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Galit Kierkut is a member of the firm of Sills Cummis & Gross P.C., a general practice firm with approximately 150 attorneys in NY and NJ. Ms. Kierkut practices in the areas of employment discrimination, harassment, whistleblowing, restrictive covenant and trade secret counseling and litigation.

Galit Kierkut, Helping Mediate Traditional Labor Laws. Thanks to the power if unions across the Western world, employees in many industries have been empowered with rights that some labor workers in the world can only ream of.

Galit Kierkut, Helping Mediate Traditional Labor Laws

For years, unions have aggressively represented their members, to ensure things from equal rights to increased pay, and safe and pleasant working environments. However, the might of the unions has also led to them becoming at times problematic and confrontational when it comes to taking on employers and demanding more from their members.

Galit Kierkut- Leading the Way in Gender Diversity Issues. The battle to create a more level playing field for men and women when it comes to employment rights I one being led by some of the country's most reputable professional firms.

Galit Kierkut- Leading the Way in Gender Diversity Issues

Sills Cummis & Gross are one such company who have excelled at leading the way in promoting the importance of developing women's careers, especially in the male dominated world of law. Galit Kierkut is one such legal professional who has been able to benefit from their women's diversity programs and initiatives that they run, and recently received recognition for her outstanding work for the company. Find out more about the life and career of Galit Kierkut, Drafting an Employment Contract here. Galit Kierkut was recently named one of New Jersey’s 2017 Best 50 Women in Business by NJBIZ. She has excelled in her role as a member of the Sills Cummis & Gross Employment and Labor Practice Group, which has long been famous for championing diversity employment issues.

Galit Kierkut, Championing Diversity in the Workplace. Creating and maintaining a diverse workplace is of huge importance to reputable professional legal practices such as Sills Cummis & Gross.

Galit Kierkut, Championing Diversity in the Workplace

The Firm has always been a huge advocate of minority hiring practices and is involved in a number of minority hiring, retention and diversity initiatives. Their Diversity Committee and Women’s Group focus on initiatives to enhance the culture of Sills Cummis & Gross and the quality of service to the Firm’s clients from their diverse team of professionals. Sills Cummis & Gross also actively encourages its lawyers to participate in minority bar associations and local and national women’s groups to enhance the value of the field and carry forth their admirable philosophies. Galit Kierkut, Proud to Promote Legal Diversity. Diversity is something of a buzzword in modern professional business practices.

Galit Kierkut, Proud to Promote Legal Diversity

More and more people and firms are recognizing the importance of their employment structure representing the diversity of the clients and country they serve. Diversity s a rather broad spectrum, and requires businesses to articulate a sustainable path to helping carry out diverse employment practices. Sills Cummis & Gross, the New York and New Jersey legal firm are one such company who have built a reputation for their outstanding commitment to promoting diversity in the work place, and championing the cultivation of women in legal professions. Find out more from Galit Kierkut, How to Choose a Law Firm on Vimeo here. Whilst the tide finally seems to be turning, the legal industry is still predominantly male.

Galit Kierkut, Aggressive representation for Legal Concerns. Galit Kierkut, Experience and Skill in Legal Practices. Sills Cummis & Gross are one of New Jersey's most renown law firms, famous for their aggressive representation of diversity issues, community work and courtroom success.

Galit Kierkut, Experience and Skill in Legal Practices

They are comprised of some of the most talented legal professionals in America today, who strive to carry out the rule of law and help their clients seek justice in the most efficient ways possible Galit Kierkut is one such professional who works closely with Sills Cummis & Gross, and has excelled in her position in the company. She continues to strive to improve not only the practices of the law firm, but also her own skill set so that she can best aid clients with their legal inquiries. Princeton Law Firm, The Ongoing Fight for Women.

In the United States, we like to think of ourselves as a modern and progressive society.

Princeton Law Firm, The Ongoing Fight for Women

If the recent presidential election has taught the world anything, however, it is that the United States is far from the progressive culture that we had deluded ourselves into thinking we were. There are still countless barriers facing individuals when it comes to issues of education, getting a job, and making a fare wage. One of the most heavily affected groups of individuals is women. Women have been fighting for equality for nearly a century and though we have made some progress as a society, there is still a lot that needs to be done. .

In 1945 there were roughly 26,000 more men in the workforce than women. Galit Kierkut, Specializing in Employment Legislation. Galit Kierkut, Whistleblowers and American Culture. In modern history, the topic of whistleblowers is something that has captured the public’s attention and imagination.

Galit Kierkut, Whistleblowers and American Culture

A whistleblower is someone who exposes any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct within an organization that is either private or public. Notable whistleblowers include Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Daniel Ellsberg, Julian Assange, and Aaron Swartz. There is much debate surrounding whistleblowers that are often viewed by the public as heroes, while simultaneously being persecuted—not to mention prosecuted—by the government or organizations that they have spoken out against.

At times, these organizations have taken legal and other actions that have driven whistleblowers to feel the country and seek asylum, or even take their own lives. Galit Kierkut – The Importance of Employment Counseling. Establishing effective employee policies and procedures can help employers avoid costly employment litigation.

Galit Kierkut – The Importance of Employment Counseling

At the law firm of Sills Cummis & Gross, one of the many things that Galit Kierkut does is that she concentrates on employment counseling. She works with employer clients to write, review, and update employment handbooks, policies and practices focused on each business’ particular needs. She also reviews and updates social media policies and employment contracts, including restrictive covenants and severance agreements. Galit Kierkut has been practicing law for over 20 years. She currently works for the New Jersey-based law firm of Sills Cummis & Gross. Employment counseling is an incredibly crucial component to any business.

As an employer, if and when a dispute arises, you want to have the full confidence that you will be protected by the policies that you have written and the laws that protect them. Galit Kierkut – Employment and Labor Law. The world of employment and labor law is something that most people do not think about until they are affected by it.

Galit Kierkut – Employment and Labor Law

It’s fairly common knowledge that you can’t be discriminated against because of your race, color, sex, age, disabilities, religion, or national origin. This statute was enacted during the Civil Rights Act in 1964. If you are not a lawyer, or someone who actively keeps up on employment laws in their spare time, you may not know about the other important laws that are set in place to protect the employee and the employer. If something happens during your employment, or if you get fired, it’s important to know what sort of actions you can take to protect yourself. Galit Kierkut – Helping to Protect Employees. Galit Kierkut, Understanding the Law Behind Employee Benefits. If it should have the financial resources, every company would like to have a strong employee benefit system which can help attract the best industry talent and create a motivated and happy workforce.

Galit Kierkut, Understanding the Law Behind Employee Benefits

These benefits can range from anything from gym membership and health insurance to Christmas bonuses and personal development schemes. Whatever the aspect of employee benefit, it gives a chance for companies to internally motivate staff and make them an attractive company to work for. Galit Kierkut, Investigating Employment and Labor Compliance. Galit Kierkut, Investigating Employment and Labor Compliance The world of employment and labor law has grown to become complex and at times unnavigable for employees and employers.

Because of the rich literature behind the laws, it has become a legal profession to itself, as new legislation are constantly introduced to help protect both employers and employees in the workplace and in the eyes of the law. Companies such as Sills Cummis & Gross specialize in helping to establish fair employment practices, and settling disputes between parties to find the best solutions between them all. They investigate compliance in the field of employment and labor to help carry out justice and represent their clients interests with meticulous research and strong evidence. Galit Kierkut, Expertise in Employment and Labor Counseling.

The industry of employment and labor counseling in the modern age has taken off thanks to improved employee rights and empowered working laws. Whilst at times this causes stumbling blocks for businesses, it also benefits them by having more highly motivated staff with empowerment that makes them feel valued and get treated with the respect they deserve by their employers.

However, when in contract and negotiation disputes on occasion, it does lead to certain legal problems which are unavoidable. Sometime, the two parties different interpretations of the law and therefore it is only right to get the law involved to settle the disputes fairly. Galit Kierkut, Finding Solutions to Employment and Labor Litigation. The world of employment and labor laws has seen a huge increase in activity over the last few decades. As more and more workers are empowered by rights, companies are forced into re-evaluating labor practices that offer fair and safe working environments. It has seen lawyers and attorneys in the industry taking on a number of new and often novel cases, in which they help mediate between the disputing parties, usually the employer and the employee in questions. Firms such as Sills Cummis & Gross are one of the leading employment and labor legislators in the US today, and are dedicated to helping find the most optimal solutions for all parties in such cases.

Company legal professional Galit Kierkut Focuses On Employment Legislation in her role within the company. Princeton Law Firm, Modern Labor Law. If you are currently working an entry-level position or a part time job, chances are that despite signing an employment contract, you did not take time to consider how this contract was drafted. Creating an employment contract is a lengthy legal process that requires hours of focused and determined attention, as well as a keen eye for detail, not to mention the requisite knowledge of law and a company’s rules.

It is typically handled by a qualified attorney, one that is singular devoted to the legal matters of their company, organization, or corporation. Princeton Law Firm, Getting Women in the Workplace. When we think of high-level executives and other business professionals, despite our drive as a society to be modern and worldly, we often think of a man. An older, white man in a well-tailored suit who has fought his way up the corporate ladder. Many people even idolize this image and aspire to find the same success. However, as our society comes close to equality, women and other minorities are taking on more responsibility in the workplace. There is a rising generation of women who are taking advantage of unprecedented levels of equality in the workplace. Princeton Law Firm, Finding the Right Attorney for You. Finding the right attorney to represent you is the single most important thing you can do when faced a legal situation.

Chances are that most people will deal with an attorney in some way and at some point in their life. Most likely it will be for a minor legal issue such as a traffic violation or business negotiation. Galit Kierkut, Social Medial Legal Cases. It would shock most people to find out the variety of positions that attorneys fill in our modern society. Most people think of large legal firms and law offices when they think of where attorneys work each day. Galit Kierkut, How Employment Brings People Together.

One of the fundamental things that people around the world share is employment. Galit Kierkut, The Topic of Labor Law. Most people roll their eyes or at least let them glaze over when anyone brings up law in casual conversation. In short, this is because legal matters are complicated and often tedious in casual conversation. Galit Kierkut, What Do Employment Contracts Do. When it comes to one’s job, there is no room for confusion or ambiguity. Your career is your livelihood and should therefore be taken with utmost severity. Unfortunately, business is not always so careful. Many people are hired ad hoc or at the last minute, signing contracts of employment that were drafted carelessly, in addition to not having been read.

Galit Kierkut – The Laws of Whistleblowing. Gail Kierkut – The Fine Art of Drafting an Employee Contract. Employee contracts. Princeton Law Firm, Assisting With Employment Law. The Galit Kierkut Official Account On Youtube demonstrates clearly that she has made it her core emphasis to concentrate on employment legislation and counseling. She is meticulous in conducting human resource audits, while performing management and employee training in such thorny areas as sexual harassment, social media and electronic communications use, and is considered an expert in counseling clients regarding compliance with state and federal employment laws. To facilitate this process, Galit Kierkut pays extremely close attention to any amendments to existing discrimination laws, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), legislation governing family and medical absence, and the Worker Adjustment and Restraining Notification (WARN) Act.

Galit Kierkut, Employment Legislation And Counseling. Princeton law firm And Employment Law. Galit Kierkut reviews employment law on a regular basis. She is employed at Princeton law firm Sills Cummis & Gross, where she works in a variety of fields. Employment Legislation By Galit Kierkut. The Importance of a Good Employment Contract By Galit Kierkut. Galit Kierkut, Evaluate and Enforce all cases Related to Legal Situations.

Galit Kierkut, Major Employment and Labor Laws for Businesses. Galit Kierkut, Supporting Working Women. Galit Kierkut, Social Networking and the Law. Galit Kierkut, Women and the Legal Workplace. Galit Kierkut, Whistleblowing, And The Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Galit Kierkut Reviews Employment Law. Galit Kierkut Cum Laude. Galit Kierkut And Tailoring The Contract. Galit Kierkut, Drafting an Employment Contract. Galit Kierkut, Monitoring Social Media in the Workplace. Galit Kierkut, How Social Networking Legally Impacts the Workplace. Galit Kierkut, When to Arbitrate or When Not. Galit Kierkut Focuses On Employment Legislation. Galit Kierkut Defends Employment and Labor Laws. Galit Kierkut And The Right Attorney.

Galit Kierkut, The World of Employment and Labor Law. Galit Kierkut, The Importance of Employment and Labor Law. Galit Kierkut, Protecting Everyone’s Rights in Class Action Cases. Galit Kierkut, Employees and Employers in Whistleblowing. Galit Kierkut, Women in the Workplace. Galit Kierkut, Why You Should Care About Your Trade Contract. Sills Cummis & Gross Attorneys Listed in 2017 Edition of Best Lawyers in America. How to Choose a Law Firm. Whistleblowers in the Workplace Have Changed Laws. How to Choose a Law Firm. Sills Cummis & Gross Associates Named to Top Lawyer List. Whistleblowers in the Workplace Have Changed Laws. The Importance of an Employment Contract. Sills Cummis & Gross Focus on Clients and Women.