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Gamentio is the first of its kind 3D game platform which combines multiple casino games simulation in one free App: - Poker: Texas Hold’em, Six Players table. - Rummy (Indian Classic Rummy): 2 Deck; Min 2, max 4 players. - Teen Patti (Indian Poker) & variants: Muflis, AK47, Highest Card Joker and Lowest Card Joker. - Blackjack: Popularly known as Twenty-One, it’s played against the dealer. - Solitaire (Patience): Play offline too. Participate in Daily online contests. - Slots: Play Slots to relax your thinking mind. Just spin, grin and win! - Daily Poker & Rummy Tournaments: Now play tourneys by virtual currency and socialize in a new, fun way. (No monetary rewards)

Play Card Game Online

Does skill work while playing the game of Poker? - Play Online 3D Poker For Free on Gamentio - gamentio. Common Myths about Online Card Games. Online card game has seen immense growth in recent years.

Common Myths about Online Card Games

It is at its peak in India. With the advancement of various online sites, there has been an increase in the variations of the game. Apart from having fun and entertainment, it gives an opportunity to the players to win real money and exciting prizes. Obviously, anything that is popular, there are numerous naysayers spreading out false indoctrination against online card games. What’s the most wretched thing is many players believe in those misconceptions and fall into the trap. Rummy, Teen patti, Poker, Blackjack - gamentio.

Five Advantages of Online Rummy Card game and How to Make Full Use of it - UttaraToday. Traditionally, Rummy was enjoyed and mainly played in India during festival events, kitty parties, or social gathering.

Five Advantages of Online Rummy Card game and How to Make Full Use of it - UttaraToday

Now, with the availability of online Rummy card game, it has reached most of the Rummy enthusiast across the globe. Apart from having fun, the card game has its advantages also. Following are the advantages and how to make full use of it. 1. Easy availability: The main advantage of Rummy is, it can be played anytime and anywhere. How to successfully manage bankroll in Poker - Play Online 3D Poker For Free on Gamentio - gamentio. Whenever you think of playing online Poker tournaments, the first thought that comes in your mind is placing huge bets, bluffing audaciously, and winning an enormous amount of chips.

How to successfully manage bankroll in Poker - Play Online 3D Poker For Free on Gamentio - gamentio

But, in addition to using tricks and strategies, a player must also learn how to efficiently manage the bankroll. By balancing your bankroll you can minimize losses so that you don’t get into any financial trouble. Below are the tips on how you can successfully manage your bankroll. Play Poker just like an investment: Choosing an amount to play in an online Poker is similar like an investment. Just like an investment you choose to invest in the stock market, or in any property. What Fine Characteristics Make You an Expert Rummy Player? - Play Online Rummy Card Game on Gamentio - gamentio. Rummy is a game of skill and strategies, but just having skills is not sufficient to be a professional player.

What Fine Characteristics Make You an Expert Rummy Player? - Play Online Rummy Card Game on Gamentio - gamentio

Players must observe the habits of expert players and must follow them to achieve success in gaming career. Let’s check out some of the fine characteristics that can make you an expert Rummy player. Observational skills: One of the vital characteristics to be successful in online rummy card game is that a player must hone his/her observational skills. As the result of rummy closely depends on how keenly one observes his/her opponent moves and be quick enough to plan the strategies accordingly. What all makes Rummy a healthy game for you? - Play Online Rummy Card Game on Gamentio - gamentio. Rummy is one of the most popular and favorite past time card games.

What all makes Rummy a healthy game for you? - Play Online Rummy Card Game on Gamentio - gamentio

No matter at what stage the player is, Rummy surely benefits everyone in one way or the other. Obviously, no one believes this until unless appropriate vindication is given. Let’s discuss what all benefits people get by getting involved in rummy world online. Stress: In today’s life, it’s impossible to find anybody stress free. Everyone is occupied with multiple activities at office or at home. Why Gamentio Rummy app is More Exciting? - Play Online Rummy Card Game on Gamentio - gamentio. Why do the majority of the people in today’s world love to eat breakfast cereals like muesli, oats or cornflakes?

Why Gamentio Rummy app is More Exciting? - Play Online Rummy Card Game on Gamentio - gamentio

It is because they are not just healthy, fulfilling or delicious, but don’t have to spend hours to prepare breakfast as well. The same is with Rummy application too. Moreover, there has been an extreme rise in the number of Rummy players. Thanks to Gamentio for providing exciting offers and bonuses which people are increasingly becoming aware of. Free of cost: You can download the Gamentio Rummy app instantly on your mobile, that too without paying anything. With full package: The rummy card game on the mobile app comes with a variety of packages, be it the practice game, cash game or in various other variants like free, cash, freeroll rummy game, and cash tournament. How playing teen Patti online for free helps you deal with things that annoy you daily - Download Teen Patti Game & Enjoy 3D Teen Patti Game Online - gamentio.

Each day comes with a new challenge.

How playing teen Patti online for free helps you deal with things that annoy you daily - Download Teen Patti Game & Enjoy 3D Teen Patti Game Online - gamentio

Let’s discuss some of the things that you have to deal with yourself every day in your life. Power cuts: With each day that passes by power cuts are rapidly increasing. What bothers the most is when you are stuck in the middle of your important work. But there is one thing in which you can make your life easy. For that, you just need a mobile phone and an internet connection and get ready to have unlimited fun and enjoyment by playing real Teen Patti card game online for free.

Why everyone is going crazy for Gamentio? - Blog. Gamentio is one of the most popular and reputed sites in the gaming world.

Why everyone is going crazy for Gamentio? - Blog

It is an online social gaming platform where you can enjoy a variety of online card game like Poker, Teen Patti, Blackjack, Rummy, and Solitaire. One of the unique features is that all the games are in 3D format. Moreover, you can customize your avatars according to your own choices. Obviously, there might be some reasons why online card game users are going crazy over this alluring skill-based games. Below are the features that exhibit what makes it so special. Security issues: For us, security issues are the topmost priority for our esteemed players, who trusted us and joined our table to experience their love for gaming. Ditch the teacher: Our website has a classroom session where you can practice and play until you are confident enough in that particular game. Tumblr.

How To Play Solitaire Swift Card Games - Blog. Solitaire card games are nothing new to the world, for as long as there have been cards, solitaire games have been a prominent theme.

How To Play Solitaire Swift Card Games - Blog

Also thanks to the digital age, there have been several apps that have been created to promote solitaire card games. The one to focus on today though is the game Solitaire Swift which takes a unique spin to the classic solitaire games. No longer are you making rows of a number series in a black or red pattern. Nor are you placing the cards in a pile from ace to king with each pile matching suits. This time, you are placing consecutive cards higher or lower than the value of the card.

Because of this, it’s drastically different than most solitaire card games that you find. What are some great Poker movies to watch? Over the years we’ve had our share of movies, but some films that might’ve gone under the radar are movies revolving around a poker game.

What are some great Poker movies to watch?

There’s actually a surprising number of them over the years of movie production and they are well worth looking into. Below are list of movies with a poker game going on that is just as thrilling as the rest of the film! The Sting The first one on the list and it’s quite the old one. Whether you are a fan of Texas Hold’em poker or any kind of poker game styles for that matter, this movie is a must. 3D Social Casino Games Online — Some Tricks For Online Rummy Card Game. Rummy, Teen patti, Poker, Blackjack - gamentio. Why do people play solitaire games? Actually there are a variety of reasons that people choose to play solitaire card games over others.

Here are a handful of reasons. A Variety Of Choices Naturally there are many games out there for which you only need one person to play. The solitaire game evolved over a period of time as more people began to play solo games. Rummy, Teen patti, Poker, Blackjack - gamentio. For as long as solitaire games have been around, some people have been debating over whether it is a game of luck or a game of skill.

To determine this once and for all, let’s take a look at how these styles of games are defined finishing with a final decision and reasoning. Games Of Luck To Win When looking up free solitaire card games, there are several cases to be made about this game being a game of luck. But first let’s define what game of luck means. Games of luck (or chance) are ones where typically a person wagers money or something of value and plays against a randomizing device.

Latest Trends in Online Rummy Games - Rummy Blog - gamentio. That being said there have been a few new trends picking up in the rummy card game world, particularly in Indian rummy online. Below are a few of those trends. 21-Card Rummy One of the largest and energizing advancements of the rummy online world is the introduction of 21-card rummy. In this variation, there are more jokers in the deck, demands common sequences rather than elaborate. The rummy rules are very much the same, but players are attracted to this as this version is relatively new and it’s more jumbled which makes for intriguing games. 3D Social Casino Games Online — Top 3 Variants of Rummy. When is the Best Time to Hit the Online Poker Tables? Lately it seems as if the world has gone online poker mad, and we can understand why. Playing poker online is one of the best ways to spend your free time. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s very rewarding. It doesn’t matter whether you play poker online for free, or if there is money involved, the game is still incredibly enjoyable, and it is guaranteed to bring out your competitive side.

Out of all the countless online poker games, the one variable that can influence how enjoyable your game is, is the timing in which you play. But exactly when is the best time to hit the online poker tables? Early morning – When it comes to online poker games, sometimes all you want is a nice and steady game where you can relax, go at your own pace, without having to deal with too many players at one go.

Is It Okay to Split Pairs in Blackjack? - blog - gamentio. If you’re looking for a fun and challenging card game to play, either online or in person, you may wanna go for Blackjack. Blackjack is an extremely popular card game that is enjoyed in casinos all over the globe. If you are fairly new to the world of Blackjack however, you may wanna consider working on your Blackjack strategy. Generally with Blackjack, when you’re dealt a pair, which is of course, two similar cards. The overall bet of your hand doubles, meaning that you have two opportunities to beat the dealer.

Top current Poker Destinations in the World. Poker game is quite an impressive invention which brings a lot of people together from different parts of the world to play, compete, throw banters and make lots of money. Five major differences between Online Poker and Live Poker - blog - gamentio. This is a conversation that has existed for a long time in poker. While some poker players have excelled at playing live poker, some others are only good at playing online.

How online Poker has evolved in the past decade - blog - gamentio. For several years before the internet became widely adopted, Poker has existed, and poker players have played poker games such as Texas Holdem and Omaha. However, with the internet and advancements in technology over the past decade, online poker has evolved and gone through different phases of evolution. Eliminate Your Fear And Pick Up Rummy Today - Rummy Blog - gamentio. Card games usually have a bad reputation, people assume that a card game will involve some sort of gambling. This is not the case with the Rummy card game. 5 Mind Numbing Facts About Free Poker. Free poker is addictive, it is impossible to deny it. Different categories of poker players - blog - gamentio. Online poker is a game that is enjoyed in households all over the globe. For many centuries now, poker has proven to be a hugely popular card game, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology, online poker is now thriving.

Whether you’re looking to play free online Taxes holdem games, or any other variant of poker, it always pays to know your opposition. You can see a lot about a person by studying how they play poker. How Teen Patti Games Can Increase Your Profit - Teen Patti Blog - gamentio. You perhaps may have long heard about teen patti game, but are now wondering how teen patti games can increase your profits? This article will reveal the simple path to that. How to Avoid Going on Tilt in Poker. There are a lot of ways to learn poker, but tilt is definitely something every player tries to avoid. Tilt in poker is a saying that states when a player has becomes angry mainly due to a bad beat and loses control. The user seems as if he/she has been pushed off their limit and about to blow up! 5 steps to become a successful Tournament Poker Player.

It may seem like an impossible task at the beginning, but it will pay more than just bills. How to Play a Poker Tournament Final Table. For poker players, it doesn’t matter whether you play online poker tournaments, or if you play with at your buddy’s games room, the key objective is to make it to the final table of a poker tournament. What Makes an Online Casino Game Safe and Secure? - Casino Games, Online Teen Patti, Poker Game, Rummy Games-Blogs - gamentio. Should You Play Blind In Teen-Patti - Teen Patti Blog - gamentio.

Reasons Why You Are a Rookie in Free Poker - blog - gamentio. 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest Time in Learning Teen Patti Rules Before Playing – Social Casino 3D Card Games. Advices That You Must Take Care to Before Entering Poker Tournaments - blog - gamentio. Introducing 5 Unique Methods to Master Classic Rummy - Rummy Blog - gamentio. 5 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know about Online Poker Tournaments - blog - gamentio. 4 Useful Tips from Experienced Free Texas Holdem Practitioners - blog - gamentio. Poker or Teen Patti: Which is the more fun card game? - Blog. Poker Strategy – How to Play Pocket Pairs in Poker - blog - gamentio. Learning Teen Patti Indian Poker can be Addictive – Here are Four Ways to get Yourself Hooked - Teen Patti Blog - gamentio.

5 Unconventional Facts About Classic Rummy That You Can't Learn from Books - Rummy Blog - gamentio. Reasons To Play Online Poker And Make A Profit Out Of It. Gamentio - Play 3D Poker, Rummy, Teen Patti and BlackJack: How to Get People to Like Classic Rummy – Tips for Winning Rummy. Can you win this hand on the River? How many outs will win us the hand? 3D Social Casino Games Online — 5 Tips to Master Rummy Strategies in order to Win... The strategies to win in Blackjack game. The importance of dealer position in Poker - Free Poker practice. REASONS WHY RUMMY IS A POPULAR CARD GAME - Rummy Blog.

PROS AND CONS OF TEXAS HOLD ‘EM POKER. How can you play free solitaire card games. Gamentio 3D Poker: What are the odds of Player A vs Player B? Five Easy Rules of Poker Online – Social Casino 3D Card Games. How Teen Patti Games Can Increase Your Profit - Teen Patti Blog. Five Unbelievable Facts About Card Games. Why should you play in free online rummy tournaments? - Rummy Blog. Top 5 interesting facts about playing online Blackjack game. 3 Ways in Which Rummy Card Games Help in Memory and Concentration – Social Casino 3D Card Games. 5 rules to keep in mind while playing Solitaire card game online. Know The Reasons That Makes Solitaire Card Games All Time Favorite Game.

The Only Effective Ways to Achieve Success in Online Card Games. Why Solitaire is a challenging and skillful card game. Never Play Teen Patti Without a Solid Strategy – 3 Helpful Hints and Tips - Teen Patti Blog. Fully Utilize Teen Patti Rules To Enhance Your Winning Odds. - Teen Patti Blog. 5 Reasons for Playing Online Poker Tournaments. Top 10 Lay-downs in the history of Poker. Gamentio - Play 3D Poker, Rummy, Teen Patti and BlackJack: Play and Enjoy Solitaire Card Game Online for Free. Why should you play Poker Tournaments. The Joker can save your game in Rummy. 5 Useful Tips & Tricks For Blackjack.

How to Play Indian Rummy For Free - Rummy Blog. Seven Features Of Poker online game, That Make Everyone Love It. Rummy online game is a good Brain booster - Rummy Blog. Top 7 Variations you should know Before Playing Teen Patti online - Teen Patti Blog - gamentio. 5 Facts That You Should Know About Classic Rummy - Rummy Blog - gamentio. 4 Pieces of Advice You Must Listen To Before Learning Poker Games - blog - gamentio. 5 Advantages Of Free Poker And How You Can Make Full Use Of It. This Is How Much Gamentio Pays - Casino Games, Online Teen Patti, Poker Game, Rummy Games-Blogs - gamentio. Poker: The Legends called it right. Is Classic Rummy Any Good? – 4 Ways You Can Be Certain. Blackjack Tips to Win at the Table - blog - gamentio.

Reasons Why Teen Patti Rules Have Become So Popular Over the Last Decade. Try your hand at Teen Patti Card Game Variations - Teen Patti Blog - gamentio. Top Trends Shaping The Future Of Online Card Games. Poker: The Winner on the River - blog - gamentio. Social Casino Impacts as Perceived by Different Cultures. Poker: Most Popular Poker Destinations. Poker: Vital Statistics for every player - blog - gamentio.

Yes or No to Rummy Online? - Rummy Blog - gamentio. Contest #28: Win Vouchers Worth Rs 1500. Poker Strategies: Board Texture Analysis. Blackjack Super Strategies: Dealing with the Ace. Blackjack Super Strategies: Splitting and Winning. Skill or Luck ? Tips to master Teen Patti Card Game - Teen Patti Blog - gamentio. Poker: Top 50 Starting Hands. 6 REASONS TO PLAY GAMENTIO POKER. Social Casino- The Glitz, Glamour and Glitterati. Poker: Astonishing Poker Facts. You’re Just a Class Away From Being a Class Apart! - Roadmap | What we are upto at Gamentio - gamentio.