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The Things She Makes: Stitched Paper Sweet Favours. Sometimes, there's no reason [let alone a day] when you want to show someone they mean something to you - this is a quick, easy and simple DIY to make a sweet token to give to someone you love.

The Things She Makes: Stitched Paper Sweet Favours

What I Used: Baking Paper Sweets Scissors / Needle / Thread / Pen. Haley's Daily Blog: Sugar Cookie Bar Mummy Pops. Cajas Vintage - @anavbon. Carnation Bomb for your Valentine - erin made this. Remember the time that Charlotte complained her date gave her carnations?

Carnation Bomb for your Valentine - erin made this

Then Carrie confessed her love for them? Then Burger was so rude about it? Ugh seriously, that relationship was doomed to begin with. ¡COMO HACER FONDANT CON BOMBONES! Tutorial: Cómo Hacer Rosas con Fondant. Cómo hacer Cupcakes Animales de la Selva (elefante, jirafa y cebra) LAS CAKE POPS MÁS FÁCILES DEL MUNDO. Cute wedding favors. Doing your own wedding favors could be a super fun project for you and your bridesmaids.

cute wedding favors

Get together over the weekend and have fun while crafting some wedding memories. Here are my ten favorite handmade favors from around the web. Click on the link at the end of each favor to get the step by step tutorial plus some free printables and tips. Enjoy! 1. 2. 3. Party Treat Pockets. Jul 10 by Steph Hung I’m heading to San Francisco next week to compete in the “Lau Olympics” which is like our family olympics.

Party Treat Pockets

It’s going to be a showdown of physical challenges like a hula hoop discus, watermelon eating contest, and suitcase relay. Colchon para no ver con hiervas de zorrito. So, have you heard all the craze about the raccoon?!

colchon para no ver con hiervas de zorrito

No? Then you must stop by Imagine Gnats to see what it's all about! It's the latest thing, the new forrest friend fad! And, thanks to Rachael I'm hopping on the bandwagon sooner rather than later! Today I'm guest posting at Imagine Gnats and sharing this eye mask. But, what if you've already been robbed of your sleep?! Supplies needed: Fabric Scraps, light weight fusible interfacing (I used Pellon SF101), Heat N Bond, rice and lavender to fill the pillow.

Pyramid Package. Happy Friday.

Pyramid Package

It's another long, holiday, weekend, in Sweden, which seems to mean: more days for kid's birthday parties. This wrap came about, as I prepared packages for the weekend and had the challenge of wrapping a ball. How to camouflage it? Ice Cream Cones de tela. We are so excited to share this diy with you, if you are planning an ice cream party believe us these are just the sweetest things to let each child take home with them!

Ice Cream Cones de tela

Our amazing diy correspondent, Katie came up with this project for us and we just fell in love! We ended up hanging pink, peach and mint green ones from a white chandelier and the looked so cute and really added to the decor of the party! Carta con hilo. I have a confession to make.

carta con hilo

I'm a paper addict! It's true. Journals, stationery, books...I hoard them like crazy. Panda-fy your Paper Lantern / Bubble. Obsessively watching baby panda videos on Youtube turned out not to be a complete waste of time after all.

Panda-fy your Paper Lantern / Bubble

For one, it deepened my love for white fluffy things, like the "It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die" unicorn, samoyeds, and this extremesamoyed. Did I mention samoyeds? And that is always a wonderful thing. Then, there's the inspiration that a white Bubble is almost a panda face, without the black blobs. Woven gift wrap. By Kate on August 8, 2012.

Woven gift wrap

Giftbox Tasseled. I’m back! Well most of me is, the other part of me got a little lost with the massive quantities of coffee and not so massive quantities of sleep over the weekend. I should be full circle by this afternoon, I’d say. In between doses of caffeine I got to put together a gift for my sweet friend Erin’s bridal shower (let me just say out loud how much I love weddings!) , and I thought I’d show you how I created a rather overstated gift wrap inspired by these balloons. To make them, I wrapped a strand of ribbon around the box (as you would with a typical gift) and tied tassels to it. Party Fringe. Photo by Anastasia Marie Supplies tissue paperscissorsdouble-sided tapeone-sided tape (matte finish) Globos fancy. He passed me a messy, misspelt note scribbled on paper from the back of his maths exercise book.

That's a Wrap. I am a really huge fan of the whole nontraditional wrapping paper trend that has been emerging for the pats couple of years. As each holiday season passes, my Gift Wrapping Pinterest board has been filling up with different quirky ways to wrap presents. Party Animal Candle. Teacup Envelopes. Last week, I introduced you to Tara Bliven of Ephemera Press and her Elevated Envelope Exchange.

Fancy Balloons. Origami Dress. Cupcake Toppers. Sometimes I enjoy walking around the mall. I rarely ever buy anything (unless Anthropologie has a sale), but Atlanta is really hot and the mall is air-conditioned, and there is coffee… …anyway I was browsing the home department at Macy’s and saw these adorable glitter pom pom cupcake toppers from Martha Stewart, and decided that I must make my own. Paper Lanterns. DIY coffee filters. Hi, there! Gift Tag Rubber Stamp.