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Wordpress. 25 Responsive jQuery Navigation Plugins. In modern web design era responsive design has become favorite for number of designers and developers . Everyone wants their websites to run on smart devices to grab more exposure. From menu to grid columns even with the images and videos responsiveness is always a feature to consider. In this article we have collected some handpicked 25 Responsive jQuery Navigation Plugins that will help you to create beautiful menus, tabs, columns and navigation system for your websites. Following jQuery Navigation Plugins are easy to use and make your website eye catching and visually stunning. 1.

MenuItems MenuItems is a dynamic jQuery menu plugin that lets you create beautiful and responsive navigation widgets. 2. Sidr is a jQuery plugin for creating “hidden side menus” on-the-fly. 3. Material Menu is a jQuery plugin that creates an responsive menu on website. 4. A handy tabbed navigation, optimized for mobile devices, with support for both horizontal and vertical menu positioning. 5. 8. 9. 10. 11. Stuck in the middle. The domain model as REST anti-pattern Today JavaLobby published yet another domain-model-as-REST article, using Spring and Jersey. As already pointed out, this really is an anti-pattern, and is not RESTful, and cannot be so either. The point that all of these types of articles miss is the HATEOAS part, the hyperlinking of resources. If you expose your domain model, basically saying "here's all I got, use as you see fit", there is no sensible way to create links between resources that expose the application state.

There is no sensible way to tell the client "here's what you can do next", because the "REST" API allows anything at any time. Here's an example, from my own app, which showed me the problem with this approach. /user/<username>/changepassword/user/<username>/resetpassword I'm just doing what the article suggests, which is to expose my domain model, and all that I can do with it. So what to do instead? What did we do in our REST API to fix the above? And that's pretty much it. BuiltWith Technology Lookup.


JSON Web Tokens - Fonts. Build a Node API Client – Part 1: REST Principles. If you want developers to love your API, focus the bulk of your efforts on designing a beautiful one. If you want to boost adoption of your API, consider a tool to make life easier on your users: client libraries. Specifically, Node.js client libraries. This series will cover our playbook for building a stable, useful Node.js client in detail, in three parts: Part 1: Need-to-know RESTful Concepts Part 2: REST client design in Node.js Part 3: Functionality If you would like to learn general REST+JSON API design best practices, check out this video. Lastly, keep in mind that while these articles use Node.js, the same concepts apply to any other language client with only syntax differences. OK. HATEOAS, usually pronounced ‘Haiti-ohs’, is an acronym for “Hypermedia As The Engine of Application State”. HATEOAS is still considered the ideal target for REST API design, but at times, HATEOAS will present a challenge to our REST client design efforts.

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Searching For Free Icon Sets? Here Is A Great Collection. Icons, tiny graphics that are sometimes embedded with hot links to pages on your website, give a website a nice flow. With just a click, visitors to the site can navigate the site, visiting important pages like the store, blog or find technical support. Well-placed icons keep the flow of traffic moving from page to page, often making visitors stay longer on your site.

However, finding the appropriate icons takes some work. Typically, web designers have two choices; they can sift through massive collections of stock images choosing one of them as a graphic or design their own. Creating an icon can take hours of work and if you need multiple icons, you could spend days on this project. Don’t neglect this important feature of your website — the icons! Themify Icons Wireframe Icons Buddha Line Icons Complete 30 kitchen icons in AI and PSD 48 Purple Drops 300 FREE vector icons from Piotr Kwiatkowski True Glyphs – Icon font set 56 FREE Line icons 120 Abstract Icon Set Budicon – 48 free line icon Batch.

Guardian/scribe. How to Use - CocoonJS.


Media. Menu. WATCH THIS IF YOU WANT TO BECOME A WEB DEVELOPER! - Web Development Career advice. The Most Advanced Responsive Front-end Framework from ZURB. Spinning loading animation. Yandex. Latest Roundup of Useful Tools For Developers. Nearly every developer has a collection of tools or utilities which they deem indispensable and tend to use in their daily tasks when developing. Each of these definitely serves a distinct purpose and most developers have integrated them into their workflow. The purpose of these tools or utilities is not only to make ones workflow easier and save time – but moreover to serve within a utilitarian and clutter-free way. Regardless of whether you’re a skilled programmer looking for a few extra tools to add to your already existing arsenal – or a novice coder looking to advance your skill set, these tools will enable you to add functionality and much more to some of your projects.

We hope you will be able to find the right tool amongst the list we have collected below. If you have any suggestions on great tools or services that you’re already using or would like to suggest so that we may add them to this list – please leave a comment with a link in the comment section. Enjoy ! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.