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First open source D3D scanner from 3D Creations First open source D3D scanner from 3D Creations Jan.4, 2013 3D Creations, a Milwaukee-based reseller of affordable 3D printers and 3D scanners, is currently developing a low-cost open source 3D scanner - they named it D3D 3D scanner, to help businesses and consumers with measurement, quality control, reverse engineering and product design. In December 3D Creations demonstrated their first complete prototype of structured light 3D scanner at Milwaukee Makerspace. The scan results looked really good and the accuracy was excellent. (Images credit: 3D Creations) Check out the video below.
Unlock the Power of 3D Scanning Rapidform is Now 3D Systems Geomagic 3D Systems has consolidated its cutting-edge technology, leading tools and teams from Rapidform, Geomagic, Sensable and Alibre into one dynamic, unified group: Geomagic Solutions. Together, we deliver the most comprehensive, powerful offering of design, scan processing, quality inspection and freeform sculpting software. Learn More Unlock the Power of 3D Scanning
Origami – paper as prototype « pencils polymer & pixels
Silhouette electronic cutting machines can cut a wide variety of materials including paper, vinyl, cardstock, fabric, heat transfer material, and so much more. With the included Silhouette Studio® software, you're able to create and cut your own designs and use the fonts already installed on your computer. There are also tens of thousands of great designs available through the ever-growing Silhouette Online Store. Use the information below to determine which Silhouette is right for you. Silhouette Silhouette
Endless Chair design Endless Chair design febbraio 15th, 2011 by admin Endless from Dirk Vander Kooij on Vimeo. Cosa possiamo fare con un vecchio robot industriale in disuso?
3D Modeling with Your Hands Using an XBOX Kinect hack - SolidSmack Like you, there’s one thing I’ve always wanted… massive freaking shoulders. That, and a chest cavity deep enough for dips. The first may not be so far off. Leave it to Ethan Rublee and a group of researchers at Temple University’s Computer Fusion Laboratory to become captivated by the possibilities around the hands-free manipulation of the XBOX kinect. Here, they demonstrate how they’re shrouding math and engineering in cool tech to trick children into liking it whereby birthing a future race of disproportionate desk jockeys with giant meatball shoulders and atrophied legs. Sly, sly researchers. 3D Modeling with Your Hands Using an XBOX Kinect hack - SolidSmack
3D Printing Service i.materialise

3D Printing Service i.materialise

Valentine's Day: Show Some 3D Printed Love By Franky | January 13, 2014 The Holidays are over, you've kicked off the New Year and Valentine's Day is approaching. Time to put the spotlight on that special someone and show some 3D printed love.
Some say that pets are just like a member of the family, and never is that more true than when they struggle with their health. For Cyrano L. Catte II, his 9 years as a happy and healthy cat hit a snag when he was diagnosed with bone cancer in his left hind leg. Wanting the best for their feline friend, Cyrano’s family put him in the hands of innovative surgeons at North Carolina State University who, with the help of Materialise’s Mimics Innovation Suite, made Cyrano the first cat to receive a complete 3D Printed knee implant. Materialise: Driving Your Innovations

Materialise: Driving Your Innovations

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