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Library Week and World Poetry Day

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South African Library Week 2015. 14 March 2015 - 21 March 2015 South African Library Week 2015 Theme: Connect @ your library National Launch: Friday 13 March 2015 Centre for the Book, Cape Town The Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA) is pleased to announce that South African Library Week (SALW) will be observed during 14-21 March 2015 with the theme Connect @ your library.

South African Library Week 2015

The national launch event will be held on Friday, 13 March 2015 in Cape Town. The theme “Connect @ your library” resonates with the belief that libraries connect people to each other, to knowledge and information, to print and electronic resources, to technology and professional support. Libraries must take the lead in being active community partners towards developing an informed and educated nation. Libraries are fast emerging as technologically enabled environments, which provide individuals the opportunity to connect to: Print friendly version Downloads: SALW 2015 Poster SALW 2015 Button Badge SALW 2015 Bookmark. In April, we turn our library into a lively poet cafe with sofa, stage,standing mikes and light music. We put poetry menus that include poetry bo… Spontaneous Poetry Wall 2011 by Atlantic County Library S…

The Poetry Dress is a collaborative art project featuring work by established and emerging poets as a way to showcase the layers of female voices i… National Poetry Month "magnetic" poetry library display. Each of the staff picked a few lines from favorite poems and then we used contact paper an… Have some fun with it! lislelibrary. PoeTree. Will definitely be doing this in April!

What a simple, great idea for a poetry display. Open a Poetry Cafe to Celebrate Student Writing! Fabulous in Fifth!: Poetry. My school just installed projectors in all the classrooms this year and I have been trying to find ways to use it in all subject areas.

Fabulous in Fifth!: Poetry

I downloaded the Kindle app on to my PC desktop and you can view Kindle books on the projector without a document reader. I purchased The Poetry Friday Anthology (Common Core All Grades K-5) E-book for $9.99. You can buy one grade level for $3.99, I recommend all because each poem refers a poem from another grade level to share for comparison, structural elements, styles, themes, etc. This book is worth it!!! There are 36 weeks of poems for each grade level, but my favorite part is the page after the poem that gives suggestions on how to teach and share it with the kids. Here are my children acting out a poem about football. Mrs. Orman's Classroom: Brighten Up the Winter Blues with a Poetry Cafe. For me, January through March seems to be the hardest part of the school year to get through.

Mrs. Orman's Classroom: Brighten Up the Winter Blues with a Poetry Cafe

The students are either restless (or just plain tired), the weather is always cruddy (I live in the Midwest), and there's really no holiday breaks to look forward to. (Not that I don't love my job, but you know what I mean...) To break up the monotonous routine and get students excited for literature, my colleagues and I have put on "poetry cafes. " The students all gather during their English class period in the media center and take turns sharing their favorite poems, songs, and other literature. Some of them share their own original poems, others read old favorites. You can easily host a poetry cafe in your own classroom before doing a school-wide event. Super simple, super fun - Poem in Your Pocket Day display. 04/12. Poem in Your Pocket Day at Jefferson-Madison Regional Library System. Pin by apple macau on library display ideas.

Library Displays: Poet-Tree. POETRY PICNIC! This week in the library, we are having a POETRY PICNIC!


There is no food at this picnic, but we are just getting a taste of poetry. The library is set up to look like a picnic and there are about 20 places that kids can choose from--places to try things having to do with poetry. My big goal is to get kids' hands on different types of poetry books and to give them time to explore poetry with friends. Classes come to the library every 4 days and we'll keep the picnic set up for 2 rotations. The library is set up so that students can be independent--with directions at each station inviting them to try some things. At this table, students can read poems from Georgia Heard's book FALLING DOWN THE PAGE . POETRY TAG ON THE KINDLE I love the POETRY TAG TIME kindle book that Mary Lee told me about. Using Old Tech (Not Edtech) to Teach Thinking Skills.

What a great thing to have for kids that might need a break or who are done. Have seen this in High Schools with Crossword puzzles. I would love to try this idea in my dorm. What a great way to make someone's day! Goldenview Middle School Library: And the Winners Are... It was so hard to choose the top two winners this year that we needed to list three!

Goldenview Middle School Library: And the Winners Are...

The teachers' choice was drawn by Alys The students' choice was drawn by Sydney And the runner up was drawn by Chloe.