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Design Automatation - PLM talks - PLM ideas in motion. CPDA. Design Systems. Agile Product Lifecycle Management. PLM - Product Lifecycle Management Software Solutions. TeamCenter.  Recommendations & Standards. Research Rap: Are Engineers Social? Online They Are! A quick peek into some research on… how active engineers are with social networks.

Research Rap: Are Engineers Social? Online They Are!

While attending the PROuser conference, I heard Robin Saitz of PTC talk about a study that they commissioned Forrester Research to develop. The goal of the study was to better understand how active PTC’s customers are in social networks. The results surprised me and they didn’t, it turns out that engineers and product developers are very active with social computing! The Research Forrester, from what I can see, has taken a significant lead in researching social computing. About nine out of ten (specifically 89%) of those surveyed use social media and Web 2.0. There is clearly more to the research about how they use it, whether they use it personally or professionally, and other factors. Robin did make it clear that they are using social computing for work as well as personal reasons. My Thoughts Let me keep this short. Why am I surprised? Implications for Manufacturers. PLM Content and Facebook Open Graph « Daily PLM Think Tank Blog.

Facebook F8 conference this week was a place for some very interesting announcements that, in my view, may have an impact on PLM too.

PLM Content and Facebook Open Graph « Daily PLM Think Tank Blog

I can recommend you to read a good summary of news introduced by Facebook here. In my view, it presents a very interesting dimension in the future development of Facebook. The question I’m asking – should PLM care? Is there something new presented by Facebook, that can catch a focus of current and future PLM development? Web Content Creation Facebook is making next steps in the development of content on the web. Social Graph The notion of connection between social sites is presented in the Open Graph Protocol. PLM Content I see a comparison between the way Facebook is building social web content and PLM content. What is my conclusion?


CAD. CAE. Social Product Development. Global PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), Architecture, SOA and Development. This is the home site of Martin Ohly. Originally from the UK and now over 25 years in Germany based in Berlin. I have worked for over 33 years in different areas of engineering and IT. The last 20 years working on large and distributed systems in different application domains - covering factory control, healthcare, SAP deployments, global PLM solutions and most recently concerned with electronic toll collection systems - with many successful and some not so successful large and small projects.

Areas of interest My interests lie in several areas: the challenges of building reliable, secure and distributed systems, such as global PLM systems , platforms for supporting global collaborative product development learn from real systems - how they work, why they work - and maybe why they failed (please send me any interesting references, stories, etc - if applicable, I will post these on this site) take pleasure in successful projects - providing useful, performant, reliable, manageable systems.