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Section 18: Scientific Visualization. Publication of this NSF report prompted researchers to investigate new approaches to the visualization process and also spawned the development of integrated software environments for visualization.

Section 18: Scientific Visualization

Besides several systems that only addressed specific application needs, such as computational fluid dynamics or chemical engineering, a few more general systems evolved. Among these were IBM's Data Explorer, Ohio State University's apE, Wavefront's Advanced Visualizer, SGI's IRIS Explorer, Stardent's AVS and Wavefront's Data Visualizer.Two lesser known but important systems were Khoros (from the University of New Mexico) and PV-WAVE (Precision Visuals' Workstation Analysis and Visualization Environment), originally from Precision Visuals, Inc., but now owned by Visual Numerics, Inc.

Where Australia's immigrants were born. Out of Sight, Out of Mind: A visualization of drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004. Oranges and Blues — BoxOfficeQuant. ‎ Living with lag - an oculus rift experiment. Amazing Technology Invented By MIT - Tangible Media. The Poetics of Metadata and the Potential of Paradata (Revised) [This is the text, more or less, of the talk I delivered at the 2011 biennial meeting of the Society for Textual Scholarship, which took place March 16-18 at Penn State University.

The Poetics of Metadata and the Potential of Paradata (Revised)

I originally planned on talking about the role of metadata in two digital media projects—a topic that would have fit nicely with STS's official mandate of investigating print and digital textual culture. Datavisualization. Larping Off the Grid. Courtesy of Isaac Eddy The year is 2020, and four months ago, a federal mandate required everyone to wear a biometric device that would not only track physiological and behavioral characteristics, but transmit this personal data to the public and the government in real time.

Larping Off the Grid

Object Breast Cancer. Shamanic Tumor Extraction Process - a shorter edited version of a piece made for the Out of Hand show at the Museum of Art and Design, NY.

Object Breast Cancer

Chanting by Guillermo Arevalo and Janice Weil. Janet Echelman: Taking imagination seriously. Who owns your personal data?: The incorporated woman. The Internet in Real-Time. Facebook: Do not to release your new app feature that listens to users’ conversations. ‎ Data Visions. Points of light illuminate a dark screen, erupting like digital fireworks.

Data Visions

‎ User-driven visual mashups in interactive public spaces. Searching and presenting rich data using mobile devices is hard given their inherent I/O limitations.

User-driven visual mashups in interactive public spaces

One approach for alleviating these limitations is device symbiosis, whereby the interaction with one's personal mobile device is augmented by additionally engaging with more capable infrastructure devices, such as kiosks and displays. The Celadon framework, previously developed by our team, builds upon device symbiosis for delivering zone-based services through mobile and infrastructure devices in public spaces such as shopping malls, train stations and theme parks. Relation browser. This radial browser was designed to display complex concept network structures in a snappy and intuitive manner.

It can be used to visualize conceptual structures, social networks, or anything else that can be expressed in nodes and links. CIA world factbook demo This demo displays the relations of countries, continents, languages and oceans found in the CIA world factbook database. Click the center node for detail information or click adjacent nodes to put them in the center.

The arrows on the top left can be used to navigate your click history. Open source. Project Syndicate: Economics, finance, politics, and global affairs from the world's opinion page. What happened: Death of Jean Charles de Menezes. Grounded: Life on the No Fly List. Picture this: You arrive at the airport, full of cheer ahead of a work trip to visit to a client.

Grounded: Life on the No Fly List

What you're not being told about Booz Allen Hamilton and Edward Snowden - Truthloader. This floating black ball is the creepiest thing you'll see all day. Movie color analysis with XBMC, Boblight, Java and D3.js. It's been a while since I blogged, but it has been a rather busy time.

Movie color analysis with XBMC, Boblight, Java and D3.js

Lots of big projects at work that need my complete attention, and lots of personal stuff going on. What Architecture Reveals About Secret Drone Strikes. This week, United Nations Special Rapporteur Ben Emmerson gave a presentation to the organization's Human Rights Council on how drone strikes impact civilians.

What Architecture Reveals About Secret Drone Strikes

The report, which focuses mainly on U.S. drone strikes, calls for nations that use drones to conduct investigations and release public explanations in cases where unexpected civilian injuries and fatalities occur. FOOTWEAR INTELLIGENCE TECHNOLOGY. Product Magazines ( Specific buy and sell recommendations provided.


Sunrise Technologies, Winston-Salem, NC. 135 likes 5 talking about this 6 were here. The Fitflop footwear brand This BI blog is a good resource on Business Intelligence technology. NewsMine News, Commentary, Digests, Press Releases; Technology. Find american footwear company logo image and details. New Technologies and Contemporary Art. Visualizing the impact a simple cup can have on our environment According to, over 6.5 million trees are consumed each year to produce the 16 billion disposable coffee cups that are being thrown away out into landfills.

For about every 50,000 paper coffee cups produced, a tree is destroyed. DESCRIPTIONA Simple Cup visualizes the impact disposable coffee cups have on our environment by simulating a real-time growing forest on a web site every time a mug of coffee is placed onto a networked coffee cup coaster. The interactive visualization encourages coffee drinkers to drink out of their coffee mugs by rewarding them with saved trees and energy onto a virtual ecosystem (that may be accessed globally online) every time they don’t drink out of disposable paper cups when they have a cup of coffee.

The objective of A Simple Cup is to raise awareness over the impact disposable coffee cup production has on our environment’s natural resources. StAllio! mp3s. Martin Wattenberg: Art.

Data Visualization

‎ Endless War: On the database structure of armed conflict. Republished in slightly edited form from VVVNT. Image courtesy of Graham Harwood. How does the way war is thought relate to how it is fought? Infographics. Mapping. Data art. Surveillance. Liquid Surveillance, the soft power of UBERMORGEN. UBERMORGEN, CCTV, A Parallel Universe, (2013) Rachel Falconer's article is written in response to an interview conducted with lizvlx and Hans Bernhard from Ubermorgen. 'userunfriendly' is their first solo exhibition in London and presents a performative study of creeping paranoia.

It is on show at Caroll/Fletcher Gallery through October until 16th November 2013. The AlloSphere at the California NanoSystems Institute, UC Santa Barbara.

Data bodies

The Data Body on the Dissection Table: Jamie Allen. Telling stories with network data: Spring on Instagram. The days are getting longer, the first flowers come into bloom and a very specific set of hashtags are spreading through Social Media platforms – it’s spring again! A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods. ‎ Data Journalism: From the Inbox any. Data journalism: how to find stories in numbers. Government spending over £25,000: download the data and help analyse it with our new app. ‎ The Slow Journalism Magazine. The Slow Journalism Magazine.

This Interactive Sochi Calendar Completely Reinvents How We Understand Scheduling. Calendars are a fairly well-understood, unquestioned form of linear organization. Rarely is the format questioned or challenged, but once you see this new interactive circular calendar produced by creative agency Column Five and hosted by SportsInteraction, you’ll wonder how you ever thought you’d understand the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics without it. The incredibly intuitive calendar sorts the Sochi events by sport and date. Facts are Sacred: the power of data. What is data science? Figuring Data (Datascape Catalog Essay) This essay was commissioned for the exhibition Datascape, at the Cube Gallery, QUT in April 2013. An Interpretive Framework for Contemporary Database Practice in the Arts. An Interpretive Framework for Contemporary Database Practice in the Arts (Original, 2004), first presented at the College Art Association 94th annual conference, Boston MA.

Panel - From Database and Place to Bio-Tech and Bots: Relationality versus Autonomy in Media Art Thursday, February 23, 12:30 PM, 2:00 PM Hynes Convention Center, Third Level, Room 304 Chair: Marisa S. FCJ-067 Art Against Information: Case Studies in Data Practice. Mitchell Whitelaw, University of Canberra Canberra, Australia Introduction. Information Visualization Manifesto.

‎ ‎ VisualEyes. Humanities Scholars Embrace Digital Technology. James Leynse for The New York Times. ‎ Digging Into Data > Home. Big Data. Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity.

Open data