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Gamma Foundries

Gamma Foundries is a non-ferrous sand castings company. It produces aluminum, copper and stainless alloy castings from one-off to thousands for a wide variety of industries. The foundry pours over 30 alloys including no-lead bronzes. It has both Hunter and Sinto automatic molding machines plus manual machines for lower volumes. Gamma Foundries also has a no-bake molding operation for larger casting up to 3000 lbs in bronze, 1200 lbs in aluminum, and 500 lbs in stainless steel.

Gamma Foundries - Deliver Requirements Met for Sand Casting Foundry. Blend Copper Nickel Alloys & Produce Valuable Products by Gamma Foundries. Copper-nickel alloy is commonly known as cupronickel.

Blend Copper Nickel Alloys & Produce Valuable Products by Gamma Foundries

There are different copper-nickel alloys with distinct properties that can be used to produce valuable products. The most commonly used are copper with 10% nickel, copper with 30% nickel, copper with 25% nickel, and copper with 45% nickel. Copper nickel alloys are valuable in the metal industry because of their physical and chemical properties. Cupronickel alloy is resilient to bio-fouling, crevice corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and hydrogen embrittlement. Other helpful features required in metal works include first-class thermal conductivity and ductility when exposed to cryogenic temperatures. The concentration of nickel alloys and those with specific alloying elements guarantee higher flow rates and strength. The physical features of copper-nickel alloys differ depending on the composition. Precisely Replicate Old, Worn Out Parts by Reverse Engineering Techniques. When a machine or other product that has worked beautifully for years suddenly breaks down, the tiniest part may be to blame.

Precisely Replicate Old, Worn Out Parts by Reverse Engineering Techniques

Depending on the age and continued availability of the product or machine, replacement parts may or may not be available. Gamma Foundries is pleased to offer the perfect solution for the latter scenario. Through modern reverse engineering techniques, our team is able to precisely replicate old, worn out parts without a lengthy measuring and drafting process. Using laser scan technology, our team is able to replicate a part as a precise 3D model. This model, in turn, enables faster, more cost-effective reproduction in the suitable alloy. Just because a metal part is worn out, doesn’t mean it is irreplaceable. 3D Printing Sand Casting for a Variety of Applications by Gamma Foundries. Gamma Foundries has a history of excellence that dates back to the 1950s, but we pride ourselves on staying the cutting edge with our technology.

3D Printing Sand Casting for a Variety of Applications by Gamma Foundries

Our clients will find our foundry is fully outfitted with the latest 3D printing sand casting equipment, which enables us to save them time and money on prototypes and short runs without sacrificing quality. The 3D printing sand casting process begins by making a printed sand mold or core instead of a more complex pattern. This is achieved by using modeling, simulation or laser scanning techniques that provide the mold to meet the precise specification requirements. Once the design is set, a special 3D printer is used to create a sand mold or core that can be used to replicate the desired part. Cost Effective Rapid Prototype Casting Services at Gamma Foundries. Gamma Foundries’ Rapid Prototyping Brings Ideas to Life Gamma Foundries’ rapid prototype casting services enable our professionals to help clients take their part and product ideas off the drawing board and bring them into reality.

Cost Effective Rapid Prototype Casting Services at Gamma Foundries

Our rapid developers work with the latest technology, including laser scanning, modeling, simulation and 3D printing to create prototypes that meet customer specifications even for the most complex geometries. Offering a faster lead time and lower price point, these prototypes are well-suited for testing and can be modified, if necessary, without the costs associated with changing a pattern. Gamma Foundries - Fully Equipped to Handle Stainless Steel Casting Services. Gamma Foundries - Offer Best Copper Base Alloy Casting Services. Copper base alloy casting is the ideal solution for parts required in a diversity of applications.

Gamma Foundries - Offer Best Copper Base Alloy Casting Services

Favored for its versatility, corrosion resistance and its unique ability to inhibit organism growth in certain combinations, copper has long been the alloy of choice for plumbing fixtures, bushing and bearing sleeves, ship propellers and other parts. At Gamma Foundries, we are pleased to offer copper base alloy casting services for orders as small a single part to production runs in the thousands. Our team of professionals can even help with rapid prototype development for unique part requirements. No matter how big or small your requirements, Gamma Foundries’ team is here to assist in meeting your production needs. Top Provider of Aluminium Sand Casting Services - Gamma Foundries.

Aluminum alloys make a superior choice for the creation of a diversity of parts.

Top Provider of Aluminium Sand Casting Services - Gamma Foundries

Known for its corrosion resistance, durability, resiliency and strong electrical and thermal conductivity, aluminum is the metal of choice for the creation of parts for the automotive industry, residential use and small machinery, among other applications. At Gamma Foundries, our aluminum sand casting capabilities enable us to deliver production runs of all sizes.

From single part replacements to orders in the thousands, our foundry has the capability to pour a selection of aluminum alloys to meet a variety of requirements. Gamma Foundries has been a leading provider of aluminum sand casting services in Canada and beyond Canada for decades. Our facility is fully equipped to tackle smaller orders through the use of Sinto and Hunter automatic molding equipment. Gamma Foundries - Sand Casting Foundry Produces Quality of Alloy Casting Services. Best Lead Free Casting Services for ECO Brass C87850 by Gamma Foundries. When a lead-free casting solution is required to ensure parts are safer and greener, Gamma Foundries is pleased to deliver full C87850 Eco Brass® casting services.

Best Lead Free Casting Services for ECO Brass C87850 by Gamma Foundries

This environmentally friendly alternative for a wide range of parts is an ideal solution for water supply devices, fittings, precision parts, shafts, faucets and automotive fittings, among others. C87850 Eco Brass®isn’t just a greener alternative, this alloy delivers many benefits by design. It features good machinability, excellent de-zincification corrosion resistance and superior stress corrosion cracking resistance. It is also known for excellent warm brittleness cracking resistance and good castability. As an equivalent to stainless steel, this alloy is the suitable replacement for C83600 and other red brasses. Gamma Foundries – Top Non-Ferrous Sand Casting Foundry. Stainless Steel Casting Applications. Although it was not quite common in the past, stainless steel casting has been increasing in popularity over the more recent years and has found numerous application in practically all the big industrial fields including the automotive industry, the construction industry, the water industry, the appliance industry the environmental conservation industry and many other industries where it is being used extensively to improve people’s lives.

Stainless Steel Casting Applications

However, closer look at the most common applications of stainless steel sand casting will reveal that, at present, it is most widely applied within the automotive industry. In fact the automotive industry is definitely the fastest growing industry when it comes to the application of stainless steel casting worldwide. Water Industry Construction Industry Until a few years ago, the construction industry was the largest consumer of stainless steel castings. Appliance Industry About the Company. 5 Main Reasons Why Sand Casting is Still Used in Manufacturing. Sand casting is an important way of product replication and has been popular due to several reasons such as cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

5 Main Reasons Why Sand Casting is Still Used in Manufacturing

The process of sand casting ensures that a product is accurately replicated for mass consumption and is the exact replica of the prototype used to make the sand mold. This is one of the reasons why the process is sometimes also known as sand molded casting. Sand castings can be used to make products in nearly any ferrous or non-ferrous alloy. Professional Stainless Steel Casting Services – Gamma Foundries. Certified Sand Casting Foundry - Gamma Foundries. 4 Reasons Why Rapid Prototyping can be Useful in Sand Casting.