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Kaosat-dev/CoffeeSCad. Publish interactive 3D content online. Wings 3D. - your 3D online. Free 3D Models and Free CAD Models - SolidWorks AutoCAD Inventor - GrabCAD. LunchBox for Grasshopper. 2011: a massive year for personal fabrication software. The Best of the Blog 2011: Software 2011 was a year of big developments in mobile apps, web apps and cloud computing.

2011: a massive year for personal fabrication software

Again in no particular order, here are some of the highlights of 2011 in software… 1. Autodesk 123D 123D is notable here because of software giant Autodesk’s recognition of the maker community. Software. This software is a design software that allows users to interact with origami forms while altering the crease pattern of the model.


The software can keep: Developability (foldable from a piece of paper) Flat-foldability (foldable into a flat shape) Planarity of facets (paper do not twist in 3D form) Point coordinate coincidence Paper size Binary for (ver 0.2.5) For questions and discussions, please use this place History 2014/1/23 ver 0.2.5 Alpha Added global developability and flat-foldability for a mesh with hole (it may be still buggy). Fixed bugs in the crease pattern editing. 2013/11/20 ver 0.2.4 Alpha fixed bugs in the Add Ref Pts. Added convex boundary constraint Added Fold/Unfold Menu Added Tool->EqLen and Tool->EqAngle to add equal foldangle or lengths constraints to an edgegroup. Space Symmetry Structure. Kangaroo Physics. Online 3D Room Planner for interior design & space planning -