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LMJ International

The consistent export excellence of the company has been recognized by the Government of India when the Ministry of Commerce conferred it the status of a Star Trading House (formerly a Four Star Export House). Several other awards instituted by the Ministry of Commerce as well as other trade bodies like APEDA; Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO) followed this special honour.

Pulses, Beans Exporter & Importer. LMJ International Limited is a leading exporter of all varieties of Pulses & Beans in bulk & PP Bags packing. We are dealing in the following types of pulses and its by products:- • Lentil (Masoor) – Black/Red/Split • Gram (Chana) – Whole and Split • Pigeon Pea (Toor) – Whole and Split • Green Gram (Moong) – Whole and Split • Black Gram (Urad) – Whole and Split • Beans (Red Kidney, Black, Speckled, White) • Chick Peas (Kabuli Chana) We have processing unit for pulses for sorting, grading and packaging to meet fine export quality standards. We are the importers of all types of pulses like peas from Canada, Chick Peas from Australia, Iran, Turkey etc. to meet the requirements of Indian market.

The imported pulses are also being re-exported to various countries after being processed in our mills having ultra modern techniques. Leading Exporter of Sorghum. LMJ International Limited. In compliance with the Government policies along with supply and demand situation, LMJ International imports and exports a variety of strategic commodities.

LMJ International Limited

Coking Coal: India which is the fourth largest steel producer accounting for 5% of the world’s crude steel output is also the fourth biggest importer of metallurgical coal. It imported nearly 30-32 million MT in 2012. Met Coal is purchased entirely by state owned mills, private mills and coke makers from Australia, USA , Canada, Mozambique & Russia. LMJ nearly imports 2, 00,000 MT of coal every year to cater various steel mills and coke producers in the Eastern India.Thermal Coal: India is the third largest producer of coal with 588 million MT production in 2012. Today’s scenario is such that the domestic production is insufficient to cover the country’s fast growing needs-both for electric power producers and steel manufacturers. LMJ Group (@grouplmj) Agro Commodity Exporters & Importer – LMJ International. Photos du journal - LMJ International Ltd. #LMJInternational limited is one of the... - LMJ International Ltd.

LMJ International - Agro Commodities... - LMJ International Ltd. Coffee Exporters & Importers. COFFEE: “We make serious coffee – so strong it wakes up even your neighbours.”

Coffee Exporters & Importers

Our Coffee division was established in the year 1986 presently having coffee plantations in Coorg District in Karnataka, is known for the best quality of coffee grown in the country. The plantations are ably supported by curing facilities at Kushalnagar with 20,000 MT PA capacity. Coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world and India is one of the very few countries to produce both Arabica and Robusta coffee. Grown mainly in the southern part of the country, Indian coffee has a growing international reputation. To create a perfect cup of coffee, we grow it, pluck it and process it for you.

We take utmost attention while preparing the finest coffee, since, it is no longer a humble bean of indistinct origin and deserves to be vowed as gourmet coffee in the discerning cups making us amongst major coffee traders with annual global sales of about US$ 25 million. Tea Exporters & Importers. To ensure an invigorating cup of the noblest quality, our master hands are working right from its plantation to the final aroma.

Tea Exporters & Importers

LMJ took over Octavius Group and Industries Limited-one of the proudest names in the Indian Tea History. The company owns the finest gardens in the Dooars-Sylee and Nya Sylee Tea Estates, West Bengal spread across 2400 hectares (area under tea plantation) have an annual yield of 2 million kgs of tea. The company possesses an independent set up of HACCP and ISO22000:2005 certified processing and packaging units. Freshly plucked leaves are brought to the factories situated at our gardens, for processing into “CTC leaf” and “Dust Tea”.

To give you the best, we make sure that every step involved in the tea making process is done to perfection. Plucking: Proper plucking of our Tea leaves is as unique as its flavour. Withering: As known, in planter’s perception, “Withering makes or mars the tea”. Rice Exporters & Importers. RICE: “Our practiced hands create the perfect rice.”

Rice Exporters & Importers

LMJ supplies finest varieties of Indian Rice both Basmati and Non-Basmati in its own as well as buyer’s brand and packaging, in bulk and variety of consumer packs. It has rice processing plants in the cities of Panipat, Delhi, Visakhapatnam, Kakinada and Kandla. Technologically advanced machinery are used for each sequenced step in the conversion process and collectively, these processing plants have a processing capacity of 1500 tons per day. To get the perfect quality of Rice: Good quality paddy is used with the right moisture content (14%) and high purity.Mixing of different varieties of paddy is avoided as these results in degraded quality of rice.Rice mills are kept clean and well maintained.

The by-products generated at the different stages of rice milling like rice hulls or husk, rice bran, and brewer’s rice are also products we deal in. Agro Commodity Exporters & Importer – LMJ International.