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Telling Non-linear Stories with FOLD. Ulyces - éditeurs d'histoires vraies. News Deeply. Ebola Deeply, Covering the Crisis. - s'informer redevient facile. Here’s what happened to that world-record in journalism crowdfunding — De Correspondent. In November 2013, GigaOm’s Mathew Ingram reported on the Dutch journalism crowdfunding campaign which led to the founding of our publication, De Correspondent: It will be fascinating to watch De Correspondent, and see whether it can follow through on the incredible promise demonstrated by raising $1.7 million.

Here’s what happened to that world-record in journalism crowdfunding — De Correspondent

In the comments section, someone replied: I give this venture 8 months. Seen this movie before. News Deeply. The Marshall Project. Announcing Circa News 3 — Circa. Get it here: Before Circa News first launched in late 2012 we had a conversation with one of our investors Scott Belsky about some inspiration for what we thought Circa could be: “You guys are actually the President’s Daily Brief” Explaining further he suggested the President of the United States doesn’t need to read the news, he’s briefed on only the things that demand his attention.

Announcing Circa News 3 — Circa

L'actualité à l'épreuve des faits. Storyline: The owner’s manual. Welcome to Storyline.

Storyline: The owner’s manual

Here’s a quick guide. How we’ll cover stories Most of our stories will spring from big questions about American life, rather than traditional beats or breaking news. So rather than covering, say, health care — a topic so broad that it includes Obamacare, economics, the business of health care and wellness — we’ll be focusing on questions like “How is the Affordable Care Act changing us?” L'Équipe Explore / Le grand format version web. EX-CBC digital director on her new video startup. Today's Top Stories - FT Antenna.

Ulyces - éditeurs d'histoires vraies. How (and Why) We Made Twitter Reverb. (A recent Reverb visualization) Twitter and Periscopic talk about their process and goals Anybody who tells you that working with big data is straightforward is probably lying.

How (and Why) We Made Twitter Reverb

Often, what you’re trying to do is to filter it down, make it simpler and easier to deal with. The News Hub. We support free expression in real time As a contributor, you can publish whatever you like, whenever you like.

The News Hub

Our platform treats all contributors equally – whether you’re a professional photographer, an essayist, or a tweeter. We serve the public interest, not the agenda. Site Tour — Better Online Bookmarking! Pinboard is a personal archive for things you find online and don't want to forget.

Site Tour — Better Online Bookmarking!

The site has been around since July 2009 and has about 25,000 active users. Gold. Snail Mail. Kindle Unlimited - Unlimited Reading. Unlimited Listening. Any Device. Newspryng - quality investigative journalism, crowd-funded by donation. ShareWall. Grasswire - a real-time newsroom controlled by everyone. Ijsberg - Nouveau média d'actualité internationale. FOLD: Coming Soon. Contributoria - community funded, collaborative journalism. The Voice of Generation Y. Your Internet. Your Internet news. Little Bird. Le 1, chaque semaine, une question d’actualité, plusieurs regards. The Charta: Inform, Not Notify. The Charta: Inform, Not Notify. by The Charta.

The Charta reports on important issues and events.

The Charta: Inform, Not Notify. by The Charta

It isn’t exactly a news site, due to the very fact that we report on such things later than most media outlets. We will concentrate on the bigger picture, events that matter on the mid to long term. Syria Deeply, Covering the Crisis. The ProPublica Data Store. ProPublica is making available the datasets that power our data journalism.

The ProPublica Data Store

The raw data we received as the result of a FOIA request is available for free, and datasets that reflect substantial cleaning and processing by our staff are available for a one-time fee. Journalists and academic researchers can purchase premium datasets, and interested commercial users can contact us for pricing, by clicking the "Purchase" button on any dataset. What is Slate Plus? Editor David Plotz on Slate’s new membership program.

Slate doesn’t exist without its readers.

What is Slate Plus? Editor David Plotz on Slate’s new membership program.

That’s not a metaphor. Traditional magazines and newspapers are printed, bound, and distributed, whether or not anyone ever reads them. Hexagones - Révéler la France telle qu’elle est. Glass — Obsessed with the future of TV. Meet Deca, the latest journalism cooperative. Most freelance writers operate as lone wolves, pitching stories in a high-risk and increasingly lower reward field.

Meet Deca, the latest journalism cooperative

But a new co-op of nine journalists with pedigrees from The New Yorker, The Atlantic and other prestigious titles, and with nods from the Pulitzer Prize committee and the National Magazine Awards, has banded together to edit and promote each other's stories. Launching today, the project, called Deca, will also pool resources to meet the expenses of members' in-depth reporting. It takes its cue from photojournalists who popularized cooperatives in the 1940s and 1950s, an era of similar technological change but long predating the days when members could communicate through Skype, Gchat and email.

Deca will take more than good will and team spirit to succeed, said Marc Herman, a member who lives in Barcelona, Spain. Pocket sized news for iPhone. BuzzFeed. Upworthy: Things that matter. Pass 'em on. FiveThirtyEight. Vox. The Intercept. Vice. Le guide ultime de la connaissance.

Know More. Your News in Motion. Yahoo lance une application qui résume l'information automatiquement. L'application News Digest agrège deux fois par jours les informations à ne pas manquer sur Internet. Mais Yahoo investit aussi lourdement dans la production de contenus exclusifs. Yahoo! Poursuit son offensive pour rattraper son retard sur le mobile. Le groupe a présenté plusieurs innovations mardi lors du salon de l'électronique grand public de Las Vegas. Parmi lesquelles News Digest, une application pour ne rien louper de ce qui s'écrit sur le Web. Yahoo News Digest. Mashable. Medium.

Top Stories - Quartz. The Conversation: In-depth analysis, research, news and ideas from leading academics and researchers. ISSUU - You Publish. Storify · Créez des histoires avec les réseaux sociaux. Gavroche - Libérez votre accès à l'information. Notre offre. Au Fait, le magazine qui ralentit l’actualité. Rue89 Week-end, l'info qui fait waouh. Site d'information français d'actualités indépendant et participatif en ligne. The Information. ProPublica. Beacon - Fund great writers. Le Quatre Heures. Information Overload. Digital journalism has evolved to a point of paradox: we now have access to such an overwhelming amount of news that it’s actually become more difficult to understand current events.

IDEO New York developer Francis Tseng is—in his spare time—searching for a solution to the problem by exploring its root: the relationship between content and code. Tseng received a grant from the Knight Foundation to develop Argos*, an online news aggregation app that intelligently collects, summarizes and provides contextual information for news stories.

Having recently finished version 0.1.0, which he calls the first “complete-ish” release of Argos, Tseng spoke with veteran journalist and documentary filmmaker Jason Cohn about the role technology can play in our consumption—and comprehension—of the news. How would you describe to my mom, who just got her first smartphone, how Argos works and why it’s useful? The general processing flow of Argos Are journalists necessary anymore? Both. Exactly. Yes. Tech - Gravity.

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