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Dental Bridge Calgary. Tooth Crown Calgary. Dental Office Calgary. Teeth Whitening Calgary. Tooth Extraction Calgary. Tooth Extraction As a part of our practice we offer dental extractions to our patients.

Tooth Extraction Calgary

Many people automatically assume that once they get a tooth ache, the tooth must be pulled but there may be options to help you keep the tooth. As part of a healthy mouth we want you to keep as many of your natural teeth as you can, if we are able to save your tooth we will do so. Of course, there are cases where teeth need to be extracted and that is the only option. Root Canal Treatment Calgary. Dental Implants Calgary. Invisalign Calgary NW. Invisalign treatment is an alternative to traditional metal braces which are used to move and straighten teeth.

Invisalign Calgary NW

Traditional metal braces consist of metal brackets placed on majority of the teeth with a metal wire to continue movement in both upper and lower teeth. Invisalign invisible braces may deliver the same results as traditional braces. The Invisalign aligner is made of plastic and is worn at all times except during eating and drinking. The clear see-through aligners make it hard to notice you're even wearing braces. How does Invisalign work? Dental Clinic Calgary NW.