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Online tools and applications - Go2web20. MsnNOW: See what's trending and why. Social media management, social media for business, social media seminars.

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Organize your life online... My Montage. Rise of the networked enterprise: Web 2.0 finds its payday - McKinsey Quarterly - Organization - Strategic Organization. Every new technology has its skeptics.

Rise of the networked enterprise: Web 2.0 finds its payday - McKinsey Quarterly - Organization - Strategic Organization

In the 1980s, many observers doubted that the broad use of information technologies such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) to remake processes would pay off in productivity improvements—indeed, the economist Robert Solow famously remarked, “You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics.” Today, that sentiment has gravitated to Web 2.0 technologies. Management is trying to understand if they are a passing fad or an enduring trend that will underwrite a new era of better corporate performance. Podcast The rise of the networked enterprise: Web 2.0 finds its payday McKinsey Global Institute senior fellow Michael Chui discusses how leaders can prepare for the new business environment as well as the latest results from McKinsey’s survey of global executives on their use of Web 2.0. New McKinsey research shows that a payday could be arriving faster than expected. The findings Web 2.0 technologies are now more widely used.

Tendances 2011. 75 Essential Small Business Resources From 2010. Want to take your small business to the next level?

75 Essential Small Business Resources From 2010

Or maybe start your own business? We've researched dozens of ways for you to do just that by leveraging social media and technology. And here you'll find a comprehensive list of those resources, whether you're looking to incorporate new technologies like mobile credit card scanners or you want to update your business's website. You'll find all of the small business resources we've produced in the past year broken down into categories like social media, productivity, marketing, tech and tools, geo-location and deals, HR and hiring, success stories and getting started.

Social Media Take your social media presence beyond a simple Facebook Page or company blog. Productivity These posts will help you find new ways to stay on track, and be as efficient and effective as possible while working with contractors like designers. Marketing Tech and Tools. Creative bliss. TweetMyJOBS. London Jobs - Recruitment & Job Search for Jobs in London. Job Search, Careers and Employer Tools. Practical Social Media Tips for 2011 : MarketingProfs Articles. With the end of the year comes the compulsion to synthesize what we've learned about the ebb and flow of social media in 2010.

Practical Social Media Tips for 2011 : MarketingProfs Articles

Toward that end, John Antonios, writing at the Social Media & Personal Branding blog, has made a list of 100 social media tips to ponder for 2011. Some of the tips "might sound generic and applicable beyond the scope of social media," Antonios acknowledges, "but that's exactly the point. Social media is an extension of real-life engagement. " Here are a handful of his tips that illustrate that point: Don't plagiarize your identity; find what's unique about you and share it honestly. Above all, keep in mind that what users want most is a sense of your brand's humanity—how you treat employees, whether your character matches your corporate philosophies, and whether there's pride in the origins and crafting of your product or service. MakeUseOf.com_-_Go_Google_free_email_and_more. ?The home of business bloggers from around the world. Business articles eSnips Folder. Dashboard Everything. Personal Informer. Index. Online tools and applications - Go2web20.

WordPress. Outlook 2011: China Says No More Cars, Down Goes Auto Industry. While the world is still unwrapping the Christmas gift from China in the form of an interest rate hike, this other piece of news with ample implications for the auto industry seems to have gone largely under the radar -- The City of Beijing will limit the number of new license plates issued in 2011 to 240,000 to help control traffic congestion.

Outlook 2011: China Says No More Cars, Down Goes Auto Industry

Xinhua reported that car buyers in Beijing will have to draw lots before obtaining a vehicle license plate. Beijing – An Auto Gold Mine In 2009, the Chinese government introduced tax incentives for cars with engine sizes of 1.6 liters or smaller. The move propelled China to the world’s biggest auto market that year, surpassing the United States.

The trend has continued in the first 11 months of 2010 -- automakers in China shipped a total of 16.4 million vehicles, up 34% year-over-year. Beijing is China's largest auto market and regarded by auto manufacturers as a gold mine. Carriage Before Horse 50% Drop in New Car Sales Follow EconMatters.


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