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NOD - News On Demand. Deeper. Hey, Digg is launching something new today!


Well, not exactly “new.” It’s something we built a few years ago as, only this new version is highly evolved, and better than ever. Today our journalistic startup got backed by The New York Times and Axel Springer — On Blendle. Less than six months ago we launched our journalism startup Blendle out of Utrecht in The Netherlands.

Today our journalistic startup got backed by The New York Times and Axel Springer — On Blendle

Today we are very excited to announce that we received $3,8 million in funding from The New York Times Company and German publishing powerhouse Axel Springer, to help our startup expand in Europe. At Blendle, we hate paywalls. They make us register at every newspaper or magazine we want to read. They make us pay monthly fees for entire websites, while there’s all kinds of stuff on there we don’t actually read.

And we have to visit all kinds of different websites to discover the journalism from print newspapers and magazines we like. Great journalism deserves a great reading experience. Blendle is great for discovering fantastic journalism. Nuzzel - News From Your Friends. Reverb App. Post Counterparties. Google Play Newsstand arrives on iOS to replace Currents. Google has finally unleashed its popular Newsstand content curation app on iOS devices.

Google Play Newsstand arrives on iOS to replace Currents

The Flipboard-like application, which has been available on Android since last November, allows users to pull together news articles and blog posts from their favourite online portals and access them in a single app. The launch of Newsstand, complete with Google’s new Material Design paint job, replaces the existing Currents app, which has received little attention from the firm of late. The superbly designed new application allows users to browse 'Topics' such as News, Business, Entertainment, Sports, Entertainment, Highlights and Technology, in neat scrolling, card-based interface. 5 Intriguing Things. 1.

5 Intriguing Things

What caffeine does for plants. "Caffeine evolved long before sleep-deprived humans became addicted to it, probably to defend the coffee plant against predators and for other benefits. For example, coffee leaves contain the highest levels of caffeine of any part of the plant, and when they fall on the soil they stop other plants from growing nearby. 'Caffeine also habituates pollinators and makes them want to come back for more, which is what it does to us, too,' says Victor Albert, a genome scientist at the University of Buffalo in New York, who co-led the sequencing effort.

" ( 2. The Most. Prismatic. Crowd Ignite - Igniting New Audiences! Amplify Your Content. Put Our Technology In Your Hands.

Amplify Your Content

You make great content. We help you promote it. Mike Langin Mike brings advanced security, coding, and infrastructure skillsets to ZergNet.

You make great content. We help you promote it.

He is responsible for managing developers, maintaining speed and security, and administering the servers and databases. Mike is a self taught programmer who took an early interest in both software and hardware security and scaling. Before founding ZergNet, Mike maintained over 15,000 domain names receiving millions of visitors a month. Taboola - Content you may like. Storify · Créez des histoires avec les réseaux sociaux. - Vous êtes le réd-en-chef. The Painless Way To Always Have Fresh Relevent Content On Your Website Or Blog... For free. Reverb App. Content Ads. Web discovery. Made simple. Gravity - Personalizing the Internet. Pugmarks: A smart context-aware reading assistant. DC Policy News. The Browser - Writing worth reading. The Feature. Pressformore, le journalisme collaboratif.

Faire travailler lecteurs et journalistes main dans la main pour traiter et concevoir l’information ?

Pressformore, le journalisme collaboratif

C’est le pari de Pressformore, un projet actuellement en quête de financements sur KissKissBankBank. Réinventez le journalisme: Pressformore présenté par Pressformore. Soyez lecteur-pionnier et aidez-nous à construire aujourd’hui le média de demain. Pressformore est un projet media voulant remettre le lecteur au centre de la création d’information. Nous désirons réinstaurer la confiance entre journalistes (professionnels ou citoyens) et lecteurs. Pour cela, nous construisons une plateforme web sur laquelle lecteurs et journalistes conçoivent ensemble l'information. Chacun est libre d'y proposer un sujet, de filtrer le contenu suivant ses goûts, de financer une enquête ou toute autre histoire qui raconte le monde. Pourquoi? Si vous vous intéressez à ce projet, c'est probablement que vous n'êtes pas sans savoir que le modèle traditionnel de la presse est en bout de course.

Du côté des lecteurs: * Les contenus sont souvent trop nombreux. . * Les sites d'information de qualité sont devenus payants. . * Les sites gratuits sont remplis de publicité et proposent un nombre invraisemblable d'informations souvent médiocres et rarement originales. Home. News360: Your personalized news reader app. Vellum: A reading layer for your Twitter feed ← nytlabs. Newspeg. Breaking News Application. Longreads: The best long-form stories on the web. Umano. Terra Incognita. NewsCube.pdf. West Space Journal. How balanced is your news? Balancer analyses your web browsing to show you the political slant of your reading history.

How balanced is your news?

Track180. The Accidental News Explorer - a news discovery app for iPhone. Newsmap. Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now. The Tweeted Times - personal newspaper generated from your Twitter account. L'Important : l'info par les réseaux sociaux. Trove: The best stories picked by people who share your interests. Newsvine. Read and curate essential news stories.

Building a business news aggrefilter. This February 10, Les Echos launches its business news aggrefilter.

Building a business news aggrefilter

For the French business media group, this is a way to gain critical working knowledge of the semantic web. Here is how we did it. An why. The site is called Les Echos 360 and is separate from our flagship site, the digital version of the French business daily Les Echos. As the newly coined word aggrefilter indicates, it is an aggregation and filtering system. My idea to build an aggrefilter goes back to… 2007. A year ago, as the head of digital at Les Echos, I reopened the case and pitched the idea to a couple of French computer scientists specialized in text-mining — a field that had vastly improved since I first looked at it. I believe a great media brand bearing a large sets of positive attributes (reliability, scope, depth of coverage) needs to generate an editorial footprint that goes far beyond its own production.

Where do we go from here? It took years for Techmeme to refine its algorithm. @filloux. Echos 360. Mediagazer. Techmeme. Memeorandum. Newstapes. Knight Talk: Marie-Catherine Beuth. Mobiles Republic. Orange : téléphones, forfaits, Internet, actualité, sport, video. World News. 2 hrs ago | Bellingham Herald Camilla's brother dies in US after head injury A June 24, 2010 photo showing Mark Shand, left, brother of The Duchess of Cornwall showing her an elephant sculpture titled Mr.

World News

Cameron as she is escorted around the Elephant Parade exhibition at Chelsea Hospital Gardens. Trending on the Topix Network. Youmag, votre revue de presse permanente de l’actualité. It's My News. News360: Your personalized news reader app. Reverb: Discover, Read, Share & Collect. Effortless, Personalized Discovery. Zite. Google currents / flux d'actu. Pulse. Feedly. Brief me. Brief me, le Flipboard à la française. La start-up Webwag vient de lancer « Brief me », un nouveau lecteur de médias et de réseaux sociaux. L’application permet de récupérer les flux auxquels vous êtes abonné (Facebook, Twitter, Google Redear) afin de les mouliner pour les présenter sur une interface cohérente et unifiée. Une recherche Google permet à l’utilisateur d’ajouter instantanément n’importe quelle source.

Brief me s’apparente donc largement au service proposé par Flipboard. Build engaged audiences through publishing by curation. Flipboard. How do you build a new worldwide source of quality journalism from the bottom up? How do you cover all the angles of an ever more complicated, interconnected world, and not go broke in the process? How do you deliver global journalism that is actually global? Our starting point was to break down that invisible wall of language that shuts off much of the world's best news coverage. Untitled.