatly tied together every major story line, real and fabricated, emanating from San Antonio’s stirring Game 1 win in Miami, it was this one with about 6:30 left:

Lockdown: How the Heat Defense Redefined the Eastern Conference Finals - The Triangle Blog. At halftime of Miami’s Game 5 win, with the Pacers up 44-40 and shooting 51 percent, I tweeted that Miami was trying "some nice things defensively," but that Indiana kept manufacturing points. Game 5 Preview: Four Keys to the Most Important Night of the Season - The Triangle Blog.

There have been so many possessions in this series during which I’ve thought to myself, It is shocking that the Kings are in the same professional basketball league as these two teams. You could substitute a half-dozen or so teams in place of Sacramento; the Kings, for whatever reason, have been my go-to symbol of NBA incompetence and incoherence for at least three seasons, even as the Bobcats have trumped everyone with their sheer ability to lose games.

Point being: These two teams are awesome . Part of my job is to apportion blame and credit — to watch and rewatch possessions for clues on what may have gone wrong three or four steps before a layup, what blip of confusion/laziness resulted in a profitable transition opportunity, or what spacing issues might have sabotaged an otherwise very nice offensive possession. In this series, that exercise has often resulted in a silent shrug. The Defensive Shell Drill Sucks? (VIDEO) Just for subscribing to our free newsletter you’ll get these 3 eBooks for free… 72 Basketball Drills & Coaching Tips – 136 page eBook. 21 Basketball Tips & Tricks for Players – 20 page eBook. 32 Winning Basketball Plays – 96 page eBook. Plus you’ll get ALL updates to this website delivered to your inbox for free.

Over 100,000 other coaches, players, & parents have already subscribed. We will never send you spam or share your email address, guaranteed! Close. A Tale of Two Offenses: The Spurs Get Back to Business and the Knicks File for Bankruptcy - The Triangle Blog. Before they broke out in Game 5 and started to look like themselves again, something had been off with the San Antonio Spurs’ offense. Packing the paint is the NBA defensive strategy forcing coaches to rethink their offense. It’s on almost every locker-room whiteboard, and it’s shorthand slang among NBA players and coaches. Rick Pitino still cherishes one stat above others. LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Mike Marra's playing career at Louisville ended last September, when he blew out his knee for the second time in two seasons. Brad Stevens Butler Defense Notes - Coaching Toolbox Blog. I received these notes from Coach Steve Smiley from a presentation that Brad Stevens made at the 2010 Florida Coaches Clinic when he coached at Butler.

These are notes and the outline for his talk. The X's & O's of Basketball - VCU "HAVOC" DEFENSE. I've learned from the many assistants I've coached with, everyone has different interpretations to the game. An inside look into VCU's unmatched Havoc defense - College Basketball - Luke Winn. Shaka Smart. Shaka Smart Pressure Defense. The Success of Team USA's Small-Ball Defense - The Triangle Blog.

Zone defense

An excerpt from 'The Essential Smart Football' about the birth of the 3-3-5 defense. Serge Ibaka and the Art of Shot Blocking. Miami’s “Damn Near Perfect” Defense. The Coaches Insider - Basketball. Basketball Defense - Man-to-Man Pressure Defense, Coach's Clipboard Playbook. The Coaches Insider - Basketball.