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Art Nouveau Garden Planter And Pedestal. Oak Park Residence Garden Planter.

Montreux Two Tier Fountain in Pool

Grenoble Garden Fountain in Pool. Dana House Garden Planter. Free Shipping.

Dana House Garden Planter

Buy Today! The simple yet elegant design of the Dana House Concrete Planter compliments the exterior structure of the Susan Lawrence Dana House and is one of the most distributed Frank Lloyd Wright reproductions made by Nichols Bros. Stoneworks. As with many of his planter designs these outdoor planters are installed in several places surrounding the house. The very large diameter of the urn makes it quite suitable for a large planting area. Frequently Asked Questions What is the shipping cost? Shipping is free. When will my planters be delivered and must I be present for the delivery? Small Sprite Pedestal. Outdoor Water Fountains For Sale.

The Grand Kensington Three Tier Garden Fountain is truly a sight to behold. Elegant without being ostentatious or overly gaudy, this princely model stands at over six feet tall, and is sure to impress any visitor to your courtyard or outdoor area. – gardenfountainstore

Grande Kensington Three Tier Garden Fountain.

Backyard Water Fountains

Concrete Outdoor Planters. Backyard Water Fountains.

The Chelsea Garden Planter is perfect for sprucing up the entryway to your business, or for decorating your home patio or driveway. This versatile concrete container is a gorgeous way of presenting flowers, or even small trees, to bring some color and freshness to your outdoor area. – gardenfountainstore

Outdoor Garden Statues. Small Water Fountains.

The Windsor Jardiniere Cast Stone Planter has a woven basket patter design with a large detailed upper rim of woven rope and a matching relief of rope on the bottom rim. – gardenfountainstore

Stone Garden Planters. Small Water Fountains.

Mrs. Eleanor Coade produced an artificial stone product similar to cast stone. It was largely popular in England from about 1770 to 1840. The Coade designs can be seen throughout London. – gardenfountainstore

Concrete Garden Statues

Backyard Water Fountains.

The Shaston Garden Planter uses a unique conical design, which flares up and leaves plenty of room for rainwater to quench your plants or flowers. – gardenfountainstore

Small Water Fountains.

The Essex Bowl is round contemporary concrete planter that comes in three sizes and five sandstone colors. The modern style container flairs out from the center producing a large outer rim diameter. Made by the dry tap method by Nichols Bros. Stoneworks, the finish simulates the look and feel of natural cut limestone. – gardenfountainstore

Backyard Water Fountains

Small Water Fountains.

The Oak Park Residence Vase is a two piece concrete Frank Lloyd Wright reproduction produced by Nichols Bros. and is a leading Frank Lloyd Wright Collection outdoor garden planter. – gardenfountainstore

Outdoor Wall Fountains. Outdoor Water Fountains.

The Essex Bowl with bass is round contemporary concrete planter with separate support feet. This modern styled container flairs out from the center producing a large outer diameter. Nichols Bros. Stoneworks uses the dry tap method to cast this container which produces a finish that simulates the look and feel of natural cut limestone. – gardenfountainstore

Concrete Planters For Sale.

The Victorian Garden Planter by Nichols Bros. Stoneworks is an elegant design that resembles an upside-down bell. Its flared upper rim swoops out, making it an excellent choice for hanging plants, vines, or dangling flowers. – gardenfountainstore

Backyard Water Fountains

Outdoor Water Fountains For Sale.

The Chelsea Trough Garden Planter is lower and wider than the other models in the line to allow you even more flexibility. It also can be ordered in three different sizes, to fit any outdoor area that needs a little sprucing up for the summer months. – gardenfountainstore

Cast Stone Planters. Garden. Garden. Garden Statues For Sale. Garden Statues For Sale. Small Water Fountains. Outdoor Water Fountains For Sale.

The Vicenza Basket is a garden planter available in several sizes, mimicking the pattern of a woven basket. – gardenfountainstore

Decorative Landscaping Containers for Sale. Plants and flowers add colorful and unique decorative accents to any outdoor living space.

Decorative Landscaping Containers for Sale

However, decks, patios and other areas of your landscape do not have dirt to grow a garden. Not only that but in traditional gardens all of the plants and flowers are low to the ground and at the same level. Concrete outdoor planters, flowerpots, and tall garden urns for sale allow you to add unique and beautiful plants and flowers to any outdoor living space. They also allow you bring the plants and flowers up off the ground and change their level. By themselves large planters, flowerpots and tall garden urns add a lot to landscape of your deck patio and other outdoor living spaces. Decorative concrete garden planters perfectly accent the landscape of any deck, patio or other outdoor living space and are made to last. Frank Lloyd Wright Concrete Planters. Free Shipping for All Planters, All Sizes!

Frank Lloyd Wright Concrete Planters

Order Today! We all want our patio, deck, yard, garden and other outdoor areas to be beautifully landscaped and well decorated. Plants and flowers are a great way to add life and color to your landscape. Decorative concrete planters, urns and cast stone containers allow you to add unique plants and beautiful flowers to decks, patios and other outdoor living spaces.