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Test: Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250 GB. Hardver 09.08.2014 12:56 Iako ne predstavlja veliki novitet na tržištu, Samsungov SSD 840 EVO je jedan od najpopularnijih modela i veliki bi bio propust da ga nismo istestirali. Ovaj model važi za najbolji model u klasi, kako u medijskim krugovima, tako i među korisnicima i posetiocima našeg foruma Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250 GB Model koji nam je stigao na test u osnovnom pakovanju koje je zbog toga veoma tanko i elegantno. Površina mu je poput kutije za CD, ali je naravno nešto deblja. Nema informacija vezanih za deklarisane brzine, što proizvođači izuzetno vole da istaknu kako bi impresionirali potencijalne kupce.

Propratno pakovanje je u osnovnoj verziji prilično ograničeno, ali je i dalje bolja situacija u odnosu na pojedine proizvođače koji svoje SSD-ove pakuju u blistere. Sam SSD je izrađen od metala u potpunosti, a dizajn mu je prilično elegantan, da ne kažemo jednostavan. Poput svih pripadnika aktuelne generacije SSD-ova i 840 EVO se oslanja na SATA 6 Gbps interfejs.

Specifikacije. What is a Center of Excellence | Agile Elements. Continuing a series of posts addressing some of the lessons and take aways from recent experience in establishing Centers of Excellence. I’ve never really liked the term. Sounds so haughty. I prefer ‘Competency or Capability Center’ or pick any another term you like. But, ‘Center of Excellence’ seems to be what has stuck in the business world, so we’ll go with it here. Definition: Whatever you call them, a Center of Excellence (CoE) should, at a most basic level consist of: A team of people that promote collaboration and using best practices around a specific focus area to drive business or customer-valued results. This team could be staffed with full- or part-time members. Responsibilities: In my experience, CoEs should serve five basic needs: Support: For their area of focus, CoE’s should offer support to the business lines.

Types: One organization I worked with defined 13 centers within just their IT department. Like this: Like Loading... Startup Engineering. About the Course Spiritual sequel to Peter Thiel's CS183 course on startups. Bridges the gap between academic computer science and production software engineering. Fast-paced introduction to key tools and techniques (command line, dotfiles, text editor, distributed version control, debugging, testing, documentation, reading code, deployments), featuring guest appearances by senior engineers from successful startups and large-scale academic projects. Over the course of the class, students will build a command line application, expose it as a web service, and then link other students' applications and services together to build an HTML5 mobile app. General principles are illustrated through modern Javascript and the latest web technologies, including Node, Backbone, Coffeescript, Bootstrap, Git, and Github. Course Format Grading will be based on multiple choice questions and programming assignments, and there will be a substantial final project.

Traider is an open source ecommerce option | coded with love (and javascript: nodejs, angularjs and mongodb) Angustore - Responsive Shopping Cart. Netgear and Linksys DSL routers 'fix' does nothing about the backdoor, merely hides it says Arstechnica report. 132 Shares117411000×132 Shares Eloi Vanderbeken, a security researcher from had discovered a backdoor in several models of Linksys, Cisco and Netgear Wi-Fi DSL modems that would grant admin access to the attacker along with the ability to reset the router's configuration.

After Vanderbecken published his findings and several others corroborated his results in January 2014, the modem manufacturers like Netgear and other vendors published a new version of the firmware that was supposed to close the back door. Now Vanderbeken has found that the firmware released by the vendors is just a camouflage. As per a report by Arstechnica, the new firmware does not 'fix' the backdoor. It merely hides it. Vanderbeken found out that the new firmware apparently only hid the backdoor rather than closing it. In all 24 models of Wi-Fi DSL modems are said to have the above backdoor. . - Linksys WAG200G - Netgear DM111Pv2 - Linksys WAG320N - Linksys WAG54G2 - DGN1000 Netgear N150. Hack. Microweber CMS - An open source CMS with Ecommerce support.

To the user's satisfaction, there is a whole wide world of different CMS, all suitable for different needs. You can go for the giants like Wordpress or Joomla or pick one of the rising forces - Shopify, Squarespace or others. Microweber CMS fills a hole in the current technological ecosystem, aimed at delivering a light software that is perfect for all end-users lacking the technical knowledge needed for complicated website building.

Microweber is free, open source, and operates on the innovative Drag & Drop technology. Users can create their website, online shop, or blog in just a few minutes. They can also host their site on the Microweber server or download the CMS and host it on a server of their own. Going to the more specific details, Microweber differs from its worthy competition in some areas. Perhaps its highlight feature that makes the software stand out is the so called Real Time Text Writing and Editing feature. An aim of Microweber CMS is to be a stable e-commerce platform. C# From a Java Developer's Perspective. The C# language is an object-oriented language that is aimed at enabling programmers to quickly build a wide range of applications for the Microsoft .NET platform. The goal of C# and the .NET platform is to shorten development time by freeing the developer from worrying about several low level plumbing issues such as memory management, type safety issues, building low level libraries, array boundschecking , etc. thus allowing developers to actually spend their time and energy working on their application and business logic instead.

As a Java developer the previous sentence could be described as "a short description of the Java language and platform" if the words C# and the .NET platform were replaced with words Java and the Java platform. What follows is an overview of similarities and differences between the language features and libraries of the C# and Java programming languages based on my experience using both languages. The C# Programming Language for Java Developers. Database Refactoring Patterns. Four Layers of JavaScript OOP.

The Most Advanced Responsive Front-end Framework from ZURB. Bomb that can destroy your Linux Box. In computing, a fork bomb (also called rabbit virus or wabbit ) is a denial-of-service attack whereby a process continually replicates itself to deplete available system resources. Best Terminal alternatives for Linux systems Fork bombs operate both by consuming CPU time in the process of forking, and by saturating the operating system's process table. A basic implementation of a fork bomb is an infinite loop that repeatedly launches the same process. In Unix-like operating systems, fork bombs are generally written to use the fork system call. As forked processes are also copies of the first program, once they resume execution from the next address at the frame pointer, they also seek to create a copy of themselves; this has the effect of causing an exponential growth in processes.

Examples of fork bomb: 1. A fork bomb using the Microsoft Windows batch language: :sstart "" %0goto s The same as above, but shorter: An inline shell example using the Perl interpreter: perl -e "fork while fork" & 3 Simple Steps to Opencart Optimisation and Improving SEO (Opencart v | Myth Simply. 1) Minify / gzip your css, javascript and jquery files - increases 40-50% of Pagespeed points & reduces almost 40-50% of your 1st request data loading size and time 2) Enable caching - increases around 5-15% of pagespeed points and almost 40-50% of your 2nd request onwards load time 3) Optimize images / image size - increases 5-15% of pagespeed points and almost 20 - 30% of your 1st request data loading file size and time 1) Minify CSS, javascript and other files using gzip This is the most important part of your opencart optimisation. it reduces almost 300KB file size making your pagespeed points up by almost 40% - 50%.

My website is hosted on Apache and hence the below code in the .htaccess file does the gzip process automatically. 2) Enable caching for the images and files such as Javascript, css etc. The 2nd important part is to cache the images, and the common files required such as CSS, Javascript etc. . # Set up caching on media files for 5 weeks <FilesMatch "\. CoryFoy/DotNetKoans. Pluralsight | Учебные курсы Часть 4 [2010-2013] PCRec [ENG] Software PracticesSoftware Practices\Advanced Unit Testing\Software Practices\Agile Team Practices with Scrum\Software Practices\Automated Testing End to End\Software Practices\Automated Testing for Fraidy Cats Like Me\Software Practices\Brownfield Application Development\Software Practices\Building Extensible Applications with MEF\Software Practices\Continuous Integration\Software Practices\Continuous Testing with NCrunch\Software Practices\Design Patterns Library\Software Practices\Getting Started With Jenkins Continuous Integration\Software Practices\Inversion of Control\Software Practices\Kanban Fundamentals\Software Practices\RhinoMocks Fundamentals\Software Practices\SOLID Principles of Object Oriented Design\Software Practices\Test First Development - Part 1\Software Practices\Test First Development - Part 2\ Source ControlSource Control\Introduction to SVN\Source Control\Mercurial Fundamentals\Source Control\Team Foundation Server 2010 Version Control\

Browserver: a node.js HTTP server in your browser. Browserver: a node.js HTTP server in your browser. Architecting for the Cloud. The biggest difference between cloud-based applications and the applications running in your data center is scalability. The cloud offers scalability on demand, allowing you to expand and contract your application as load fluctuates. This scalability is what makes the cloud appealing, but it can’t be achieved by simply lifting your existing application to the cloud. In order to take advantage of what the cloud has to offer, you need to re-architect your application around scalability. The other business benefit comes in terms of price, as in the cloud costs scale linearly with demand. Sample Architecture of a Cloud-Based Application Designing an application for the cloud often requires re-architecting your application around scalability.

The Client Tier: The client tier contains user interfaces for your target platforms, which may include a web-based user interface, a mobile user interface, or even a thick client user interface. REpresentational State Transfer (REST) Deploying an ESB. Use of Assertions. Assertions are great because they: support better testing,make debugging easier by reducing the distance between the execution of a bug and the manifestation of its effects,serve as executable comments about preconditions and postconditions,can act as a gateway drug to formal methods. Assertions are less than great because they: slow down our code,make our programs incorrect — when used improperly,might trick some of us lazy programmers into using them to implement error handling,are commonly misunderstood.

This post will go through the care and feeding of assertions with the goal of helping developers maximize the benefits and minimize the costs. The best definition of assertion that I’ve seen is from the C2 wiki: An assertion is a Boolean expression at a specific point in a program which will be true unless there is a bug in the program. This definition immediately tells us that assertions are not to be used for error handling. The definition tells us that the expression result ! Math. Configuring the package.json and Gruntfile.js files | Mike McLin. Hi, my name is Mike McLin and in this video I am going to talk about the 2 files that are required for Grunt Task Runner to function.

The first is the package.json file which we’ll use to describe metadata about our project, like the name, version number, etc. We will also use this file to load the necessary plugins required by Grunt. From there I’ll discuss the second file required for Grunt to function, which is the Gruntfile.js. This is your main configuration file, and where we’ll spend most of the time in this video. The Gruntfile.js is where everything really happens. So, let’s get started by creating our package.json file. Creating a package.json file There are a couple of ways you can create your package.json file. Now, let’s configure the file. You’ll notice that the devDependencies value is an object, which has it’s own key:value pairs.

For now, don’t worry about the devDependencies section. Creating a Gruntfile.js The Gruntfile wrapper function Setting up the Gruntfile.js config. Optimizing Your Workflow with Grunt - Bocoup. Learn about tools and practices to improve your development workflow so that you can be more confident and efficient in how you build web applications. Is this class right for you? This class is intended for the intermediate or advanced web developer who is interested in improving their process. While this is not a programming class, you will need some basic JavaScript knowledge to understand and configure some of the tools we introduce. You should also be comfortable working with your computer’s file system and the command line. Agenda Join Grunt creator Ben Alman for two days of instruction and discussion about making your workflow more efficient. Hinting and Linting Beautifying and Minifying git and Github Running tests Live Browser Reload Automation with Grunt.

Comprehensive beginner and advanced jQuery JavaScript and HTML5 training onsite and at The Bocoup Loft - Bocoup.