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SUPORT e-Learning. Crowdsourcing Landscape – Discussion « Getting Results from Crowdsourcing. Click on the image to download a high-resolution version The Crowdsourcing Landscape is intended to be a starting point for conversation.

Crowdsourcing Landscape – Discussion « Getting Results from Crowdsourcing

This is Beta version 1.0 of the landscape. TEDxSanDiego - Joe Pine - Infinite Possibility.


AWS Project Management - Development Models. Waterfall model This model suggests a linear development technique where one phase must be completed before the next phase can start.

AWS Project Management - Development Models

Original planning covers the whole project. Customer must be involved early in the process. Assuming that all requirements can be defined up front becomes a major drawback . Some practitioners have introduced “iterative back steps” or “back pass”. Quei gemelli perfetti sconfitti da Zuckerberg. Stati Uniti Quei gemelli perfetti sconfitti da Zuckerberg Volevano più soldi per l'idea «rubata» di Facebook.

Quei gemelli perfetti sconfitti da Zuckerberg

Dopo il no della Corte puntano sulle Olimpiadi NEW YORK - Adesso per togliersi di dosso l'immagine di ragazzi già invecchiati - gentiluomini aristocratici un po' tontoloni, ligi a un antico codice d'onore - ai gemelli Winklevoss non rimane che una possibilità: conquistare un medaglia olimpica nel canottaggio, l'anno prossimo a Londra. L'altra opportunità di riscatto - trascinare di nuovo in tribunale Mark Zuckerberg, il nerd con cui si erano associati ad Harvard ai tempi della nascita di Facebook e da cui si sono sentiti raggirati - è tramontata l'altra sera quando un tribunale di San Francisco ha giudicato inammissibile il loro ricorso.

Assessing efficiency of your internal innovation bazaar. Bringing Inside: I read the paper “Bringing Silicon Valley inside” by Gary Hamel (HBR Sept-Oct 1999) after Prof.

Assessing efficiency of your internal innovation bazaar

Krishnan mentioned it in his talk last week on “Efficiency vs. Innovation” at k-community meeting. Hamel and Valikangas have presented an extension of this work in the paper “Internal Markets: Emerging governance structures for innovation”. In this article, I present my understanding of the idea presented in the paper and also a tool for assessing your “internal innovation market”.

Limitations of Hierarchy: After studying as if it is a giant organization with its own capital and resource allocation decisions, Hamel concludes that valley thrives on resource “attraction” rather than resource “allocation”. Logotel | making together. Osservatorio sulle imprese collaborative. Cultura, conoscenza, innovazione e comunicazione si incontrano dando vita alla partecipazione e alla creazione di reti.

Osservatorio sulle imprese collaborative

Questa è la Weconomy. Nel prossimo futuro, per cercare nuove opportunità diventerà essenziale recuperare le capacità di immaginazione e di passione collettiva. Questa economia del “nuovo e del possibile” è costituita da diverse “cellule” che interagiscono in un’ottica di complementarietà e di beneficio reciproco. IDEO's "Ten Faces" In Tom Kelly's latest book "The 10 Faces of Innovation" internal personas are used to help illustrate traits critical in building an innovation culture.

IDEO's "Ten Faces"

Here's how they break down: The Learning Personas Individuals and organizations need to constantly gather new sources of information in order to expand their knowledge and grow, so the first three personas are learning roles. These personas are driven by the idea that no matter how successful a company currently is, no one can afford to be complacent. Piccole imprese dipendenti dall'export. Focus Pmi (su dati Tagliacarne): vince chi si relaziona con l'estero Piccole imprese dipendenti dall'export L'osservatorio, nato da un network di professionisti, scommette sulle Reti per l'internazionalizzazione MILANO - Se il modello aggregativo sembra aver fatto proseliti anche in casa nostra permettendo la nascita di Rete Imprese Italia il prossimo passo è fare rete anche oltre-confine.

Piccole imprese dipendenti dall'export

Necessario. LS Lexjus Sinacta - LS Lexjus Sinacta. Technology Will Make Collaboration Your Next Competitive Advantage. Editor’s note: Today we begin a new monthly topic in Business Impact at Technology Review: Collaboration Tools.

Technology Will Make Collaboration Your Next Competitive Advantage

Powerful software and widespread Internet connectivity are making it easier than ever for people to work together no matter where they happen to be. Throughout March we will look at the latest tools for collaboration within and between organizations. We’ll analyze why some technology-enabled collaborations work and why others don’t.

Digital Habitats: stewarding technology for communities. What Value Is Crowdsourcing to Corporate Social Responsibility? [STATS] Weber Shandwick released new research Wednesday, suggesting that "the crowd" knows a thing or two when it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

What Value Is Crowdsourcing to Corporate Social Responsibility? [STATS]

The study, conducted last October by the PR firm's Social Impact speciality group in partnership with KRC Research, interviewed 216 executives from Fortune 200 companies involved with philanthropic or community outreach to determine the value of crowdsourcing and social media to CSR. While only 44% of the executives said they had used crowdsourcing to generate ideas and spur decision making, 95% of those reported that it had been valuable to their organization's CSR programming.

Crowdsourcing helped create new perspectives, new energy, build audience relationships and find new clients, the report claimed. Social media reversed that ratio with 72% saying they had used a social media service in regards to CSR, but only 59% believed that it had a positive impact on their communications with consumers.

Open Innovation Platform

Google I/O 2009 - Google Wave: Under the hood. Buy and sell of ideas. How it Works. Everything in one Place Selecting the right API for your business can be challenging.

How it Works

We allow you to explore groups of APIs so you can pick, choose, and compare APIs in one place. Tools for innovation. Features | Qontext – Enterprise 2.0, Social Software platform and Contextual Collaboration tools for Corporate users. Induct - The Open Innovation Community solution. A list of every #innovation #collaboration #CMS #ideamanagement tool - Chicago Social Networking.

Pretty ambitious title! The batch of Web 2.0 tools available to help companies embrace the concept of Enterprise 2.0 is myriad. As I’ve reviewed the various offerings I noted it was difficult to find a comprehensive list. So this is my attempt at assembling a definitive list of tools in this space. Innovation Portal - CogniStreamer® Goalpher - The Best Way to Accomplish Your Goals. Comprehensive Review of Collaboration Tools and Technologies. Unthinkable Consulting - Blog - Collaboration model #1: one-to-one. This model represents the smallest unit of collaboration: one-to-one. This isn't about crowdsourcing or everybody working together, or any other grand web design.

It's pretty much the base unit for all the other collaboration models, although the behaviour of the models changes drastically as they get bigger, more complex and take on more participants. We could almost call it 'making stuff with friends', as that is often how this model works out. It tends to build on human relationships that already exist, and enables the individuals involved to develop and create something almost as a by-product of their association, their friendship. Think of it as a conversation experienced through the development of a work.

Ohm Studio | Real-time collaborative music workstation. Ideas4all. Building The Global Brain. UML basics: An introduction to the Unified Modeling Language. Way back in the late twentieth century — 1997 to be exact — the Object Management Group (OMG) released the Unified Modeling Language (UML). One of the purposes of UML was to provide the development community with a stable and common design language that could be used to develop and build computer applications. UML brought forth a unified standard modeling notation that IT professionals had been wanting for years. Using UML, IT professionals could now read and disseminate system structure and design plans — just as construction workers have been doing for years with blueprints of buildings. It is now the twenty-first century — 2003 to be precise — and UML has gained traction in our profession. Open Innovation. Home. In December 2010 the Festo Engineering Network idea contest was launched. Since then the Festo Engineering Network community counts more than 200 members, almost 1700 pages of photovoltaic-related information are public, fifteen ideas have been posted and we gained a lot of insight into the interaction with our customers and partners.

As already announced the pilot project Festo Engineering Network is completed. Find Freelancers for Hire. Get Your Project Done. Find Freelancers. Find Work. Welcome to miiCard | miiCard (aka My Internet Identity Card) SmartRM | Home. SmartRM sharing | Video. -- Internet Journal of Emerging Medical Technologies. Co - Software. List of Ideas Ranking Idea Exchange gives a clear ranking of the ideas. The more shares bought in an idea, the higher its ranking will be.

Idea. Home | Kindling Idea Management. Idea+Managment+Guide+NOSCO+ecosystem-2000-2.jpg (1600×1001) Idea and Innovation Management Tool Roundup. FP7 : ICT. Analysis and interpretation | Innovation Mining. Flowr. Real-time Collaboration, knowledge exchange and smart information flow. Forrst is a community for developers and designers. IdeasWalk - Improvement and innovation ideas from the people. FIG - Find Invest Grow - Connecting great ideas with great people. Masterclass.pdf.

Hai un’idea? presentala a Storming Peeh'za - Potrebbe diventare impresa. 8 Tools For Easily Creating a Mobile Version of Your Website. Creativity, Design and Business performance. Flipboard Launches as the iPad’s Social Media Magazine. Microsoft Introduces Montage, a Magazine-Like, Topic-Based Web App. Projects | Fuse Labs. Project Emporia - Personalized News Recommendations. SocialGadgets | Projects | Fuse Labs. Project Emporia. WordPress Rolls Out New HTML5-Friendly Theme. La creatività non è di destra né di sinistra. 3 Tips for Managing Your Online Reputation. 8 Ways to Create Paperless Business Cards.

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Tool Store. Dell, Starbucks, and the marketplace of ideas. The Real Story About Mozilla Seabird Phone Concept. Concept Series » Blog Archive » Concept Series: Seabird – A Community-driven Mobile Phone Concept.