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Abandoned Places: 10 Creepy, Beautiful Modern Ruins Abandoned Places | We humans are explorers by nature. The quest for discovery, both old and new, is part of what separates us from rest of the animal kingdom. Since the world we live in has been largely mapped and plotted, we urban adventurers turn our sights toward the relics of old and the ruins of the recent past. If you find beauty in urban decay, in the crumbling and abandoned places of yesteryear, you’ll want to read on. Abandoned Places: 10 Creepy, Beautiful Modern Ruins

Abandoned Places: 10 Creepy, Beautiful Modern Ruins

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Sleevage » Music, Art, Design.

Sleevage » Music, Art, Design. He topped Triple J’s Hottest 100 with his Thrift Shop tune which generated more than 68 million views to it’s film clip on Youtube. Yet, as uncool as it is to say, this is the first time I had heard of Macklemore or heard the song. The reason I’m posting it here on Sleevage is that Macklemore not only self published this album (smart move) but he also produced a video for the Deluxe Edition of his album. Which is found exclusively on his own store. The faux gator skin, gold foil and custom artworks for each of the 18 tracks shows that he means business. The end result doesn’t look that special when compared to some of the more outrageous boxsets around and the design looks fairly standard but we like the fact a video was made to explain the reason and showcase what you get.
Lovely Package® . The leading source for the very best that package design has to offer. East Van Vodka March 31, 2014 | 0 Comments Designed by Cause+Affect | Country: Canada “Odd Society Spirits is a small-batch craft distillery in the heart of East Vancouver and Cause+Affect was responsible for its entire brand including naming, logo, brand story and website as well as the distillery and tasting lounge interior design and individual product naming and packaging design along with copywriting. East Van Vodka is the first spirit distilled by Odd Society, which opened its doors for business on Powell Street at the foot of Commercial Drive in late October 2014.”

Lovely Package® . The leading source for the very best that package design has to offer.

With a hands on approach Ziesche Modern Apothecary is an exceptional bath and body products by Sherri Ziesche and designed by Noise 13. Click to read more Hovard recently launched Hudson Made Scullery Soap. A locally harvested soap made from all natural ingredients. - Package Design Blog - Package Design Blog
Posted by Ray | 4 Apr 2014 | Comments (0) The phrase "balloon chair" could mean any number of things, really, so h220430's take fits the bill as well as any of the possibilities (according to their website, the company takes its name from its birthday). If I understand the description correctly, the chair is mounted to the wall, as is its canopy of airless FRP (i.e. non-deflating) balloons, but this scarcely detracts from its visual effect. According to the Tokyo-based design studio, "if you sit in this chair, you'll be able to think positive thoughts even if you are feeling down." Core77 / industrial design magazine + resource / home

Core77 / industrial design magazine + resource / home

Yanko Design - Modern Industrial Design News

Yanko Design - Modern Industrial Design News

Ever wonder why there are different glasses for different wines? The idea is that each wine deserves its own type of glass to enhance its unique flavor, aroma and color. It’s an often overlooked part of the experience that every vino-enthusiast has come to appreciate. Inspired by this concept, the Doublet incorporates not one, but two of the more common types into one beautiful, seamless, stemless piece.
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Art-Information: Editorial Strategies, Text-based Formats, Publishing Contexts April 4th, 2014 Inside box for Aspen, #4, Marshall McLuhan & Quentin Fiore. Spring 1967, Roaring Fork Press, NYC ? Graphic Design daily selection ? Graphic Design daily selection

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today and tomorrow Keys Jacket March 14th, 2014 I’m fascinated by this jacket. Can’t explain why.
Getting to know; Elana Schlenker It’s no easy job finding someone who publishes great work under the description of ‘typographic smut’. But lucky for us, we managed to find someone who does – introducing, graphic design extraordinaire; Elana Schlenker. Aside from the smut, entitled ‘Gratuitous Type‘ Schlenker owns an outstanding book of work ranging from print to identity with pieces for digital also. As if that wasn’t enough already, way back when in 2013 Elana was added to Print magazine’s New Visual Artist list, a prestigious annual distinction that recognizes the industry’s top 20 creative talents under the age of 30. We sat down, over the internet mind to find out a little more on where it all began, and what’s coming up next. FormFiftyFive – Design inspiration from around the world

FormFiftyFive – Design inspiration from around the world


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