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Panorama Education. Social Emotional Learning Toolkits - SEL Toolkits. Transformational education experiences depend upon a caring teacher coupled with a dynamic curriculum that engages students while promoting academic, social, and emotional growth.

Social Emotional Learning Toolkits - SEL Toolkits

Our unique toolkit provides detailed lesson plans with corresponding activity kits, aligned to Social and Emotional Learning Standards, so educators can smoothly facilitate thought-provoking, experiential lessons in every level. For successful implementation of the toolkit, training is required and we recommend two full days of professional learning. The Social Emotional Toolkit is designed to be a resource for teachers, counselors, school staff, and administrators who are focused on integrating social emotional learning with academic rigor. "The toolkit is going to make a huge difference for educators who get their hands on it! So many things that hold teachers back from addressing SEL in the classroom are made easy through this toolkit. " 4th Grade Teacher Find out more about the required TRAINING. Character Counts.


Character Counts

Offers a variety of outstanding professional development workshops. Dynamic CHARACTER COUNTS! Trainers deliver each of the following interactive professional development workshops in half- or full-day format. 6 pillars of character education - Búsqueda de Google. (814) Pinterest. 6 pillars of character education. E-Book: Good Ideas: 316 Lesson Plans (K-12) – CHARACTER COUNTS! Store. Item #50-2150-E Format: PDF (watermarked) Also available in Printed format Lesson plans from CHARACTER COUNTS!

E-Book: Good Ideas: 316 Lesson Plans (K-12) – CHARACTER COUNTS! Store

Can help infuse character education into your existing curriculum. Instead of scouring the internet for free lesson plans, this book provides 316 lesson plans for character education activities for your classroom or youth serving organization. View sample of Good Ideas This product is licensed as a non-exclusive, non-transferable, single (1) download digital license for use only as defined in our full terms and conditions specified here. Character Counts! App. Sample Way to Go Set C Middle School 081220.

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Curricular Resources

CHARACTER COUNTS! Offers a variety of curricular resources in our online store. Here are a few of our most popular items: The ESSENTIALS The ESSENTIALS is a research-based character development and leadership enhancement program designed for educators working with middle and high school-aged youth. Search Results for “kombat” – CHARACTER COUNTS! Store. Way To Go Journal. STEM Activity for 2nd Grade: Self-Identity Box. Orange County Library System. How to Maslow Before Bloom, All Day Long. “Maslow before Bloom”—we hear it all the time.

How to Maslow Before Bloom, All Day Long

The idea that educators should meet students’ basic needs for safety and belonging before turning to challenging academic tasks is one that guides the work of many schools. In this era of high-stakes testing and inflexible curricula, that’s not as easy to do as it sounds. The need to do 45 minutes of preplanned reading instruction, followed in lockstep by 45 minutes of math, leads many teachers, especially newer ones, to conclude that they simply don’t have the time to plan for brain breaks, or to check in with students regularly to make sure they’re feeling OK. Research indicates that’s a mistake, though. How to Maslow Before Bloom, All Day Long. 8 Pathways to Every Student's Success. This is the first in a series of nine posts on how teachers develop these internal abilities in the classroom.

Each month, we'll take a deeper dive into one of these eight compass attributes: Curiosity Curiosity is the ability to seek and acquire new knowledge, skills, and ways of understanding the world. It is at the heart of what motivates kids to learn and what keeps them learning throughout their lives. Curiosity facilitates engagement, critical thinking, and reasoning. HundrED. Movieclips. Breakout EDU Store – Breakout, Inc. Top Ten Ways to Increase Sales on TPT - Owens' Class Rules. Teachers Pay Teachers is a great way to earn a little extra money.

Top Ten Ways to Increase Sales on TPT - Owens' Class Rules

If you play your cards right, you can earn quite a bit of extra money. Are you ready to increase sales on your TPT products? Here are ten ways to help you get there: 1. More Products The more products you have, the more there will be for people to look at and search for. 2. No, I don’t mean go out and have drinks with friends. Go to your profile and under communication you will see a link to the seller’s forum. 3. Pinterest is my all time favorite way to increase sales of my products. 4. Pinterest group boards will help you reach more people. You can search by category, then sort by number of pins, collaborators, followers etc. 5.

You will want to make sure your products have great cover images. 6. Having a blog is a great way to promote your products and increase sales. You can start out on a free platform like Blogger or Weebly. 7. Consider #BLMAtSchool for KQED Youth Media Challenge! Webinar Registration. Create, Present and Share Engaging Multimedia Lessons.

5 Ways To Scale Your Idea To Impact The World, According To Two Entrepreneurs Who Have. While the concept of social business has become a trend among today's entrepreneurs, Erin Ganju, the cofounder and former CEO of Room to Read says it wasn't always that way.

5 Ways To Scale Your Idea To Impact The World, According To Two Entrepreneurs Who Have

Learning the ropes of social entrepreneurship through trial and error, Ganju is now committed to sharing the lessons she's learned along the way with others working to impact the world. Together with cofounders John Wood and Dinesh Shrestha, Ganju cofounded Room to Read in 2000, a global education nonprofit seeking to change the world by educating the world's children. For the past 18 years, Room to Read has grown to become the global nonprofit it is today, now operating in 15 countries. Today, the organization has helped more than 12.4 million children, worked with over 55,000 girls, trained 10,000 teachers and distributed more than 22 million books to children worldwide. And with a rap sheet as successful as that, there are certainly lessons to be learned from the organization's global success.

Now, Ganju and Dr.

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