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Difference between off the peg and a Zebel Bespoke suits | ZEBEL. So I'm often asked what the difference between a bespoke suit and a made to measure suit is, after all they sound the same so they must be the same, right? To understand the differences, we must first understand the absolute basics of suit making, where most men will probably start out...

Unless you're prince Charles, and that's in the art of Ready to Wear suit making (RtW). A standard RtW suit is made for a model size 48/50. At this size it looks proportional, elegant and well fitting, however it still contains cheaper materials like polyester Blends and plastic fusing to give the suit shape. Any suit smaller than this model size, the manufacturers will simply shorten and reduce the width of the suit and for a larger suit you make it larger, seems simple right? No. With this in mind, we can now begin to understand MtM suit making. Formal Ties | ZEBEL - Part 2. Black Floral Pattern Pocket Square – ZEBEL. Competitive Prices – ZEBEL. CUFFLINKS | ZEBEL - Part 2. Bottle Green Wedding Tie With Matching Pocket Square & Cufflinks – ZEBEL. What Fabric To choose when Designing Your Bespoke Garment | ZEBEL.

Summer is all about, sun, parties, dinners, going out and having fun. Whether its one of the race weekends at Ascot, Going abroad for the cricket, watching tennis at Wimbledon or enjoying a few beers and a bottle of wine with friends, chances are you will want to look and feel great, but without being overwhelmed by the heat? My answer, the forgotten summer gem, seersucker. Seersucker is a puckered cotton fabric, that is extremely lightweight, breathable and easy to maintain.

The puckering or wrinkling comes from the increased tension put on the garment when it's being made. Seersucker was born in India, where its traditional colour was a light sugarcane brown and milk white stripe. The easy maintenance, lightweight and airy aspects of seersucker have caused a huge increase in the number of bespoke suits and shirts we have been making this season.

Light Blue Wedding Tie With Matching Pocket Square & Cufflinks – ZEBEL. Beige Flower Lapel Pin – ZEBEL. Silver Wedding Tie With Matching Pocket Square & Cufflinks – ZEBEL. Turquoise Wedding Tie With Matching Pocket Square & Cufflinks – ZEBEL. LAPEL PINS | ZEBEL. TESTIMONIALS | ZEBEL. CONTACT | ZEBEL. Suits for Men in London Who Want to Look Their Best | ZEBEL. Unless you have visited Zebel in Savile Row recently, you may well be unaware that it is perfectly possible to purchase a handmade suit in London for the same price as a high-end off the peg one. However, the only thing the two have in common is price: a custom made suit will fit better, look better and be of a far higher quality than its mass produced counterpart. If this will be your first time buying a tailored suit, you may be wondering just what it is that makes them so special: The Fit – The most obvious difference between a bespoke and a mass-produced suit is, as already mentioned above, the fit.

No matter how well an off-the-peg garment has been made, it was not made to fit you personally and will never feel as good as a bespoke garment when you put it on. In addition to our Savile Row showroom, we also have a store in Exeter so if you happen to be in the South West, there is no need for you to travel all the way into town. BLOG | ZEBEL. Congratulations! It’s going to be your big day. YOUR day! You have the license to Do what you love Invite […] The most basic style aspect is the shirt-tie combination. Yes, the most basic. And, that’s why it’s often overlooked. But, […] It’s not just about fashion now. What Style says, is just a single thing. There is one icon always around the corner who locks-in that classic style within. When your relaxed sleep is your first love. This is one of those areas where there is a ton of space for confusion. Regardless of the possibility that your name isn’t Prince William, your wedding day is a major deal.

What To Wear When It’s Cold OutsideDressing for the Autumn months is all about staying warm and staying sharp. All You Need To Know About Black TieOver the last hundred years, men’s fashion and its rules have changed dramatically, […] Business Suits | Mens Business Suits | ZEBEL. Tweed & Sports Suits For Mens | ZEBEL. Bespoke Clothing for Men Devon | Bespoke Mens Suits Devon | ZEBEL. Mens Suits for Weddings Devon | Mens Suits for Weddings Exeter | ZEBEL. Bespoke Belts For Mens | ZEBEL. TUXEDO For Mens| Mens Bespoke Suits Devon | Mens Designer Suits Exeter | ZEBEL. Mens Tailored Suits Devon | Mens Tailored Suits Exeter | Mens Tailored Suits London | ZEBEL. Bespoke Shoes For Mens | ZEBEL. Bespoke Overcoats For Mens | ZEBEL. Bespoke Clothing for Men London | Bespoke Clothing for Men Devon | ZEBEL.

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