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[Guida] Come migliorare prestazioni Android tramite gestione della RAM. Con l’aumentare dello spazio nello smartphone e della potenza, iniziano anche ad aumentare il numero di applicazioni installate, purtroppo questo spesso comporta ad un rallentamento eccessivo del proprio smartphone, nonostante abbia componenti hardware potenti.

[Guida] Come migliorare prestazioni Android tramite gestione della RAM

In questa guida vi daremo una serie di consigli utili per gestire a meglio la memoria RAM del nostro device. Per chi non lo sapesse la memoria RAM è un tipo di memoria definita volatile, questo perché viene utilizzata par mantenere in background (applicazioni che restano aperte, senza però utilizzarle) le applicazioni. Con un numero eccessivo di applicazioni in background la RAM tende a sovraccaricarsi e il dispositivo a rallentarsi. Bisogna comunque dire che Android ha un ottimo servizio di gestione della RAM, infatti tende a gestire le applicazioni in base al consumo, killando (terminare) quelle che magari non sono importanti per il sistema. Ecco qui il collegamento a Autorun Manager. Autorun ManagerMobiWIA - AndRS Studio0.

/system/app Guidelines, Android

ROM Toolbox has powerful tools for rooted Android users. Power Android users require quite a few tools in order to execute all the fun hacks that are possible these days.

ROM Toolbox has powerful tools for rooted Android users

It’s not enough to have a file explorer, you need one that can access root and mount /system. It’s not enough to be rooted, you need a system to manage your custom recovery and ROMs. Managing a custom Android build can be a complex task at times that requires many different tools. Enter all-purpose utility apps. As we’ve mentioned before, the Android Market (sorry, Google Play Store) is full of helpful aids like Titanium Backup and Super Manager. ROM Toolbox is capable of doing everything that ROM Manager does. Everything for controlling ROMs is there. The Nandroid management options are very nice. The ROM download list is by no means comprehensive, but it hits a few of the high points. Once a new ROM is downloaded (or copied to the SD card), installation is as easy as tapping “Install ROM.”

App Manager The App Manager part of ROM Toolbox is pretty neat as well. Root Browser. Hyperlink. Cyano & Modding.

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SuperCharger Script Improves Your Android Phone's Performance. Android comes in a thousand different forms and flavors.

SuperCharger Script Improves Your Android Phone's Performance

This is great for those who like choice and variety when selecting a handset. However, it also means that some phones will inevitably perform worse than others. Anyone who’s used a Samsung Galaxy S II and moved to a low-end phone with an old version of Gingerbread can certainly tell the difference. The devices with less built-in power tend to struggle more and perform inadequately when compared to their processor-heavy cousins. This would be an issue, but it’s Android. The V6 SuperCharger is special because it helps speed up Android phones without necessarily sacrificing the battery life.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. (image credit) It helps to understand what you’re doing and why it matters. (image credit) A phone has a set amount of RAM (random-access memory). Our Evo 4G came with a certain amount of RAM. Running an app uses up RAM. SuperCharger goes into the Android OS and raises the minfree values. CPU Governors explained. Clues & Hints.