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ACW miniatures

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Polemos American Civil War - Baccus 6mm. Description: The American Civil War was fought between two fledgling armies with little experience, over a vast area and with little knowledge of the technologies that would be brought to bear over the course of the war.

Polemos American Civil War - Baccus 6mm

Inexperienced armies and generals, state driven mobilization and a belief that with one battle it would be over added, to the mixed and muddled beginning to the war. However with the emerging use of mass production for weapons, ammunition and supply there were some compelling reasons why this would not be so. With both the Union and Confederate governments aiming to mobilise, train and arm the volunteers and militias to the field within a few months gives us the opportunity to re-construct battles that were, in the main, very unpredictable. Spirit Games, supplying gamers with Dixon 25mm ACW Figures, board games, card games, roleplaying games, d20, wargames and miniatures, for 20 years. Plastic Soldier Review - American Civil War Listing. IMEX Plastic Toy Soldiers in 1/32 Scale. IMEX 1/32 Scale Figure Kits (54 mM) IMEX figures are soft plastic toy soldiers with exceptionally good detail.

IMEX Plastic Toy Soldiers in 1/32 Scale.

These figures are done with excellent historic accuracy. They are basically concerned with representing American History themes. ARMY DEAL Perry's ACW Division - 28mm American Civil War - Wargames Miniatures, Warhammer, Jigsaws & Games at War and Peace Games.