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'Identity is a pain in the arse': Zadie Smith on political correctness. A Dartmouth student created a book database of stories written about and by people of color. When Kaya Thomas was in high school, she realized she couldn’t relate to the characters in the books she was reading.

A Dartmouth student created a book database of stories written about and by people of color

They didn’t look like her. They didn’t have the same experiences as her. She told friends that she wished there was a resource for people of color to find books with characters they could relate to, according to Teen Vogue. Now a senior at Dartmouth College studying computer science, Thomas has developed an app to help connect elementary through high school students with a database of books about people of color and written by people of color.

“When I was teen it made me feel like stories about girls like me didn’t matter or that no one cared to write them,” Thomas told Bustle. E-Tangata - A Māori and Pasifika Sunday magazine. Your guide to reading the world. “I’d always thought that I was well-traveled,” says writer Ann Morgan (TED Talk: My year reading a book from every country in the world), but “actually, when I looked at my bookshelves, they told a very different story about me.”

Your guide to reading the world

Her shelves were crowded with English-language books, mainly from English-speaking countries. Nida Fiazi: Books, Homes, and World Refugee Day. From Refugees to Kiwis. "I never had an ethnic background until I moved here, you see: that is just a matter of reference" That's one of the quotes from former refugees who have made their home in Auckland - for a new photography exhibition, called New Zealanders Now: From Refugees to Kiwis, which opens tonight at Ponsonby Central.

From Refugees to Kiwis

Cover image of New Zealander's Now Exhibition Aban, Daoj and Mery - former refugees. Twitter. Please Stop Talking About the "Rise" of African Science Fiction. Whenever I see an article that starts with “The Rise of. . .”

Please Stop Talking About the "Rise" of African Science Fiction

I think of dough. When it’s applied to African science fiction, I picture an endlessly rising (and falling) dough that will never become bread. Each “rise” is celebrated but ephemeral, existing only until the next event that is itself seen as a “rise” without reference to what has gone before, leaving the field oddly ahistorical to the uninitiated. In 2009 there was a confluence of events in the science fiction and fantasy (SFF) landscape.

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Your guide to reading the world. - Outstanding International Books (OIB) 2018 Presenting 38 must-have titles | USBBY's 2018 Outstanding International Books ListBy Martha M. - Outstanding International Books (OIB)

Walke -- School Library Journal, February 9, 2018 2017 Outstanding International Books: Presenting the 2017 USBBY SelectionsBy Holly Johnson -- School Library Journal, January 30, 2017 2016 Presenting the 2016 USBBY Outstanding International Books List - Welcome DisruptionsBy Terry Hong -- School Library Journal, February 2016 2015 USBBY Presents Its Annual Outstanding International Books ListBy Brenda Dales -- School Library Journal, 2/4/2015 2014 Passport to a World of Reading: USBBY's 2014 Outstanding International Books List introduces readers to the global communityBy Brenda Dales -- School Library Journal, 2/24/2014 2013 The Literary Equation: USBBY's Outstanding International Books connect kids worldwideBy Maria Salvadore -- School Library Journal, 2/5/2012. Welcome to the (Mildred L.) Batchelder Award home page. The Batchelder Award is awarded to a United States publisher for a children’s book considered to be the most outstanding of those books originating in a country other than the United States and in a language other than English and subsequently translated into English for publication in the United States during the preceding year. 2021 Award Telephone Tales, published by Enchanted Lion Books, written by Gianni Rodari, illustrated by Valerio Vidali and translated by Antony Shugaar.

Welcome to the (Mildred L.) Batchelder Award home page

Originally published in Italian in 1962 as Favole al telefono. The book tells the story of a travelling salesman who calls his young daughter every night to share a delightful, whimsical short story. How to Find Authentic Books About Asia, From Asia - Global Learning. Editor's Intro: It's often difficult to find authentic international literature, so in this piece, David Jacobson, the author of "Are You an Echo?

How to Find Authentic Books About Asia, From Asia - Global Learning

The Lost Poetry of Misuzu Kaneko" and a board member of the Global Literature in Libraries Initiative (GLLI), suggests ways to find books about Asia that are appropriate for students, written locally by Asians, and available in English. He also spearheaded the GLLI's effort to create a database of children's literature in translation, which so far includes works originally published in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, and Polish. By Guest Blogger David Jacobson. Read the World: Books about Africa for Kids - Kid World Citizen. Memoir of 'soul and survival' to World Editions. International fiction publisher World Editions is to release a "frank, fierce and insightful" debut entitled Always Another Country by South African writer and journalist Sisonke Msimang.

Memoir of 'soul and survival' to World Editions

The title is a memoir of "soul and survival", telling the story of a young girl’s path to womanhood, and from displacement to engagement, via many homes. From Msimang's peripatetic childhood in a family of political exiles – from Zambia to Kenya to Canada and beyond – the book tracks formative moments in her personal and political life, including the euphoria at her return to the new South Africa, the disillusionment at new political elites, and the "ugly face" of racism and xenophobia.

Always Another Country is also an "intimate story", a testament to family bonds and sisterhood, said the publisher. Msimang is a writer, journalist and political commentator. Her TED Talk on storytelling has been viewed more than one million times. The Little Book of Sufi Stories: Ancient Wisdom to Nourish the Heart - Glendowie College. Epub The stories in this book are drawn from the dozens that Douglas-Klotz has enjoyed telling in his seminars over the past 20 years.

The Little Book of Sufi Stories: Ancient Wisdom to Nourish the Heart - Glendowie College

Most of them appear in works of the classical …read more Interest Age General Audience Additional Details Reviews. Diversity in Graphic Novels. Special thanks to member Laura M.

Diversity in Graphic Novels

Jiménez for her time and expertise in reviewing and adding additional resources for this blog post. This summer members highlighted the need for more diversity in graphic novels. CODE's Burt Award for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Young Adult Literature - Campagne pour la lecture. A literary award and literacy initiative like no other CODE announces the long-list for the 2018 CODE Burt Award for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Young Adult Literature.

In June 2018, the National Reading Campaign adjudicated the 9 young adult submissions to the 2018 CODE Burt Award for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Young Adult Literature. Lead by Nancy Cooper, the peer assessment committee consisted of Adina Duffy, Wilfred Burton and Michelle Corneau. This year Eden Gepner Bourgeois, a 14-year old Cree-Metis “who loves reading”, joined the adjudication panel as the first Burt Award young adult reader. At the Mogadishu Book Fair, Literature Is Hope. Last month, a book took me back to Mogadishu. But before I tell you how, let me pass on a bit of a background. Three decades or so ago, I left Somalia for the USA. In my young and somewhat innocent mind, I was heading to Heaven on Earth, but I was not sure whether I was going to make it. I was paralyzed with fear that I was going to get lost through the international flight connections before I ever got there. Fragments From a War-Torn Childhood - Guernica.

Drawings that the author made at the age of six or seven, in wartime, which were recently retrieved by his sister from his mother's archive of masterpieces created by her children. I spent the first eight years of my life in a war zone. Eight years of deafening noise: the staccato scream of anti-aircrafts, the whiz of military jets, the rattle of Kalashnikovs, the successive booming of landing mortars. Eight years of blinding lights: the dark orange cloud of fire after explosion rolling over and onto itself, the thin red thread of bullets shooting out of gun barrels, burning cigarettes shining in the streets like lighthouses in nights of total blackout.

In September 1980, several days short of my first birthday, the Iran-Iraq war began. Diverse Books for High School. 5 YA Books by Hispanic Authors to Read During Hispanic Heritage Month. Sept. 15 marks the beginning of National Hispanic Heritage Month. While you should definitely appreciate Latinx artists year-round, National Hispanic Heritage Month provides an excellent excuse to shine extra light on Hispanic creators and cultures, including taking in Hispanic authors.

My personal favorite way to celebrate diversity in art is to read novels by authors from different backgrounds. 8 YA books written by Filipino authors. Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — More often than not, young adult (YA) fiction tends to be overlooked or scoffed at by readers who are under the impression that it doesn’t count as “serious literature.”

Articles - Reflecting Realities in children’s literature: my reality and fictional reality.