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Embossed Aluminum Pans. Infographics to Enrich Your Knowledge - Noupe Design Blog. Jan 27 2011 Over the past few years, social media networking sites have been growing rapidly — this is something we all might have obviously noticed already.

Infographics to Enrich Your Knowledge - Noupe Design Blog

The question is whether we’re aware of how many users there are out there across the world who cannot imagine their lives without their social media networks. Here is a collection of forty useful and appealing social media infographics that will enrich our knowledge, our lives and thoughts about the advantages and disadvantages of such networks. If you have found an infographic you’ve found useful, feel free to share it with us! Useful Social Media Infographics The Boom of Social Sites The explosion of social networking sites over the past decade has facilitated a transformation in the way we communicate with each other. Facebook’s World Facebook is the most dominant brand in the world of social media. Digg vs. Average Age of a Facebook User? How are Mobile Phones Changing Social Media? Facebook vs. Facebook vs. What the Tweet? (ik) WHERE ARE THEY NOW? What Happened To The People In Microsoft's Iconic 1978 Company Photo. News Office. Vint Cerf on IPv4 depletion: 'Who the hell knew how much address space we needed?'

LEGOLAND Star Wars Drops New Model Pics. January 24th, 2011 by Paul Strauss A couple of weeks back, we told you about the new Star Wars Miniland coming to LEGOLAND, but didn’t have many pictures to share.

LEGOLAND Star Wars Drops New Model Pics

Well, the guys at Lucasfilm just gave permission to release a bunch of new photos of the LEGO creations on their way to the theme park, and they look great. LEGOLAND California will be the first of three parks to launch the Star Wars Miniland, including six scenes from the movie series, and one from The Clone Wars, comprised of about 2,000 individual models and over 1.5 million bricks.

The pictures show the LEGOLAND staff unloading boxes filled with all sorts of goodies, including a giant Millennium Falcon, an AT-AT, an X-Wing Fighter, along with other smaller characters like an AT-ST and R2-D2. Here’s a little video showing off the delicate flight of the Falcon as it makes its way to the model shop for final assembly, along with some other juicy LEGO treats. Fuji ForgeGuard Labels Hide Images the Naked Eye Can't See. Your beautiful eyes on the Behance Network. The History of Car Logos. Christian Faur. 23-Foot LEGO Aircraft Carrier. What is a Ph.D.? Reflect – the non-fogging mirror and showerhead. If you’re a guy who shaves in the shower, you no doubt know the frustration of trying to keep your shaving mirror fog-free.

Reflect – the non-fogging mirror and showerhead

In some bathrooms, even just the installation of such a mirror can be tricky, as can positioning yourself to use it. Squarely addressing these conundrums is the Reflect, a combination showerhead and non-fogging mirror. The Reflect has a flat, square reflective front surface. The top part acts as the mirror, while the water sprays out of five rows of holes in the bottom. To get to those holes, the hot water has to first travel through the top section, thus warming it up and keeping condensation from forming. The Reflect will reportedly be available later this month, at a price of US$295. Via Cool Hunting. About the Author Post a CommentRelated Articles Just enter your friends and your email address into the form below For multiple addresses, separate each with a comma Privacy is safe with us because we have a strict privacy policy. World Record Panorama of London. Online : Giant fretwork Declaration of Independence took 10 years.