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Facebook usage data reveals just how ‘depressingly stereotypical’ your life probably is. Social networks offer unparalleled insights into how humans interact with each other.

Facebook usage data reveals just how ‘depressingly stereotypical’ your life probably is

But sometimes that insight’s not so thrilling. This is the case with the latest analysis from answer engine Wolfram Alpha, which examined the usage habits its Facebook Personal Analytics users and found that…well, we’re all pretty boring. Here’s a summary of some of the more notable findings, some of which are depressingly stereotypical, according to Wolfram Alpha designer Stephen Wolfram. The median number of Facebook friends is 342, a number that varies based on how old you are: Teenagers tend to have more friends than adults do. When you’re younger, most of your friends are your own age, but the range of ages broadens as you get older. Teenage boys tend to have more friends than teenage girls, but that difference disappears as they get older.

The older you get, the more likely you are to be married; women get married earlier than men; and, by 30, about 70 percent of people are married. Facebook Lauds Marvel’s Avengers Alliance Game. The Avengers didn’t just slay the competition at the box office — they were quite successful on Facebook, too.

Facebook Lauds Marvel’s Avengers Alliance Game

Facebook highlighted the game Avengers Alliance (developed by Playdom) on the site’s developers blog, praising the game’s ability to implement quickly and its use of open graph technology. Avengers Alliance, where users jump into action as their favorite Marvel superhero, has spread like wildfire on Facebook. According to sister site AppData, Avengers Alliance has 5.3 million monthly active users. FACEBOOK LOCKUP RELEASE: 777 Million Shares. Screenshot Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.


The first of three major "lock-ups" for Facebook stock expired today, October 29th, which means that a lot of new stock is available to be sold when the markets reopen. The second lock-up, which is much larger, will hit on November 14th. Facebook's EdgeRank Changes: A U.K. Company Claims They're Killing Small Businesses. A U.K. company that makes an app to help charities raise money says it may need some charity of its own, after nearly being run out of business because of changes to how Facebook lets it connect with its fans.

Facebook's EdgeRank Changes: A U.K. Company Claims They're Killing Small Businesses

The makers of Charity Engine grabbed the vanity Facebook URL as soon as it became available in January 2010, even though its product was still far from being launched. The company used Facebook to explain the product, which offers computer users prizes to use idle time to raise money for causes, to prospect for users and to alert those fans as soon as it was launched. Through most of 2010 the company placed advertisements in Facebook and its fan base quickly grew. “By November we had over 100,000 fans from all over the world and we'd never even posted to the page,” CEO Mark McAndrew said. Unpinned: Facebook Shuts Down Test Of Its Pinterest-Style Collections Feature.

Very Pinteresting, in fact.

Unpinned: Facebook Shuts Down Test Of Its Pinterest-Style Collections Feature

Last night I asked Facebook why its Collections feature had disappeared, and it confirmed “the test is now complete”. But now it tells me that’s because the product is being built out, presumably for a full launch, not being shut down as I originally published. Facebook tests ‘suggested post’ label for non-social News Feed ads. Facebook tests ‘suggested post’ label for non-social News Feed ads Some Facebook users are seeing ads in the desktop and mobile feed with the label “suggested post” when there is no connection between the user and the advertiser who has paid for the content to be there.

Facebook tests ‘suggested post’ label for non-social News Feed ads

In August, Facebook began testing a News Feed version of its page post ad format to allow advertisers to reach a broader audience than their own fans and friends of fans. Sponsored Stories, which were the first type of ad introduced to the feed, are only shown to users who already Liked a page or whose friends had Liked a page. Page post ads, along with mobile app install ads, are the first “non-social” ads to be shown in the mobile feed.

Facebook lance la chasse aux "J'aime" suspects. How Facebook search ads change the competitive landscape for businesses. For years of search marketing, companies have had to bid on their own keywords to protect their brand and avoid losing traffic to competitors.

How Facebook search ads change the competitive landscape for businesses

Now they’ll probably have to do it for Facebook, too. Facebook announced its plans to offer search-based advertisements called Sponsored Results last month and recently we’ve seen a number of examples from, EA and Kixeye. It seems that if Sponsored Results comes out of beta and expands to more advertisers, the competitive landscape of the social network may increase to the point that businesses will have to pay for these ads just to ensure they aren’t being overshadowed by competitors. In the process, Facebook can collect more revenue than ever. Facebook Releases Page Post Ad Guidelines For Marketing Success. Facebook Rolls Out New Marketing Tools for Pages. Facebook has rolled out several new tools to help with the management and marketing of Pages on the service, Facebook engineer Omid Saadati announced today.

Facebook Rolls Out New Marketing Tools for Pages

The three tools are post scheduling, unpublished page posts and Page admin permissions for third-party apps. Scheduling is finally coming to page posts, something that has previously required the use of third-party applications such as HootSuite or Buffer. If you change your mind about the post you can reschedule or remove the post, Saadati says, unless it is under three minutes from publication. Pages can now add location to their posts. Pages can now add location to their posts Facebook recently added the option for page owners to tag their posts and photos with location.

Pages can now add location to their posts

There has not been an official announcement about the feature so it is unclear whether it has rolled out to all pages or if it is still being tested with a small group. For now, adding location to a post is useful for providing more context and telling a richer story, but there could be future changes that make location even more important to pages.

Similar to personal posts, if a page post doesn’t have a photo or link included with it, a map of the location will be included. Facebook Engagement Dips: 34% Spend Less Time on Site [STUDY] 30 exemples de nouvelles applications Facebook. Le nouveau format de pages Facebook lancé fin février a vu naître un nouvel espace de créations pour les applications.

30 exemples de nouvelles applications Facebook

Découvrez avec ces quelques exemples, comment les webdesigners ont relevé le défi. Pages Facebook : la guerre des doublons. Cet article a été publié il y a 1 an 11 mois 23 jours, il est possible qu’il ne soit plus à jour. Facebook to create different levels of access for page admins. Facebook to create different levels of access for page admins Facebook announced it will give page owners an option to assign different privileges to admins, but it did not explain what type of access and restrictions will be available. During a breakout session at the Facebook Marketing Conference on Wednesday, Product Manager Jeff Kanter said pages will soon offer five levels of admin access. He mentioned full access, publishing-only access and insights access, but did not reveal the other two levels.

Facebook et la pub : quand le réseau préfère le business à l'innovation. Facebook: perspectives pour 2012. Facebook vient de rendre accessible la Timeline (le Journal en bon français) à toutes les pages de marque. Pour un détail des nouveautés induites par cette évolution, je vous invite à consulter les articles de We Are Social ou de Locita. Pour ma part je souhaiterais me concentrer sur les questions plus larges que soulèvent les dernières évolutions du géant des réseaux sociaux. Celà faisait longtemps que je souhaitais faire cet article, mais j’attendais de voir si Facebook nous réservait encore de nouvelles surprises, afin de pouvoir trier sereinement le bon grain de l’ivraie.

Donc, que faut-il retenir? Vers une normalisation de la situation. Oui, nous allons devoir payer pour avoir accès à cette audience, et re-payer pour pouvoir parler à nos propres fans. Log In. Facebook's Premium Ads Get A Facelift: Slideshow. Christopher Heine | February 22, 2012 | 0 Comments inShare27 Upgrades reportedly coming at Feb. 29 media event. Facebook's premium ads are getting a facelift. The company has been testing several soon-to-be-announced ad units, which leaked documents claim will produce more engagement, better recall, and a "significant increase in purchase intent.

" The new ads will reportedly be announced at a Feb. 29 media event in New York. Among the changes they discuss: Facebook : bientôt une messagerie privée entre fans et pages pro. Par Olivier Duffez, Mardi 14 février 2012. Facebook Platform Updates: Frictionless Requests 2.0, OAuth 2.0 and HTTPS Deadlines Tomorrow, FMBL Ending June 2012. Yesterday, Facebook announced updates to the Requests 2.0 including the introduction of frictionless requests that don’t require users to complete a Requests dialog. This could get users to send more Requests, helping apps gain new users and reengage existing users. However, some users might opt in to frictionless requests without fully understanding the feature’s implications, and later be surprised to find out their in-app actions have been sending Requests to their friends It also set the deprecation schedule for FBML.

Support will be discontinued on January 1st, 2012, and apps using FBML will cease to work on June 1st, 2012. Facebook Is Losing Users In The Countries Where It Took Off First. Sony Ericsson. Castorama. Facebook Turns Friend Activity Into New Ad Format. Facebook is rolling out Sponsored Stories, a new ad format that turns your friends' actions into promoted content. Sponsored Stories is "a way for marketers to sponsor activities that happen throughout the News Feed," Facebook Product Marketing Lead Jim Squires told Mashable. Companies can choose to take certain user actions — such as checkins or actions within Facebook apps — and feature them in the column on the right side of the News Feed.

For example, if you're Whole Foods and you're looking to increase your exposure on Facebook, you can pay to have a percentage of all checkins to Whole Foods featured in a Sponsored Stories slot in the right-side column. Your content wouldn't be shown directly, but the actions of a user's friends would appear. In-Depth Review: Facebook’s New Message Inbox Product. Yesterday, Facebook launched its new Messages product, allowing users to see their communication with someone over email, Facebook Messages, Facebook Chat, instant messages, and SMS in the same thread. Facebook automatically delivers messages where it thinks a user is most likely to see them, creates a unified history of the messages, and filters the threads by relationship with the sender to create a Social Inbox. Here’s a closer look at exactly how the new Messages product works:

Facebook Marketing: Ultimate Guide. Howdy SEOmoz fans! It is an overused practice to start from some "shocking" stats and dissertate on how Facebook is powerful and important for business. So, I will just consider you all know what is Facebook and how cool it is. What you're about to read is a step-by-step SMM strategy for promoting your business on Facebook. I've gathered all the best practices and tips that I have used myself, together with some advice that I haven't tried but am confident will work well. Ok. Facebook SEO 101. Médias sociaux > Pourquoi British Telecom n’est pas sur Facebook. Je fais écho à l’article de Cédric avec le témoignage de British Telecom dont j’ai eu la chance d’interviewer la responsable social media (Bian Salins - @B1an).

Leur approche des médias sociaux est particulièrement intéressante, car ils font preuve de beaucoup de maturité sur le sujet : Digital Sharecropping - Why Most Facebook Customization is Wasted Effort.