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Removal of effects of karma and use of Arabic talismans amulets PowerPoint Presentation - ID:7601922. Removal of effects of karma and use of arabic talismans amulets. Removal of effects of karma and use of Arabic talismans amulets.pdf. Spiritual leaders available online for spiritual help and practices. Spiritual practices are often followed to attain fortunes and goodness.

Spiritual leaders available online for spiritual help and practices

Some people don’t get much in to spirituality because they either don’t understand the concepts behind it or they don’t like superstition as they consider as manmade. Many people that don’t show interest in spirituality but do worship gods use to believe the spiritual forces and energies. That is why they worship different gods for different purposes. Those that get deeper in to spirituality will go deeper in to various concepts and myths. They fact is that they just follow it even though they understand it. When it comes to spirituality those that do worship gods but don’t consider the superstitious facts use to believe that it is the attitude that matters. The concept of women empowerment and enlightenment – Galighticus World – Medium. Women are always special with special abilities and nature.

The concept of women empowerment and enlightenment – Galighticus World – Medium

Woman can be called as unique design and they are to be treated with love, care and affection. No man can be a best companion to the other man because woman is the best companion to man ever. Since from the ancient days women are not equally treated but overpowered by men overall. Due to the overpowering nature of man, she has been under men in every way and not allowed to think or recognized equally. Still many women rose against this and have started living in their identity. Women empowerment The sad fact is that they don’t live their potential rather they live for men, children and family. The spiritual energy that heals the body and mind – Galighticus. Different kinds of spiritual concepts and ancient practices have come to existence these days.

The spiritual energy that heals the body and mind – Galighticus

Unlike before, you could see drastic use of spiritual concepts and methodologies these days that many people use to embrace such things for healing and other benefits. Apart from the spiritual interest the main reason for the people to get adapted to such concepts and method is to get the intended benefits. Ancient practices and spiritual concepts The ancient practices and spiritual concepts are categorized as per its origin. The spiritual concepts will require people to participate in some practices so that they could get benefited with the results. Japanese technique. Hell money burnt for after life. Money is one of the most important in this life.

Hell money burnt for after life

Money makes better living and lack of money causes a lot of issues in the life. From the birth to death, money is most needed every day because everything in this life is payable except love, relationship and future. It is quite evident that money comes by earning and there are different levels of earning and income as per the designation and the experience of the person. Some people use to have more money apart from their earning and it will be mostly the assets and the cash from the ancestors, Grandparents and parents. There are many people who earn much on own by their hard work and skills and become millionaire. There is a belief about spiritual connection with money. Joss paper The hell money is also called as joss paper and it is available in form of currency notes as if legal currency notes.

Galighticus. Galighticus. Closure is one of the most precious things that we can have when a loved one leaves this world.


As taught to me by the Arch angelic kingdom, our Creator never intended for us to be in such despair when the continuance of life ensues. BALDR KRONOS. Baldr is a powerful Norse God of Asgaard.


Kronos is a God that creates time. This program represents the highest echelon of my teachings and powers. The powers have been coalescing in my beingness for the past 40 years and I’ve had to mature into their fullest faculty. This program is strictly for the advanced.The sacred SEQUENCE OF POWER technology will be taught in full to all members. the members have been selected before their birth , and will be drawn into this programme on sight. the SEQUENCE OF POWER technology will not be given to regular humans until the year 2018.

This will distribute major cosmic power into the hands of the the common terrestus being. Many mysteries that we are not even aware of exist within the Absolutem{boundless universes} Those mysteries are exactly how worlds and realities are created. Initiate Program. Karmic Emancipation Package. Kundalini Reiki Attunements - Levels 1, 2 & 3. Many thousands of years ago, our dna strands where deactivated, and rendered our multidimensional aspects useless.

Kundalini Reiki Attunements - Levels 1, 2 & 3

Studentship Programme of Ascension. The level one program lasts for 12 months.

Studentship Programme of Ascension

You will work at Multidimensional levels of self, that will begin your transformation from Earth bound being into an unbound Divine being. This will make you much more aware than you are now. Your dreams will change. You will also draw the attention of the Gods, Arch Angels, and Exalted Beings who have blessed me with the template of this program, to bring it onto this dimension from higher versions of Myself. These powerful beings can only be described as NOT human. I have worked through many lifetimes as a High Priest, Monk, Shaman, you name it. I’ve actually made successful contact with those forms of myself, that allow me to teach here, some of what I teach on higher dimensions of reality. Consciousness expansion comes with power that has its own latent faculties. At the end of each month you will have 30 minute long consultation with me via phone, Skype or in person.

There is a one-time enrollment fee of $600. Spiritual Consultation / Advisory. It is in my divine contract with the Creator to bring as many souls back to the PRIMORDIUM as possible.

Spiritual Consultation / Advisory

One of the most rewarding aspects of what I do is guide people who need clarity and direction in their lives in regards to spirituality. Unbeknownst to me, when my Kundalini began to rapidly activate in 2007, I became divinely set ablaze with an unquenchable thirst for everything that pertained to GOD. I began reading and researching everything I could get my hands on. At the same time I was being guided to certain teachings and books that would support my calling to help others out of their darkness. Past Lifeology.