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Kiev. Stumble. Articles. Home stuff. 15 фильмов, расширяющих сознание. Fun and games. Lifestyle change. The 11 Best Shopping Sites You’ve Never Heard Of. As you’re browsing Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr, trying to procrastinate from whatever pressing homework you probably should have done already, it’s common to come across a shopping site you’ve never heard of.

The 11 Best Shopping Sites You’ve Never Heard Of

How can you know if a particular site is legit? Who even has time to research to find out? Luckily, you have us at Her Campus to do it for you. We love online shopping just as much as (if not more than) the next girl, so when it comes to feeding our style addiction, we know how important it is to research and compare sites. If you’re tired to scrolling through your go-to sites and feel like you’re no longer digging what they have to offer, then it may be time to check out some new offerings. 1. Full of pretty, vintage-inspired dresses and tops, Ruche is an indie girl’s shopping heaven. 2. This NY-based retailer stocks flirty dresses and girly accessories, all at a collegiette-friendly price. 3.

Los Angeles retailer DailyLook offers a full styling experience for customers. 25 Websites that will make you a Genius. Websites Educational. 1.

25 Websites that will make you a Genius. Websites Educational

Khan Academy Have you ever wanted to pick up a subject you’re not well-versed in, but you didn’t have the money to invest in a college course? Khan Academy aims to provide education at the collegiate level for anyone who wants it. They provide resources for learning pretty much every subject out there, including math, science, history and more. As you learn, the platform will even assess your progress and help you gauge what you’ve learned. 2. This isn’t the first time I’ve recommended this language-teaching website (and app), and it certainly won’t be the last. 3.

Guitar is one of the few instruments out there that’s actually pretty easy to learn if you’re a little older, making it one of the most accessible instruments. 4. Founded by Michael Chu, Cooking for Engineers goes further than just providing recipes. 5. Or Nick the Dating Specialist is a website that wants to help guys be better dates. 6. 7. As much as I would love an education at MIT, that isn’t really in the cards.

185 Powerful Verbs That Will Make Your Resume Awesome. Led … Handled … Managed… Responsible for … Most resume bullet points start with the same words. Frankly, the same tired old words hiring managers have heard over and over—to the point where they’ve lost a lot of their meaning and don’t do much to show off your awesome accomplishments . So, let’s get a little more creative, shall we? .facebook_-747993135. Shanghai Tower (650 meters) 5 Skin Care Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make.

Posted on 11th Oct 2011 @ 11:38 PM Skin Care regimens can quickly get complicated and confusing when using multiple products. Be sure you are not making one of these five common mistakes that can make you look old before your time. 1.) Forgetting about Your Neck Most people think of the face when you mention anti-aging products, but neglecting your neck is a sure-fire way to show your age before you're ready. 2.)

In addition to topical creams and serums, the optimum anti-aging skin care regimen includes nourishing the skin from within. 3.) You've heard it many times before: no single product can do more to prevent the signs of aging than sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. 4.) Next to your face, your hands are probably the most visible parts of your body and will show the earliest signs of aging. 5.) Don't miss more Award-Winning Skin Care...

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Happiness May Be Different For Each Person. But There Is A Science Behind It We Can't Deny. Posted on January 28, 2014 / Sunny Skyz While true happiness may have a different definition to each of us, science can give us a glimpse at the underlying biological factors behind happiness.

Happiness May Be Different For Each Person. But There Is A Science Behind It We Can't Deny

From the food we eat to room temperature, there are thousands of factors that play a role in how our brains work and the moods that we are in. Understanding these factors can be helpful in achieving lasting happiness. Source: Hot On Sunny Skyz: Don’t date a girl who travels! — Better Humans.

She’s the one with the messy unkempt hair colored by the sun.

Don’t date a girl who travels! — Better Humans

Her skin is now far from fair like it once was. Not even sun kissed. It’s burnt with multiple tan lines, wounds and bites here and there. But for every flaw on her skin, she has an interesting story to tell. Starting Over.

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