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Taming Android File Transfer on Mac OS X » Android File Transfer is an OS X application enabling file transfer with devices running Android 4.0 and later using Microsoft’s Media Transfer Protocol, a protocol unsupported by the OS itself. Android File Transfer starts an agent that detects the presence of a connected Android device and automatically opens the main application. However, a locked Android device won’t initiate an MTP connection for obvious security reasons. AFT informs you of this with a modal dialogue and endless Dock bounces. I transfer files very rarely and usually just plug in for some power, so I tire of the constant warnings. With a few modifications to the AFT application bundle I neutered the agent and restored sanity. Run Activity Monitor and kill any running copies of Android File Transfer Agent. Open your User in the Users & Groups System Preferences pane and remove the automatically-installed Android File Transfer Agent login item.

You’re done! Android Hello-World compile error: Intellij cannot find aapt. Quick Tip: How to install or uninstall APKs on multiple Android devices with just one command | Engineering Serendipity. Recently, while working on a mobile project, I found myself spending a lot of time connecting a device, uninstalling the previous version of the Application Under Test (AUT), installing the new one, and then disconnecting the device, just to do it again on another 6 or 7 devices (I would like to talk about why it is better to test on actual devices than in a simulator, but that topic deserves its own blog post). For this post, I want to describe a solution I found to manage all of the attached devices with a single command.

First I obtained this device, (you can get it thru Amazon here)which is just one of many different options available, depending on the arrangement, number of ports, shape, etc. I picked this one because it was cheap and the switches come in handy because we can exclude devices just by switching OFF that specific device and there’s no need to connect/disconnect any device. Just adding ports to your computer helps, but we need to get the most of them. Installation #!