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FEATURES : B3TA RADIO FEATURES : B3TA RADIO After almost a year of broadcasting we knocked it on the head. It was fun and we'd do it again in a instant, but it took a lot of energy and we simply couldn't justify the time when there's newsletters to write, and quite frankly real world job stuff to do. If you tuned in, we hope you enjoyed it. If you never heard it, you can download an old show here. What is B3ta Radio? A weekly radio show broadcast on Resonance FM presented by the b3ta newsletter team Rob Manuel and David Stevenson.
B3TA : WE LOVE THE WEB B3ta newsletter 614, is hot off the press and we've got... we forget. We forget, we forget, the movie song. When you gonna realise, it was right but the time was wrong?

B3TA : WE LOVE THE WEB - for all your raging needs
I know, I know, nobody likes the wall-o-text... If it were easy being Dan Awesome, everybody would do it. It's not. Recent events, especially those so close to home, have caused me to do a lot of thinking. If you're not pursuing your passions, what you doing? One of my passions is programming, especially when so many people appreciate my efforts. Dan Awesome's Rage Maker

Dan Awesome's Rage Maker

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