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South African HEADS of government - Google Cultural Institute South African History in the 20th Century was dominated by the rise and fall of apartheid, a form of government based on racial classification that placed power and privilege in the hands of a small minority of people of European descent and disenfranchised the large majority of the nation’s population who are of African descent. The bitterness of two Anglo-Boer wars, fought between the British and Afrikaners (White South Africans primarily of Dutch descent) provided soil within which the Afrikaner nationalist ideology of apartheid could grow. In the tussle between Afrikaner and English South Africans, it was ultimately, South Africans of colour who lost out. South African HEADS of government - Google Cultural Institute
Strobe Digital — we make sites and apps for web and mobile We'll give you a quick rundown. At Strobe’s core are three good friends, Dave Mcpoland, Joe Critchley & Chris Hale. One day, we decided to combine our experience, creativity and knowledge, to become the unstoppable force that the world needed. Dave Mcpoland Dave (aka Mac) is the baldest member of Strobe. After many years in the industry, his eye for design and user experience is integral to helping create the perfect online experience. Strobe Digital — we make sites and apps for web and mobile
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Bartle Bogle Hegarty | When the world zigs, zag | New York Bartle Bogle Hegarty | When the world zigs, zag | New York Johnnie Walker has launched a new global 'Keep Walking' integrated campaign fronted by its latest 'From the Future' spot via BBH London. This week marks the launch of major new brand work for Johnnie Walker globally and the evolution of our iconic "Keep Walking" campaign. The integrated campaign kicked off with a social content platform, #NextStep, which sees Johnnie Walker filtering the web to provide a globally curated feed of content; a service designed to inspire our communities and help them move forward on a daily basis. At the centre of the campaign is our new brand film, 'From the Future', written by Nick Gill and directed by Fredrik Bond, which marks a step change in the tone, look and feel of the Johnnie Walker brand, in a bold move to refresh and modernise its communications and make it more relevant to progressively minded drinkers around the world.
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What better time to discuss the shelf life of a website than as I contemplate creating a new one for myself. This website is about two years old and I’m rather bored of it by now. My first website actually hung around for almost four years before that. I would normally tell someone that three years seems like a good lifespan for a website and by the end of that time technology has made some nice strides and it’s smart to start fresh. If you just spent a fortune on a new website this might seem too soon and I imagine depending on the scale of the project you can make that assessment. I have some earlier clients who have not redone their website in 8+ years. Design { honors } Design { honors }
DESIGN INC. | Brand Strategy + Graphic Design + Identity + Packaging in Vancouver, Canada Vancouver, BC (September 20, 2011) – With 12 years of success and over 100 SKUs of premium pet food sold nationally and internationally, Petcurean Pet Nutrition looked to Subplot Design Inc. to take the brand to the next level and to elevate its identity and consumer packaging. Along with unveiling 6 brand new SKUs, Petcurean’s new corporate identity and NOW FRESH and GO! packaging launched at SuperZoo 2011 in Las Vegas last week. view Petcurean Identity view GO! Packaging view NOW FRESH Packaging Petcurean Pet Nutrition was founded in 1999 as a small start-up company, based on a unique concept that utilizes concentrated forms of meat and human grade ingredients to formulate a pet food that replicates what families enjoy at home every day. DESIGN INC. | Brand Strategy + Graphic Design + Identity + Packaging in Vancouver, Canada
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My name is Yannick Macheret. I’am a young 18 years old multimedia designer living and working in Fribourg (Switzerland). Actually I'm Studying at EikonEMF, the school of visual communication of Fribourg. I am currently looking for an internship. I realise websites, posters, flyers, video, photography and other things. Yannick Macheret | Portfolio Yannick Macheret | Portfolio