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What Do Real Estate Attorneys Actually Do? | Acain Corp. Law plays a crucial role in every activity, from divorcing from a spouse to buying a house, and lawyers play a major role in upholding the laws. Lawyers’ jobs vary noticeably depending on their field of specialization, being one major area of law practice real estate law. Lawyer specialized in this area are called real estate attorneys. Anyone venturing into real estate should be wise to get the services of a specialized attorney. Some of the duties of a real estate attorney include: Offer legal advice on property management. Proof of title. They review and prepare all real estate documents. The lawyer also files liens and drafts deeds while ensuring there are no liens, easements or covenants against the property. Advise on zoning restrictions and violations. Help on covenants and value estimates. Manage deed problems. Help to solve disputes over trespass, encroachment, injuries and boundaries.

Preparing files for income and real estate taxes returns. Help the client to pay off debts. Tips To Choosing A Real Estate Attorney | SBF-Agency. Real estate attorneys know in detail and the laws concerning real estate transactions particularly in the states they practice. People buying commercial or residential real estate may require the services of a real estate attorney when the transaction is high profile, involves a large sum of money or need additional counseling. Only a few states require the participation of attorneys in any real estate transaction, so hiring one is usually a matter of decision. Some real estate attorneys work mainly with residential home buyers, other with commercial real estate ones, and others with landlords whose goal is to rent buildings.

Despite not being legally mandatory –in some cases- to hire an attorney, purchasing a property is one of the biggest investments someone can make. The process is long, involves loans, paperwork, negotiations, and contracts, so hiring a real estate attorney is always the best you can do. But, how to choose the right lawyer? -Do not delay the decision. Why You Need an Experienced Lawyer in Staten Island to Make a Will – Marketing With Miles. It isn’t unusual for people to have the same attorney who handles all of their legal issues to help them with their will. Although the purpose of the will may seem simple to you at the time, there are actually many laws that can come into play in carrying out your wishes.

Frank Savona is a lawyer in Staten Island who explains that “A will is your legacy carved into stone with the power of the law – but only if the document is prepared properly by and experienced attorney.” We all hope to live to a ripe old age and enjoy the fruits of our labors during our retirement years. For those of us who are successful at accumulating multiple assets, we have clear and distinct wishes for what will happen to our assets once we are gone. To ensure that your wishes are carried out and your loved ones provided for in the ways that you have planned, you need to have a carefully prepared will that reflects every aspect of what you own and what you want to happen to it. At What Age Should I Have a Will? Reasons You Might Need a Real Estate Lawyer in Staten Island – Industry Directions. People who live on Staten Island tend to love the environment and the details that set it apart from the rest of New York City.

It’s the quieter, somewhat forgotten borough where there are still some green areas that make it a good place for families. If you decide to become a Staten Island resident, there are a number of things you will need to know about the area and the house-buying process for the smoothest transaction. Attorney at Law Frank Savona advises new buyers “Never to sign a contract or enter into a mortgage agreement without talking to an experienced real estate lawyer in Staten Island who can advise you on what to avoid.

Real Estate Agent vs Real Estate Lawyer Potential home buyers should never confuse the need for a good real estate agent with that for a real estate lawyer in Staten Island who understands the legal aspects of the house-buying process. Both of these professionals will play an important role. The Legal Aspect of Home Ownership after the Fact. What Roles A Legal Advisor Plays - When Notes Fly. All lawyers dispense with advice to their clients, as this is one of their professional duties and their primary responsibility. They advise their clients based on their situation as well as the circumstances regarding the case and what are the possible consequences that the client will need to face for each course of action that is being contemplated by the client.

The lawyers are bound by ethical rules when they inform the client of the different possibilities and when they are dispensing advice to their clients. However, there is more to just advice being given by lawyers, the term legal advisors refers to not only the above scenarios and situations but this term refers to specific lawyers who do not work in law firms but rather they are attached to and work with organizations, agencies, associations as well as corporations.

These lawyers are approached as they are experts in the legal specialties of the field of work of the organization they have a tie up with or are employed by. Why Hire A Staten Island Lawyer for your Business | Solutions Innovative-How You Do Business.

Many times you suffer in silence for the unfair treatment meted to you when you are involved in a court case. If you do not get rid of the resulting grief and grudge by making an attempt to get justice exercising your rights, it could drive you to the point where you take laws into your hands and do the unthinkable- commit grisly murders or misdirect the anger and vent the spleen on someone else or yet accept the unfair treatment as a norm so you are comfortable meting the same treatment to others as you would think after all you were treated the same way. All of these are inimical and are a threat to peace and order in the society. So you need to take responsibility by stemming the tide of the ill emotions and seeking redress where you have been unfairly treated. Frank Savona is an experienced Staten Island lawyer Providing Quality Legal Service that returns optimal results.

How to Find a Staten Island Lawyer Contacting a business law lawyer is not rocket science. Need-to Know Details About Contract Law | Kuwanna. Businesses of all sizes and types rely on contracts to maintain their relationships with other companies on whose products and services they rely. As the scope of businesses has expanded and many relationships have become global, contracts outlining the interactions between various entities have become increasingly complex. The best way to avoid disputes that can interfere with business at every level is to start with a carefully crafted document by a contract attorney who has in-depth knowledge of contract law. Small business owners may overlook the need for binding contracts because of the smaller scale on which they work. Staten Island Lawyer Frank Savona explains that, in fact, the opposite may be true.

Issues that may be minor to a large organization may be detrimental to a small or new business. Contracts Based on Past Behavior In addition to written and verbal contracts, there may also be those that are based on the behaviors you have shared with other parties in the past. A Look At Real Estate Law | The Discovery Blog. One of the biggest concerns a potential home buyer faces is whether they are really getting the quality of home that they see listed on the documents. In most states, the seller is legally required to disclose facts that might influence your decision to buy. Leaky roofs, a faulty sewage system, or structural damage are examples of facts that should be disclosed before the sale is made.

However, there may be issues that the current owner is not aware of. Staten Island attorney Frank Savona recommends paying for a property inspection by a private entity before you take the agreement at face value. The Title If you are going to be the sole owner of the home, deciding on how to title it will be simple. Buying a Condo Some people like the idea of living in a condominium because there is less maintenance than with a house. In addition to the fees, there are also rules that each condo owner must abide by. The insurance on the exterior of the condo is usually provided by the condo association. The Legal Side Of Real Estate Transactions. Purchasing a new home can be a long, complex experience. It starts by determining your budget, what type of neighborhood you want to live in, and the features that matter most to you in home.

Most people will look at a lot of listings before they find the perfect match and make an offer. Once the agreement to buy has been made, there is financing to take care of and for those who are buying a condominium, there are contracts to be signed. Once the complex process is over and you are the owner of a new home, that is when you have the greatest potential to run into legal issues based on the documents you have already signedwithout the guidance of a real estate attorney.

Attorney Frank Savona recommends always getting the advice of someone like him who has reviewed thousands of real estate agreements to avoid the baggage that new homes often come with. Titling the home and getting title insurance are some other things to consider. Rent to Own Commercial Transactions. What Every Business Owner Should Know About Contract Law - Management-Ideas. New York contract attorney, Frank Savona, explains that contracts are complex documents requiring an experienced eye to review the details of any document to prevent unforeseen consequences from arising in the future.

Negotiating the terms of a contract in the beginning can save time, money, and negative feelings towards companies that you need to work with on an ongoing basis. The language of law is a complex one and its creation and interpretation is best left to the professionals who spend their careers immersed in its practice. The length of those careers and the success of their legal efforts should also be taken into consideration. Think of the value of a contract as being equal to the value of your business.

Making a Contract Binding The most important detail of a contract is that all parties signing it understand the meaning of the terms outlined and they agree to them. Under some circumstances, a verbal agreement is considered a binding contract. Never Sign a Standard Agreement. Take A Dip On The Legal Side. Vacations may sure be fun and exciting especially if you’re with your family or your clique. Did you know that aside from the busy and urbanized environment of New York City lies a vacation hotspot that you can enjoy? Yes, you read that right! Beyond the grueling streets, noisy vehicles, and busy people of New York City is a serene and captivating place that provides different tourist activities and attractions.

Staten Island is situated at the southwest most part of the main city. A busy life of pure work and no play is kind of boring. You’re not into museums? There are definitely lots of things to do in this wonderful city. Having law cases filed during a vacation is not a common attraction. What To Look For In A Staten Island Attorney | Cometao. What To Look For In A Staten Island Attorney There are many types of legal disputes that arise between people and businesses. When they do, each side usually hires an attorney to represent them and goes to court to get a settlement. For many people, hiring the best Staten Island attorney to represent them in court means finding one who has a reputation for being aggressive. This is especially true when there is a lot riding on the outcome. They want someone who is a real go-getter and doesn’t take “no” for an answer.

They want to win their case and they need someone who is prepared to do just that at any cost. Hiring an attorney based on their reputation for being an aggressive litigator could be one of the most costly mistakes you have ever made. Areas of Specialty and Experience There was a time when attorneys were not allowed to claim to be specialists in certain areas of the law. Each area of the law has laws that apply to specific situations and these may differ from state-to-state. Reasons You Need a Lawyer to Buy or Sell Property | Finance and ideas. A home is one of the largest purchases most people make during their lifetime. As exciting as it can be to purchase your first home, there is also the potential for lots of problems that could pop up in the form of legal disputes.

Although most people don’t think about getting a lawyer when they purchase a home, this practice could be a preventive step that will stop trouble before it happens. The same is true for commercial property purchasers who are buying commercial space for their own use or to rent out to other businesses. Every detail of the transaction should be reviewed before any agreement is signed. The Importance of a Title Review A title may not be as black and white as it appears. The Complexity of Condo Agreements The reason that purchasing condominiums can be so complex is that there are many conditions and provisions that apply on the part of the purchaser and the seller.

As-Is Purchases. Important Legal Services You May Need From An Attorney In Staten Island by Robert F. By Robert F. Read My Articles, Learn More... Many of the agreements and interactions we make in everyday life have strong legal aspects attached to them. If you are buying or selling a home in Staten Island, you will want to contact an attorney in Staten Island before you sign any contract, take on a mortgage, or accept the terms offered by the other party. Contracts are also used between businesses and their clients or business-to-business to outline the specifics of what each party will provide to the other and under what conditions.

Some are much more complex than others and no contract should be signed without the complete understanding of what the obligations will be to the signee. Your Last Will and Testament It is amazing at the number of people who fail to take the time out of their schedule to have a will created to protect their loved ones when they are no longer able to care for them. Risk Analysis and Assessment The Documents We Live and Work By About Robert F. Comments. 3 Major Reasons You Should Hire A Real Estate Lawyer | Meet Me Down Town - Write & Read! Everyone knows that purchasing their home is more than likely going to be the most expensive thing they do in the life. Legal consequences can ensue if mistakes or oversights are made during the purchasing process, and can cost you a lot in the long run if you’re not careful. If you are still debating whether you should hire a real estate lawyer, the following reasons are why you should say yes: Contracts You need a lawyer to review the contract for you.

You need this done before you make a purchase, especially if you are buying your first home or commercial property. Property Transfers When a deed is not properly transferred it could potentially trigger the buyer and/or seller to incur costs. Lessen the Risk Everyone says it’s ok to take risks in life, but real estate is an area you do not want to take the risk if you don’t have to. You are not required by law to hire a real estate lawyer.