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Best Adventure Resorts Near Chandigarh- Gaj Retreat. Advantages Of Staying In An Exotic Luxury Resorts in Hoshiarpur. A luxury resort differs from a hotel in the fact that it provides the needs for most of the guests on its premises. Hence, resort is a place that not only offers its guests with comfortable lodging but also food, drink, entertainment, sports and at times shopping on-site. Talking about resorts, the types are never-ending, from golf, ski and spa resorts, to luxury and all-inclusive facilities. If you are planning a vacation with family or friends, a stay at exotic luxury resorts in Hoshiarpur would be the perfect destination.Some counted advantages of staying in a luxury spa resort.1.The promise of a fun adventure – Luxury resorts are intended for offering a unique experience and fun adventure to their guests.

Depending on what you want from your vacation, there’s plenty to explore. 2.The all-inclusive option – Even though this type of resort is not for everyone, the all-inclusive resorts do allow the guests to have a cash-free and worry-free vacation. Relaxed and Rejuvenated Spa Holiday with Best Spa Resort in Hoshiarpur. Spa holidays are all about de-stressing and detoxing. Apart from offering varied spa therapies, pamper session and holistic activities, they also offer the perfect opportunity to experience and explore the beauty of the locals. There are numerous health benefits involved with going for a spa holiday at the best spa resort in Hoshiarpur. From relieving stress to improving sleep and diet, the spa holidays help you live a more healthy and spiritual lifestyle.Spa holidays are all about de-stressing and detoxing.

Apart from offering varied spa therapies, pamper session and holistic activities, they also offer the perfect opportunity to experience and explore the beauty of the locals. There are numerous health benefits involved with going for a spa holiday at the best spa resort in Hoshiarpur. From relieving stress to improving sleep and diet, the spa holidays help you live a more healthy and spiritual lifestyle. Like this: Like Loading...

Gaj Retreat Resort: A Weekend Getaway in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Punjab, the land of spellbinding fields and large-hearted people is a state in the northern part of India and is acclaimed for its cultural opulence. The very first impression when you visit Punjab that flashes in front of you are the lush green fields spread across miles, an overflowing glass of Lassi, the magnificent Gurudwaras and lavish food platters. Our very own Bollywood has also contributed in creating a flamboyant image of this agricultural state through its great cinematic presence in the movies. The best way to be entranced by the majestic landscape of this destination is to spend a few days in a more rustic setup. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, waking up in the middle of the large agricultural land in a farmhouse, having the best of food and admiring the eye-arresting green fields for hours, is the way I had imagined my stay in Punjab.

My recent experience of traveling through Punjab, to a small town named Hoshiarpur, was one of its kind. The Resort Accommodation. Gaj Retreats : Punjab. The growing urbanization has also resulted in an increase in places where people like to unwind themselves from a stressful daily routine. A significant number of resorts have sprouted in recent times all around the country which one loves to visit with family or friends for a luxury getaway.

Gaj Retreat is an eco-resort, nestled in the vast green patch of the plateau of Manaswal, in Hoshiarpur district of Punjab. Surrounded by a rich vast privy forest, this is a project started by Yatinder Chand and Naginder Singh who also run the scenic Koti Resorts in Mashobra, 45 minutes away from the city of Shimla. Gaj Retreat offers its guests a comfortable stay in a serene environment with an array of recreational, rejuvenating activities and a great gastronomical fare. It takes 2 and a half hour drive from Chandigarh Railway station to reach this resort built up on a 6 acre land in a village called GarhShankar. Accommodation Multi-Cuisine Restaurant Activities At the Resort. Visit and Stay at Gaj Retreat | Tiny Creek.

It’s not hard to find urban dwellers on lookout for getaways to escape the daily grind and the cacophony of city life. For Delhites and denizens of Punjab, Gaj Retreat in Manaswal village (Hoshiarpur district, Punjab) is a convenient option. Just a little over two hours of drive from Chandigarh, the retreat is located in one of the quieter parts overlooking the Shivaliks and river Shwahn in the vicinity. In fact, the land on which the property stands today formed the river bed once upon a time. This is also evident from the fact that at the time of construction, smooth well rounded pebbles were found in plenty. Guests can choose from Chateaus, Pool Suites and Tented Cottages for their stay options. Inside Gaj Retreat Pathway to one of the rooms View from the room Safari-styled tented accommodation Pebble-decorated wall inside the room The produce at the potter’s Kilns to bake the wares At the dairy farm An evening by the river View of Virasat-e-Khalsa Gurudwara Keshgarh Sahib Sat Sri Akal!

Get Adventurous with Gaj Retreat Punjab - Masala Box. I had an early morning flight to catch and was busy getting my backpack stuffed. The weather app showed a bright sun for the next few days and I was looking forward to just look at fertile green lands under a bright sky and drink lassi. I have always wanted to visit Punjab.

May be just a Bollywood influence of looking at the actors running through the mustard farms and dancing to the tunes of bhangra. So when the opportunity showed up I immediately packed my bags. The itinerary read I will be whisked off to Gaj Retreat Punjab – A luxury Eco Resort and Spa! It is about three hour drive from Chandigarh. Though I was groggy with the sleepless night and early morning flight, my eyes lit up on seeing the paddy farms and greenery through out the way! En route to Gaj Retreat Gaj Retreat – a Weekend Getaway: After reaching Gaj Retreat is when I realized why it is one of the best weekend getaway.

The Chateau and Tent Accommodation ATV off-roading around the property Dining by the river in the night. The many faces of retreat. Experience_ unforgettable sunset and sunrise at Gaj. #TCBG_Trips #GajRetreat Someone rightly pointed out that it takes more courage to retreat than to advance. After all, to retreat, in the parlance of generals and commanders is to regroup, rejuvenate, and be ready for another assault. A retreat thus isn’t about forgetting the art of advancing but just another effective method to re-energize, replenish, regroup, and regain the right focus. Now because I’ve begun this post with soldiers on my mind, let me add that they do not have an exclusive right over adventure… and I’m not talking here of typical civilian urban adventures that involve glaring at errant drivers on traffic-infested roads, getting ahead in an airport boarding queue on the sly, or buying an expensive book just because the two girls browsing that section thought it was a brilliant read.

Adventure_ATV at sunset. Adventure_SUV through the shallow river. Adventure_night off-roading through the wilderness. Simple. Ah! Conferences | Gaj Retreat. Social Galas & Kitty Parties | Gaj Retreat. Wedding Resorts In Hoshiarpur for Best Destination Weddings|Marriage Palace in Hoshiarpur | Gaj Retreat. Tips to make your corporate conference successful without spending loads of money by Gaj Retreat. By Gaj Retreat Luxury Eco Resort and Spa near Chandigarh Corporate conferences play an important role in the business growth of an organization. There may be different types of corporate conferences that may be used to target investors, buyers, or also to motivate employees. A proper corporate conference can prove out to be quite helpful in the increase of sales or garner new partners. You can take the example of the conferences launched by Steve Jobs during the launch of the products iPod and iPhone that took the world by storm and resulted in huge sales.

Planning a successful corporate event is no rocket science, and in order to do that, you do not need truckloads of money. Here are some of the amazing tips to make your corporate conference successful without spending loads of money. Know the aim of your conference: It is quite important to know the main aim of the conference. Know your budget: Choose your speaker: Choose the location: Evaluation: About Gaj Retreat Comments. What Defines the Best Wedding Resort? – Gaj Retreat – Medium. Going to get married soon? Have you selected the venue to organize the event? Remember, choosing a wedding venue is an integral part of hosting a marriage ceremony, and the task is not easy. If you have decided to get married in Hoshiarpur, choose the marriage palace in Hoshiarpur that you consider the best.

Now, the question: how to define the best wedding resort? There are certain features commonly noticed in the luxury resorts near chandigarh that are considered excellent by the guests. This blog enlists the prime characteristics that make a wedding resort ideal for conducting such a big occasion. Here are the characteristics of a perfect marriage venue: Aesthetics: The venue must be appealing enough to win over the guests. Size: Have you about decided how many guests to invite? Package: Organizing a wedding is not easy. Choose a wedding resort in Hoshiarpur that has all the aforementioned qualities. Why forest resorts have become a trend nowadays? - Forests since time immemorial have played an important role in sustaining life on earth. Even today, it plays an important role in our lives, since it maintains the carbon-oxygen balance in nature.

This is very much necessary to maintain the life here on earth. In the recent times, there has been a considerable decrease in the forest cover all over the world due to the deforestation to accommodate the current population which is growing at an alarming rate. It is slowly being replaced by the cement cities all over which in turn has led to different problems like land pollution, air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, etc. This has led to a large number of problems for the people. There are quite a few forest resorts near Chandigarh which provides you the amazing view of the forest and life close to nature. Fresh Air: Nowadays a number of people visit forest resorts to enjoy their vacations. Visually appealing: Health Benefits: Trekking or Mountain biking: Gaj Retreat: A Perfect Balance Between Modernity and Nature.

Conferences are a great way to connect with the partners, buyers, clients, employees, investors, sellers, etc. in the form of corporate events, seminars, etc. No matter what business you own or what industry you dominate, when it comes to hosting conferences everyone feels a bit afraid. A sense of missing something always prevails at the back of your mind no matter how much preparation you have done. But it is all natural to be a little worried.

No matter which meeting you hold, be it investor meeting, incentive meeting, annual meeting, dealer meeting or corporate meeting, the sole aim of the organizer is to make that meeting successful. The chances of the success of the companies solely depend upon the success of the conference. If you are a bit too nervous about the event and wish to take the burden off your shoulders, Gaj Retreat is a wonderful offsite conference resort near Chandigarh. Architectural Grandeur of Gaj Retreat: Some best facilities provided in Gaj Retreat: Like this: Adventurous Getaway Amidst Mother Nature. Life can get pretty monotonous if you continue with your chores or work without any breaks. There are several ways of coming out from the cycle of getting bored, but nothing more interesting than adventurous activities. Adventure is the perfect way to bring enthusiasm back to your life while staying really close to Mother Nature.

It gives you some joyous moments, some thrilling experiences and of course memories that will last you a lifetime. Then what are you waiting for, here is a list of adventure activities that you can be part of. And the most exciting part of it all, you don’t have to travel to some far off place or inside a jungle to carry these out. The best adventure resorts have most of these activities and much more so that you can relax, rejuvenate at the same time and definitely have tons of fun.

Obstacle course: The courses are specially designed to challenge you both physically and mentally. Top Reasons to Organize a Corporate Retreat for your Employees. A growing number of companies, small or big find the benefit in organizing off-site corporate retreats that allow employees to engage in a relatively informal environment, have fun, build team spirit and break the monotony of work to destress themselves in an open and free environment that lends itself to joy and special experience.

Fortunately, India is home to some of the best resorts and hotels in the world. It is not challenging to find a high-quality corporate retreat venue that is luxurious as well as cost effective. If you are still not convinced about the advantages of planning an off-site for your employees, here are a few spikes that would make you rethink. Helps Form More Positive Relationships with Employees At a typical corporate retreat, companies are able to organize a number of team-building exercises.

It is often found that employees that are talented by shy also often open up at these events, allowing them to make a mark among their peers and superiors. Like this: Best Road Trip Destinations from Chandigarh. A road trip is a great way to beat the stress induced by work. Chandigarh by way of its proximity to several hill stations is the perfect starting point for a road trip. While driving or biking you may need make pitstops for a night along the way.

There are myriad exotic luxury resorts near Chandigarh that you can consider. Here are some destinations from Chandigarh that you can stop overnight or spend a few days during your trip to the beautiful hills up North. • Manali This is a beautiful drive as the area is picturesque. . • Chail Such is the beauty of this place that even the word picturesque would not do justice to it. . • Auli A long journey, but completely worth it. . • Lansdowne This is yet another hill station which is extremely captivating and compels you to stay there for a couple of days. . • Dharamshala Located in the Kangra valley, this is another beautiful drive. 7 Fun Tips To Make Your Wedding Day More Fun-Filled For Guests by Gaj Retreat. By Gaj Retreat Luxury Eco Resort and Spa near Chandigarh Weddings are among the memorable and the most beautiful moments for the couple and their families. Apart from the lavish décor and lovely parties, delicious food and wedding functions, you could make your weddings really interesting and fun filled by getting a little innovative.

While you are planning for the best destination weddings, plan on adding a twist. You could also hire a wedding planner to do it for you. Here are a few suggestions you could consider for yours. 1. Each one of us has tried some silly yet funny poses at the photo booths. 2. If you having a summer wedding, your guests would be eager to enjoy the cool delights like ice creams. 3. You could plan to have small games focused on entertaining the guests and to create memories. 4. Weddings seem incomplete without music and dance and maybe add some humorous act. 5. 6. You could definitely go ahead to hire a DJ or a band to perform at your wedding. 7. About Gaj Retreat. How To Choose A Suitable Conference Venue – Gaj Retreat – Medium.

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