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DIY Fairy Wings HOW-TO and BONUS Costume Essential. No Fairy Wings...No problem!

DIY Fairy Wings HOW-TO and BONUS Costume Essential

Threadbanger presents the first installation of Halloweeny Wednesdays teaching you how to make fairy wings from some old coat hangers and stockings. Time to Fly! Ok first off, i fracken loooooove fairies. i had a great time making these. it is really easy. just make sure you really tie them together well. take your time with it and they will be some of the most sturdy wings you've sported. they stay up much better then the mass made ones do and there is no elastic to cut the circulation of both your arms off, just beautiful ribbon. you need:four hangers that are of the exact measurements.2 pairs of old tights. use to different colors if you want2 and a half inch ribbon or just a bunch of smaller oneswater based gluea little glitteran old paint brusha pair of pliersand your scissors.

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Google Image Result for. Google Image Result for. HQ Wallpapers Collection - Fantasy Art - Photo 950 of 1266. Click photo to toggle full-size huntersmoon big 900 px x 1200 px (232.3 KB)

HQ Wallpapers Collection - Fantasy Art - Photo 950 of 1266

Wasteddreams's deviantART gallery. Wasteddreams's deviantART gallery. Tribal Halter Top PDF sewing pattern and 42 par VagabondPatterns. Rainbow pixie // leg warmers // burning man par CitivaCreationz. Custom silver elf ears par Belethil. Festie Pixie Gypsy Mori Girl Recycled par FoxiApparatus. Elf pocket psytrance pixie skirt ethnic goa velcro par Gekkoonline.