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We invite you to experience Coolangatta’s top medical spa. GC Skin Boutique is a Skin, Laser and Beauty Clinic offering you professional skin services with our main focus on the prevention, correction, and overall health and beauty of the body’s largest organ: the skin.

Microdermbrasion servicesGC Skin Boutique. Hydrate Dry Skin With Facials And Treatments – GC Skin Boutique. Having dry skin can be tricky to deal with all year round but especially when it comes to wintertime.

Hydrate Dry Skin With Facials And Treatments – GC Skin Boutique

IPL and Laser: The Similarities and Differences — GC Skin Boutique. Why IPL Hair Removal Would Benefit You When it comes to hair removal, IPL is the less effective method, compared to laser treatments.

IPL and Laser: The Similarities and Differences — GC Skin Boutique

This is because the light emitted is more diffused and less powerful. This light is produced by a lamp that resembles a little light bulb, and this lamp produces a variety of light waves. Overall, fairer skin types with dark hair will see the best results from IPL – and due to its range of light waves, IPL is extremely targeted on the right skin type.

Another consideration is pain tolerance. LED Light Therapy — GC Skin Boutique. What is LED Light Therapy Red light therapy penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and tissue repairing, renewing, regenerating, and most importantly healing damage that has occurred.

LED Light Therapy — GC Skin Boutique

This has been shown to reduce wrinkles, diminish scarring, reduce pore size, reduce discoloration, and speed up the healing time of blemishes. What Are The Benefits Of Skin Needling? What is Blue Light Therapy? – GC Skin Boutique. Laser and light technologies have been increasingly used within the beauty industry to treat a range of skin problems.

What is Blue Light Therapy? – GC Skin Boutique

Many beauty spas have introduced forms of light therapy, laser genesis, and IPL, to help clients reach their skin goals. Laser and lights are capable of enhancing skin radiance, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, treating inflammation, and reducing hair growth. The best part of this new technology is that it’s completely safe and non-invasive. LED therapy, often called Light Therapy, is one particular treatment that has grown in popularity. LED therapy works by boosting the body’s natural cell process to accelerate the rejuvenation and repair of the skin. What is Red Light Therapy? Advancement in laser and light technology has forever changed the beauty industry.

What is Red Light Therapy?

From light therapy, laser genesis, and IPL, there is a range of uses for these light-based tools. Lasers and lights not only provide a painless mechanism for treating a range of skin issues, but they are incredibly safe. Light, or LED, therapy is one particular treatment that has been growing in popularity. LED therapy used to trigger the body’s natural cell process and accelerate the rejuvenation and repair of the skin. CosmeticInjectablesservice GCSkin Boutique. Laser Tattoo Removal — GC Skin Boutique. Why choose laser tattoo removal?

Laser Tattoo Removal — GC Skin Boutique

Recent advances in laser tattoo removal technology have made it a safe, effective and efficient method of removing unwanted tattoos, both amateur and professional. How does it work? Fast pulses of light are directed onto the tattoo breaking up the pigment molecules into smaller particles. Normal surrounding tissue is not damaged in the process and these smaller particles are then removed by the body’s own natural filtering system. How long will it take? The number of treatments needed depends on the size of the tattoo as well as its location, depth and colour. The One Step You Shouldn’t Miss in Your Skin Care Routine.

You can find several different skincare routines that you can review to determine which one might work best for you.

The One Step You Shouldn’t Miss in Your Skin Care Routine

There are 5 step routines, 7 step routines, 10 step routines and so on. Many of the skincare routines become more and more time consuming as steps are added. Sometimes you will have all the time necessary to do a complete skincare routine. At other times, you will need to modify the routine to fit that time that you can allow for the routine. There is, however, one step you shouldn’t miss in your skincare routine EVER! BB Cream, CC Cream or Foundation? If you walk down any beauty product aisle of any store, you will find a plethora of makeup products to choose to buy.

BB Cream, CC Cream or Foundation?

Other than price, the main concern you should have is the amount of coverage you get with the product you buy. Three main makeup covering products are foundation, CC cream, or BB Cream. Foundation provides the greatest amount of skin coverage out of all three products. Foundation can be in liquid or powder form. How To Find Your Skin Type And Care For It Properly. Temperature Extreme temperatures and changes between them can affect your skin type.

How To Find Your Skin Type And Care For It Properly

Cold temperatures tend to dry out the skin, while hot temperatures cause the skin to appear oilier and shinier due to excessive production of sweat and oil on the face. Further, heat and humidity is a known trigger for rosacea and sensitivity, promoting red, flushed skin. It’s appropriate to adjust your skincare according to season and weather. After all, you adjust your clothing in Winter and Summer. Skincare — GC Skin Boutique. Fat Freezing — GC Skin Boutique. Benefits of Targeted Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is among the newer alternative treatment methods that are gaining popularity among people living active lifestyles.

Benefits of Targeted Cryotherapy

It involves the use of liquid nitrogen as a means of kick-starting the natural healing process of the body. The concept of this treatment method is centuries old, though and is mainly used by professional athletes where using ice for healing purposes helps assist the body’s recovery process. Cryotherapy has modernised this concept and made it more mainstream. Nowadays, full-body and targeted cryotherapy is being endorsed by celebrities and sportsmen all over the world. In this article, we’ll take a look at the potential benefits that can be gained using targeted cryotherapy.

Pain Relief As its name suggests, targeted cryotherapy is focused on a particular part of the body. Muscle Recovery Aside from relieving pain, targeted cryotherapy has been used for accelerating muscle recovery after intense workout sessions. How Does Fat Freezing Work? Do you have deposits of fat on your hands, legs or abdomen that don’t disappear no matter how hard you exercise? What if you can freeze them and have them expelled from your body?

Yes, it is possible. You can do that now with the fat freezing technique. It can freeze the fat cells that have been annoying to displace from a particular area of the body. The frozen fat cells die out within a few months and are then removed from the body harmlessly. Basic Principle The idea of fat freezing comes from children. Get Glowing Holiday Skin With Dermaplaning. There are a number of skin-loving benefits that come with a dermaplane facial treatment. As the outermost layer of dead skin is removed, your pores will become unclogged and allow skincare products to sink right into your skin. Dermaplaning can also assist with reducing deep wrinkles, fine lines, scarring, and brightening dull skin, according to the Brazillian Plastic Surgeon Alessandra Haddad. Further, as old, damaged skin is removed, the skin is more capable of regenerating and replenishing itself.

Overall, the resulting smoothness from your dermaplane facial will leave your skin primed for further treatments and makeup application. Cosmetic Injectables — GC Skin Boutique. Healthy Summer Skin Essentials: How To Reduce The Appearance Of Wrinkles! — GC Skin Boutique. There are certain medications that can make your skin more sensitive to UV exposure. Some heart medications, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotic medications cause phototoxicity—this is a highly damaging side-effect that causes the death of skin cells. Acne treatments and medications will most often cause sensitivity to sun. Tretinoin usually takes form in topical acne treatments that help push new skin to the surface; this new skin is more prone to sunburn. Isotretinoin, or as it’s more commonly known, Roaccutane, is another acne medication.

While this medication is good for treating severe acne, because of the harsh chemicals, the skin on your face becomes very fragile and vulnerable. Laser treatments are an excellent way of reversing the damage caused by prolonged sun exposure, but they can also cause extra skin sensitivity for a brief period of time.

How to Care for a Sunburn – GC Skin Boutique. If you get exposed to the harmful UV light of the sun, your skin will get damaged. Sometimes the effects of sun exposure don’t show early. They manifest later on in the form of wrinkles and fine lines that slowly begin to develop on the face. However, if you expose your skin too long to the sun’s UV rays then you are going to get a sunburn. A sunburn is characterized by pinkish or reddened skin which is hot to the touch. You might feel itching, tenderness, and pain and also see some swelling as well as small fluid-filled blisters forming on the affected area.

Best Ways to Prevent Wrinkles. What is 3D Face Contouring? VISIA Skin Analysis — GC Skin Boutique. Dermal Filler Aftercare Tips. It seems like just about everyone has lip fillers today. Long gone are the days where celebrities and the elite were the key recipients of cosmetic procedures. Thanks to social media and cosmetic clinics popping up around every corner, competition amongst businesses have become more fierce with clinics offering promotions and deals year-round. Uncommon Places You Can Get Filler. Dermal fillers and beauty treatments have become the norm these days. People of all ages are making use of them to give their face the look they want.

The older generation also love fillers as they can help make them look young again while the newer generation views it as a real-life beauty filter. When these treatments were initially introduced, they were just meant to plump the face and remove the sign of aging skin. However, off late, people have started to ask for fillers in some unexpected places. Here is a look at some of the uncommon places where dermal fillers can be injected.

Ear Lobes Women love earrings. Hands Similar to the face, the hands are exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. Feet Did you know that you could have fillers injected in your feet too? Best Laser Hair Removal. What Are the Best Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated? Having dry skin makes you appear dull and old. Moreover, it is also one of the causes of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Thus, skin dryness is a big no-no for most women. Everything You Need To Know About Double Cleansing. Can Your Skincare Products Stop Working? HIFU - GC Skin Boutique — GC Skin Boutique. What is High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)? – GC Skin Boutique. How Does Laser Hair Removal Work? Top 10 Beauty Trends From The Past Decade — GC Skin Boutique. GC Skin Boutique Gold Coast.