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Driver San Francisco - PC. Chasing down crooks in high-speed chases, performing death-defying feats of driving, or bringing down entire criminal organisations might be a bit much for your average cop, but Driver: San Francisco’s John Tanner takes it in his stride.

Driver San Francisco - PC

As you take control of him and begin your beat on the mean streets of San Francisco, the reason why becomes clear: Tanner’s uncanny ability to “shift” into the body of citizens lets you do things other cops can’t, such as instantly drive any vehicle in the city, coax case clues from criminal passengers, or use cars as battering rams, to name but a few. While the premise behind this ability is ludicrous, it all makes sense as you soar over the living, breathing city for the first time, instantly transporting yourself to new missions and swiftly jumping between cars to take down criminals.

Duke Nukem Forever - PC. So this is what we’ve been waiting for, it seems: a tedious and unattractive sci-fi shooter that would quickly hit the bargain bin if it weren’t called Duke Nukem Forever.

Duke Nukem Forever - PC

Duke may be an icon, but he’s just going through the motions in this stitched-together collection of poorly paced levels, which do the unimaginable: they make Duke boring. Some see the cigar-chomping alpha male as a misogynist pig; others see a clever and ironic take on macho cliches. Neither crowd is likely to get worked up over Duke’s actions here. Sure, he spouts the occasional sexist quip. He receives a lap dance from a topless stripper, smacks monsters in the crotch to humiliate them, and has no problem using words beginning with the letter “f.” Duke Nukem Forever is a treatise on what happens when random ideas are slapped together without regard for how they fit with one another.

Download .torrent You need uTorrent for downloading .torrent files. Fifa Manager 2012 - PC. Football Manager veterans know that the series is all about evolution, not revolution.

Fifa Manager 2012 - PC

It has been evolving steadily for almost two decades now to become so vast and complex that it’s not really an entry-level game anymore. Even experienced players who have missed a few iterations are likely to find the sheer depth and number of options daunting. Everything is in here–from dealing with agents and mollycoddling egotistical star players to fending off scoop-hunting journalists–as you try to mold your team of virtual hit-and-hopers into a trophy-harvesting machine. This year’s introduction of a much-needed tutorial mode helps to steer newcomers through the labyrinthine options and is a great addition.

One area of improvement has to do with the transfer market, with the contract system being tweaked to streamline the process. Team talks include a new level of depth, thanks to the addition of different tones of voice. Download .torrent You need uTorrent for downloading .torrent files. Fifa Manager 2013 - PC. The first thing you do is pick a team.

Fifa Manager 2013 - PC

After that, anything could happen. It’s one of the beautiful things about the Football Manager series–every game is different, every player plays differently, and every team provides a different challenge. By focusing on stats and raw data, Sports Interactive has distilled the beautiful game down to a form that has created a 20-year line of addicts. Addicts who want more detail, more leagues, and more chances to turn an underperforming minnow into a blossoming goliath of the game. The new Classic mode features menus that are simpler and easier to digest.

Without exaggeration, it’s possible to complete a season of Classic mode in a day or less. Download .torrent You need uTorrent for downloading .torrent files. Flight Simulator X Deluxe - PC. Microsoft Flight Simulator X is an incredible piece of software, providing almost unbelievable capabilities for a consumer product.

Flight Simulator X Deluxe - PC

Unfortunately, on most systems at anything other than the lowest of the game’s graphics settings, the simulation has significant performance issues. How much these issues hinder your enjoyment of the game will depend upon what kind of frame rates you need to enjoy a civilian flight sim. All of the features hardcore simmers have come to expect in the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise are here in spades, such as the entire world being modeled in exquisite detail; simulations of everything from ultralights to gliders to Cessnas to commercial airliners to helicopters; realism that makes the sim a great trainer for those seeking a real pilot’s license; and more. Download .torrent. Brink Special Edition - PS3.

Greatness is rarely achieved without ambition.

Brink Special Edition - PS3

Jumping into the battlefields of Brink, you get the immediate sense that you are playing an ambitious first-person shooter. Four interdependent soldier classes and three distinct body types combine to create a diverse array of ways to kill your enemies, support your allies, and move around the battlefield. Brink’s team-based skirmishes are rich with opportunities, but they are also plagued with technical problems and design shortcomings. Visual issues and online lag frequently interrupt the fast-paced flow, and problems with the movement system and the artificial intelligence can be downright frustrating. There is definitely some fun to be had in these frenetic firefights, but for all its ambition, Brink falls well short of greatness.