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Florence museum card update and comparison. This post illustrates the two main museum discount cards available in Florence.

Florence museum card update and comparison

The information is up to date (October 2011) and replaces information I published already when the card was first announced and when it first came out. (Update Feb 2014: the price of the card has changed, it is now 72€ for 72 museums over 72 hours.) Your options are: The Firenze Card for 3 days that costs 50 72 euros and gets you into almost all museums in Florence; or the Amici degli Uffizi card that lasts a calendar year, costs 60 euros for adults, and includes only state museums. Firenze card features I was at first critical of the Firenze Card because 50 euros seems a high price to pay for only three days. The Firenze Card was a gamble on the part of the city. Amici degli Uffizi card features I have listed this before, but repeat it here. Florence Museum Pass. Trailing most other museum-intensive cities, Florence finally has two competing museum cards.

Florence Museum Pass

And before too many more months pass, I promised myself that I would perform an analysis of the relative worth of the Firenze Card and the Amici degli Uffizi Card, which if you click on the foregoing links you will have a chance to read, in detail, about both cards. Full Disclosure: I am not good at math. (My sister got those genes from our father. I got our mother’s.) Michelangelo's David at the Accademia Gallery Our Mission. Florence Museum card. Since 2011, Florence has an integrated museum pass called the FIRENZE CARD: - it allows (for one person) admission to the city’s major museums, villas and historical gardens - it grants a visit to permanent collections, temporary exhibitions and other activities held in these museums - it authorizes the use of public transport, free of charge And, if this is not enough, it includes more benefits … … Firenze Card also means: no queues and reservation requirements, free access to museums and public transport for EU citizens under 18 years old (member of the same family as the Card holder), an updated information kit on each participating museum.

Florence Museum card

The Card costs 72 euro and lasts 72 hours/3 days from its first use (meaning: first visit to a museum). The Card. Florence, Italy 3-day Itinerary: Art, Culture & Off the beaten track. Day 1 Overview Day 1 Overview: This first day is planned in order to give you a sense of the layout of the city and elements of it that were constructed around 1290-1350, the late Middle Ages.

Florence, Italy 3-day Itinerary: Art, Culture & Off the beaten track

Florence is always referred to as a “Renaissance city”, and it is famous for its paintings and architecture of that period, but actually its richest moment was at the beginning of the 14th century, and that’s when most of the large building projects were begun. For this reason, Day 1 includes churches, piazze (the plural of piazza, open space), and streets, but not major museums. What one sees inside museums was taken out of these spaces, so let’s first meet the city itself. The map for day one pasted here can be accessed online at - save this map to your smartphone for use while traveling!

Firenze - Italy - Free WiFi Spots. More and more small, independent Cafes and Restaurants are providing free WiFi hotspots.

Firenze - Italy - Free WiFi Spots

Please check the map below for Cafes with free Wi-Fi in Firenze, Italy. You can get Free WiFi Cafe Spots also as an Android, BlackBerry, iPhone or iPad app which stores the location of the Wi-Fi hotspots on your phone, so that you can also find them when you travel and do not have internet access. You can get the address of all cafes near your current GPS location or select a City / Neighborhood by name or Postal Code (Screenshots).

Highway toll Italy. In Italy, as well as in neighboring countries, drivers are forced to pay for use of expressways tolls.

Highway toll Italy

Toll charges are in Italy, like France, Spain and Croatia collected at toll gates and so when traveling to these countries do not need to hunt or buy a valid vignette. Payment for use of motorways in Italy in southern Europe, the most popular toll gates, where drivers pay the transit fee directly proportional to the distance offended by this type of communication. The amount of toll charges in this country reaches average values of 5.5 euros per 100 km which is due to charge prices in neighboring countries is relatively friendly. Slow Travel - Driving in Italy, traffic cameras, speeding, ZTL limited traffic zones. > SlowTrav > Italy > Instructions for Visitors > Driving Jane Parker (Jane) Be aware of traffic cameras in the Chianti and Florence (Firenze)!

Slow Travel - Driving in Italy, traffic cameras, speeding, ZTL limited traffic zones

Driving in the Chianti can be fun and easy. Narrow two lane roads wind through vineyards, forest areas, stretches of patchwork fields and charming towns. It is easy to be lulled by all of this and forget that there are traffic and speed laws to be followed. Traffic Cameras on the Roads In much of Tuscany and increasingly in more areas of Italy, it is common to have roadside cameras that clock your speed and license number. To assist you in staying within limits are grey camera boxes along the side of roads, including on the motorways. Speed Limits. Driving - Slow Travel Photo Gallery.

Itinerary for 4 Days in Florence. By Jessica | March 15th, 2010 This is a stop on my perfect itinerary for Italy – if you’ve been following along, you’ve already spend 2 days in Venice and 2 days in the Cinque Terre.

Itinerary for 4 Days in Florence

Free Things to Do in Florence. Useful links for guests in Florence. 6 of the Best Places to Eat in Florence. By Jessica | November 14th, 2011 I love hearing from people who have information to share about eating in Italy – especially if it comes in the form of a list packed with practical stuff like addresses that can be printed out and brought on a trip.

6 of the Best Places to Eat in Florence

Enter Beth Smedinghoff, who sent me this list of some of her favorite places to eat in Florence. Thanks, Beth! Choosing where to eat in a country as passionate about food as Italy can be nothing short of overwhelming. There is so much to eat and so little time, so where do you start? If you find yourself in Florence, make the most of your dining experience by trying some of the top eats in Firenze. Key to Price Notes: € = €10 or less €€ = €10-15 €€€ = €15+Price estimate includes one course & beverage, plus coperto Gelateria Santa Trinita When it comes to gelato it’s all about Gelateria Santa Trinita. Location: Piazza Frescobaldi, 11-12/r (Ponte Santa Trinita)Phone: +39 055 2381130Price: € Acqua al Due Trattoria Dante ZaZa Trattoria 13 Gobbi Oil Shoppe. Florence Attractions: Check out 415 things to do in Florence with 19,716 reviews.