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LXLE 14.04.4. Download < The LXLE Desktop. Articles < The LXLE Desktop. The 'Posh' version of LXLE has been readied and tested since it's last release candidate and in the subsequent days of the update to Seamonkey 2.40, which is a core component of the overall desktop experience provided by the operating system; ensuring performance and compatibility with the suite update was critical before official release.

Articles < The LXLE Desktop

During this wait, small polish to the browser and overall user interface was applied, essientially smoothing out any rough edges of the new 'Posh Paradigm' introduced in this release. Posh is expected to provide not only a familiar yet dynamic low resource LXDE desktop but also a layout easily mimicked by LXQT if a version is ever officially offered. The goal was just simply to get as many options and features showcased and or utilized while keeping the resources low and without the overall look being too gaudy.

All other changes are visible an can be seen by the updated screenshots below. Revive that old PC! < The LXLE Desktop. All Categories on LXLE forums. OS Support Options < The LXLE Desktop. Tricks, Tips & Tutorials Threads on LXLE forums. Articles < The LXLE Desktop. Linuxed - Exploring Linux distros: LXLE 14.04 Review: The best LXDE distro I've used till date. LXLE's USP in previous releases used to be Lubuntu with long term support, as Lubuntu didn't have a LTS spin till recently.

Linuxed - Exploring Linux distros: LXLE 14.04 Review: The best LXDE distro I've used till date

And hence, the acronym LXLE from Lubuntu eXtra Life Extension. However, in 2014 with Lubuntu itself releasing an LTS version, I wanted to check how LXLE can entice users to continue using it over Lubuntu. As Ronnie Whisler's release notes states, it is time for the distro to evolve: On 14th June, 2014, LXLE released it's 64-bit spin, LXLE 14.04. There is no 32-bit spin yet. Anyway, coming back to the topic, I downloaded the 64-bit ISO, about 1.5 GB in size. System Used for Testing LXLE Asus K55VM laptop with 2.3 Ghz 3rd Gen. Installation Installation is stock Ubuntu and it is a step by step user-friendly process which took about 10 minutes for me. Score for Installation: 10/10 Hardware Recognition Everything on my laptop worked as expected including WIFI, LAN, touch pad, screen resolution, sound card (sound was very good on the Altec Lansing speakers), etc.

Aesthetics. LXLE Linux Post Install Things You Should Do.


Lubuntu/Keyboard. Keyboard Repeat Rate use the Keyboard and Mouse tool under Preferences.


Keyboard shortcuts Note: Super key is the "Windows" key Alt-F2 Run program by typing in executable name Super+R Super+E Launch PCManFM Control+Alt+D Alt-F1 Open LXDE menu Control+Escape Toggle window fullscreen mode Control+Alt+Delete Start LXTask Control+Alt+T Launch Terminal Control+Alt+L Lock PC Control+F10 Laptop screen dim Control+F11 Laptop screen brighten Control+F7 Laptop or desktop screen backlight off Alt+Mouse Drag Window Alt+Mousewheel Switch Desktops Alt-Mouse2 Resize Windows Mousewheel over desktop Mousewheel over window title Iconify or Minimize Window Middle mouse button over desktop:: Bring up menu with list of open windows and option to add or remove worksapces.

Lxle_configuration - LXLE Linux Wiki. «Anchor(top)» = About LXLE Configuration = After installation, the following configurations may be performed.

lxle_configuration - LXLE Linux Wiki

First read the configurations that apply to all versions of LXLE, then read about the configurations for your specific distro. 1. All Versions of LXLE 1. . = Contact Information = The LXLE Community = All Versions of LXLE = Add uDuck to Your Browser SIMPLE SETUP INSTRUCTIONS HERE. uDuck is focused on Ubuntu support areas, and chances are that your question will be answered here within seconds. Help and Support Etiquette Dedicated volunteers create the software you use, and other dedicated volunteers give their time to help you learn how to use it.