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DIY Leaf Art - monsterscircus. Petal to the Metal DIY Når væggene skal have nyt liv kan det være en kunst at finde den helt rette ramme til den helt rette kunst. Jeg har fundet en smuk en af slagsen og lavet denne grønne DIY til Jer. An easy way to jazz up your wall is finding a nice frame for some nice art – I’ve found a lovely one and created this green DIY to you. Så idag får du idéen til, hvordan du laver din helt egen og unikke plante kunst!

So let’s do some leaf art! Materialer: Ramme Palmeblad Trin 1 Princippet er såre enkelt. Trin 2 Der flettes med lærredsvævning, hvor strimlerne går over og under, skiftevis Trin 3 Næste strimmel flettes modsat, altså under og over, skiftevis Trin 4 Gentag trin 1-3 indtil øverste strimmel og synkroniser den anden side Supplies: Frame Palm leaf Step 1 The technique is called plain weave. Step 2 Alternate going over-under for each palm frond Step 3 Repeat with the next frond, over-under pattern that’s the opposite of your first line Step 4 Same procedure goes for the opposite side. Ingas Haven: A chair called Einstein. Make Wood Wall Cabinet | A Piece Of Rainbow. Secret Shelf | Rogue Engineer. I recently designed a floating shelf for Whitney from Shanty2Chic and it had me thinking about all that wasted space inside the floating shelf.

Then the light bulb went off! A false bottom with hidden storage! That was it! So off to the drawing board I went. After a few hiccups, this is what I came up with. For sneak peeks of our upcoming projects be sure to… Disclosure: The links provided in the “materials” and “required tools” sections are affiliate links. Dimensions Cut List Secret Shelf Plans Printable PDF Finishing We decided to finish our secret shelf with Kona wood stain from Rustoleum. Mounting First, find the perfect spot for your new secret shelf and then mark a level line at the height you would like to mount it.

Search for two studs… .. there’s one! Attach with two 2-1/2″ wood screws in each stud. Questions? As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments!


DIY cobija de triangulos. Mueble. Have you entered the August Wrinkle Giveaway yet? It has been awhile since my last Manage it Monday! Since we moved to a new loft we decided it was also time to change the way we organized our clothes. Our new bedroom is pretty small so we knew we needed something that could hold a lot of clothes, but didn’t take up a lot of space. Here is what we came up with! We purchased an industrial shelving unit from Home Depot and then found the wood crates on craigslist for five dollars a piece!

I love the look of the wood crates on the industrial shelves. I worried that I wouldn’t like the open crates, but it has actually been really convenient! (And I have my trusty step stool if for any reason I need to get all the way to the top shelf) :) Has anyone else created an unconventional dresser lately? Follow me on Pinterest! DIY MESA. This time I decided to go a little further and make a bigger DIY project. A sofa table for the center of my living room … But do not panic, it’s super easy to do and will cost you very little …and use some recycled materials! First things first … You’ll need this piece that many of you already know … the famous pallet. If you have a good smile you can get it free at a department store or a factory. · 4 bolt wheels.

(you can buy them at a hardware store) but you can opt for metal wheels or old legs for a more vintage look. · Screws and screwdriver to mount the wheels. · White matt paint or color of your choice (water based) · Brush or foam roller. · Sandpaper Optional: · Glass plate, the same pallet size (I had this old glass from another table) · If you want, paint over with matte varnish to prevent staining and the surface will last longer (recommended for homes with pets and / or children). Process: 1. 2. 3. 4. Put it in the center of your living room and enjoy it with your best company!

Venetian Paper Palace. Jag har helt snöat in på att göra papperslyktor. Denna gång blev det en lite lägre variant som jag ville skulle se lite mer som ett slott eller palats och därför gjorde jag lite olika höjd på taken. En klocka fick också vara med på en av gavlarna. Pappret är vitt men av någon anledning ser det rosa ut på bilderna. I am completely absorbed with paper lanterns. This one is not as high as the Gothic Lantern and I wanted it to look more like a small castle or a palace. The Venetian Paper Lantern and other lanterns are now available.

Cojines con figuras tejidas. This last month I listed one of the pillows I make and offer throughout the year as a Mother's Day pillow. That's right, I took an existing item and marketed it for a specific occation. Now, keep in mind this item was a perfect item to market as such. I didn't take a pillow with a christmas tree and market it as a mother's day gift - that would be ridiculous and annoying. In fact when I made the item I immediately thought that it would be a really fantastic mother's day gift. But for the first time in my 10 months on Etsy, I labeled my listing with a title with direct focus on the upcoming holiday, "Mother's Day Pillow. " We all know holidays are ripe for buying and selling; our holidays are pretty centered around gift giving and now a'days people are often looking for more unique and handmade items; this often leads them to online marketplaces like Etsy. Again, you will want to make sure that your item fills a certain criteria for being "labeled" as an "October fest" item for example.

Tell love and chocolate: TELL: DIY CHUNKY TASSEL BLANKET. It's fall, and there is nothing better than snuggling up with a cozy blanket while it's cold outside. This doesn't happen often in California, but when it does it's fabulous and I enjoy every second. I made this tassel blanket awhile back but I am beyond excited about this NEW chunkylicious tassel blanket that I'm sharing over on design sponge today. To get all the details on how I made this comfy blanket, head on over to Design Sponge, and get your cozy on! Simple DIY Painting. First, let me thank everyone who has voted for my blog in Apartment Therapy's "The Homies". (Don't forget that you can vote for more than one blog, until Friday). I really appreciate that my readers are so supportive - your comments and emails really keep me going. To help convince you to vote Dans le Townhouse, I'm showing off my latest DIY project. I am constantly ogling dramatic black and white paintings but a stark, graphic painting just didn't seem to fit anywhere in the townhouse . . . until we started working on the basement.

That's when I realized that I have the perfect spot: the stairwell! I 100% copied a painting I spotted on Pinterest and re-pinned. Here's the how-to. Ignore the bad lighting (I was painting in the evening, in our super dreary basement) and the mess (someone broke in and started painting random parts of the wall and made a mess; I blame teenagers). I started with a blank canvas. 1. 2, 3 & 4. I flipped the canvas over again so I could paint the bottom. Tiny Plant Pots. I’m really a sucker for anything miniature.

You know what’s cute? A horse. You know what’s even cuter? A miniature horse. Just try to deny it. You can’t. Materials: Polymer clay (I used Premo Sculpey in white, from here ) Melon baller (or other tiny scooping tool) Knife Oven Methods: 1. 2. 3. 4. See that excess clay you scooped out of your pot? 5. 6. 7. I made this plain little pot a holder using these instructions and substituting embroidery thread for rope. DIY cuernos de reno. I don’t hunt and the thought of throwing a live lobster into a pot of boiling water make me nauseous (but I do like to eat them very much). So when I developed my obsession with antlers, it was pretty much impossible for me to get them unless I pay a stupid amount of money... So I DIY’ed a pair. All you need is some tinfoils and air dry clay! These make great table decorations, and by the way, no deers were harmed in this process :)

From Auto Glass a mesita. I never would have thought of today’s hack-a-week project without my husband, Tim. He currently works in the auto glass industry, and brought home this lovely piece of dark glass. It was his idea to turn it into a tray! Handles were posing somewhat of a problem, though, and so I suggested feet instead. And voilà, here is today’s project! Now, you might be thinking, “Great, I don’t work at an auto glass place. How on earth am I supposed to get my hands on something like that?” And if they do, well, you know what you can make with it: a diy tray! You will need… - A piece of auto glass. - 4 Copper “feet” . - A glue gun and glue. - A hot pad. Step 1: Clean the glass. Step 2: Fill the copper feet mostly full with hot glue. Step 3: Measure and mark where you want the feet to sit.

Step 4: Top off the glue for the feet, and place on glass at the markers. Step 5: You’re done! I really like how it turned out – thanks for the idea, Tim! I have a couple other tray ideas I may post in the future.